It’s Your Choice To Study Kabbalah

alone.jpgTwo questions I received on why the study of Kabbalah is necessary:

Question: Can you please elaborate on why you see the study of Kabbalah as essential and as a condition for the ego to have the common soul shine in it? In my view, this is not essential. One can have the same effect through Tikkun Olam (correcting the world, in whatever form it may take, be it practical or spiritual), even if one does not study Kabbalah.

My Answer: You have not tried everything that’s out there yet, and what you do is your choice. Continue with your various attempts while you have the possibility and while the world still exists. Meanwhile, suffering will make you wiser and eventually you will choose Kabbalah.

Kabbalah invites you to find a rational proof, a precise theory, practice, and power to correct yourself, instead of choosing a technique with your eyes closed.

Question: You refer to how we will be pushed to spirituality and Nature will give us blows until we accept your teachings, not to mention the secretive ways you use in instructing your students to disseminate Kabbalah. To be honest it sounds like threats, and to be horribly blunt it sounds like “Nature” is violating its own laws. If the Creator violates his own laws, then why should we obey them?

My Answer: What are you talking about? There are no secretive methods. Come to our center and see for yourself.

There are no magic forces and secrets in the world. Everything is open to you. You just have to grow up.

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