Why Does The Creator Make Us Suffer And Enjoy?

peg.jpgTwo questions I received about pleasure and suffering:

Question: Why does the Creator make us suffer?

My Answer: It follows from the rule, “the greatness of the Light is seen from darkness.” For example, soccer fans can’t be fully satisfied with a game unless their favorite team goes through difficulties. Research showed that fans of a winning team that had gone through negative emotions due to a risk of the team losing had keener and more positive feelings about the match. Negative emotions play a key role in positive sensations.

Question: I have a question which has bothered me for a long time and thus hindered me in my acceptance of Kabbalah. Why did God want to please Himself (by pleasing His creation – since we are one); why not just maintain His perfection? That must have meant that He also had an egoistic desire to bring pleasure to Himself.

My Answer: You reason this way because you do not understand the quality of bestowal. You think that it includes some kind of reference to oneself, but it does not.

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First Kabbalah Book In Chinese

The first book on Kabbalah in Chinese has just been published. The book’s title is The Wisdom of Kabbalah; it includes the translation of two English books, Kabbalah Revealed and From Chaos to Harmony.

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 01.07.10

The Book of Zohar – Selections, Chapter “VaYeshev (And Jacob Sat),” Item 148
A spiritual inspiration ignites the desire, and the powerful new force suppresses the ego. Now the ball is in my court. The alarm clock has rung, but will I open my eyes?
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“Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” Item 110, Lesson 45
“Israel” is not a nation, but a group of people who have matured and are ready to realize the Kabalistic method. It is a group if pioneers that start the general correction.
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Preface to the Book of Zohar,” Item 35, Lesson 12
“The external world” is a part of me that I can’t feel, as though I’m under anesthesia.
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Our Entire Life Is A Play Of The Upper With The Lower

partAll our troubles in life are caused by the Upper Light that influences us. We feel it as darkness instead of Light inside our egoistic desires (our uncorrected Kelim), and we find ourselves asking, “Why do we feel so bad?”

In essence, we are asking about the reason for our state. To find the answer, we have to reveal that the reason is the opposition of our qualities to the Upper Level (the AHP of the Upper One). As we advance spiritually, our question gradually changes until we finally ask the Upper One, “Show us what to do!” And we accept any conditions He gives us.

Today, for the first time in history, we have become connected inside one global egoistic connection, which has made us opposite to the Creator. Prior to this, each of us developed individually for thousands of years and we weren’t opposite to the the Upper Level (the AHP of the Upper One), because He (the Governing Force) is one and indivisible, whereas we (those who are governed) were disconnected from one another.

Now however, having become connected as one system, we are revealing our opposition to the the Upper One (or the AHP of the Upper One). He is one, and we have also became as one, but opposite to Him. He is an expression of our corrected form, which we are seeing against our uncorrected, egoistic form. It is because of our opposite nature that we feel the crisis and suffering.

It’s up to us to desire to change and ask the Upper One to correct us and make us similar to Him. We will then be filled with a sensation of the Light (a feeling of bestowal and love) and will rise to the level of the Upper One.

Our success on this path and our ability to make it quick and pleasant depends on how meticulously we keep in mind that everything that is going on in the world is the Creator playing with us; a game of the Upper with the lower.

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