Who Is The Protagonist In The Movie Of Life?

Is the Bermuda Triangle Myth or Reality A question I received: Every movie has a protagonist. Who is the protagonist in the movie of life?

My Answer: Every regular person that lives this film is the protagonist. However, he doesn’t sense that he’s an actor; he’s convinced that his life is real!

That is why life is like a dream. When we have a vivid dream, we experience strong emotions such as joy and fear, and wake up under the dream’s impression, whether good or bad. In the same way we will eventually wake up in Gmar Tikkun (the End of Correction) and realize that this life was merely a movie.

Actually, we will reach this realization even earlier, when The Zohar illuminates our actual state for us. But for as long as we exist in this film and sense ourselves as part of it, we cannot disconnect from it and we therefore view ourselves from outside.

When the Light makes the smallest correction in us, and we attach some part of an external desire to an internal one, we begin to see this dream for what it is, and realize the delusion we’ve lived prior to this discovery. Currently we are deluded not only with respect to the surrounding world, but also with respect to ourselves. There are so many layers of falsehood in us that we don’t know our true selves at all.

In a dream we may see ourselves as heroes – charging somewhere on a horse, flying to the moon – but that’s only a movie, and we wake up in our beds. However, as we attach ourselves to the external Kli and make it internal by loving our friends as ourselves, through this connection we reveal the Upper Light. That is when we wake up from this dream and begin to live in the world of truth.

Indeed, desires can only be united if we attain bestowal in them, because we thereby attach ourselves to an external part, which we hate. We then begin to care about this external desire more than about ourselves and we’re willing to give our friends everything we have.

We correct the illusion that is our egoistic desire. The Creator gave us this split reality only so that we can attain Him. In reality, all our Kelim are on the outside. Each of us must only change our attitude towards ourselves: Instead of loving ourselves as we do now, we must go outside of ourselves, and bring inside those who presently seem as being outside. That is how we correct all of our Kelim.

Inside them, we will sense the Creator, the Upper Force that acts within us, the intention to bestow with which we will unite as one.

How Do Hypnosis And Extinct Species Relate To Spiritual Correction?

extinctThree questions I received on impure forces, hypnosis, and extinct species:

Question: What exactly is the male impure force, and how can one tell if one is being ruled by it?

My Answer: Don’t be concerned with things like impure forces. You should just always aspire toward bestowal, connection, and the Creator.

Question: You were recently asked by someone, “Is it okay for a Kabbalist to use hypnosis? Is it a tool the Creator allows us to use?” Your answer was “No, and it is not permitted.”

I would like some further elaboration on this. I can see that hypnosis can be a very manipulative tool in the wrong hands. I can also see that it would be a useful form of therapy. For example, if I had a family member with extreme anxieties, hypnosis might be an excellent tool for getting to the root of the issue and releasing it as opposed to simply administering anxiety drugs.

Why is it not permitted? After all, you say we must deal with our corporeal issues while we live in both worlds simultaneously.

My Answer: Yes, you can use it for treatment, but not as a distraction from correction.

Question: Is there a reason in the spiritual world why species of animals become extinct?

My Answer: It’s a consequence of many qualities becoming extinct within us. However, when we correct ourselves in the future, we will probably see some of these species reappear and their populations grow.

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