The Light Of Hassadim Is All We Need

SpiritualFoodIstheLightThatFillsOnesSoul_thumb.jpgA question I received: Why can’t I reveal the Light of Hochma?

My Answer: Because you don’t have the Light of Hassadim. You have only the desire to receive, which doesn’t feel good in the Light of Hochma because it cannot receive pleasure from it. The Light of Hochma cannot be felt in the egoistic desires. It can be revealed only to the extent of the presence of the Light of Hassadim, your intention to bestow (Bina of the four stages of the Direct Light).

You can have an infinite Kli with infinite Light of Hochma in it, but if you don’t have the Light of Hassadim, you will experience complete darkness, a state called “hell.” Even a tiny spark of the Light of Hochma without Hassadim feels like suffering, illness, disaster and crisis.

We are given a tiny feeling of the Light of Hochma in the Light of Hassadim by the Creator’s mercy. This gives us a feeling of life so we would be able to exist and develop with free will, in order to acquire the Light of Hassadim and reach the full revelation of the Light of Hochma.

The Creator develops us by “playing” with us. When He shines upon us with the Light of Hochma, we feel bad, but it is done in order for us to understand that we need the Light of Hassadim (a screen, Ohr Hozer, the Reflected Light, the intention to bestow and love). Then we will reveal the Light of Hochma in the Light of Hassadim, reflected by the screen.

Over time, as one receives blows depending on the amount of luminescence of Hochma, one starts asking the question, “Why am I suffering? What is going on? What is the meaning of my life?” That person is then brought to the group, the teacher, and the studying of the science of Kabbalah where he gradually finds out that the only thing he needs is the Light of Hassadim.

That is why the science of Kabbalah teaches us how to build a screen of bestowal (the intention to bestow and love, Ohr Hassadim). To the extent we are capable of bestowing, the Creator will also be revealed to us as One who Bestows, like in the example of the guest and the host.

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Closing The Gap Between Us And The Creator

g8Two questions I received on one’s relationship to the Creator and the study of Kabbalah:

Question: I am studying Kabbalah but now I feel like I am very far away from the Creator. It is like being in a place where He does not exist. It feels empty and makes me sad because I know He is somewhere, but I can’t find Him. Is that normal?

My Answer: What you are feeling is true and therefore it’s normal. Now you have to turn this desert into the land of milk and honey. You have to pass through the desert to the Land of Israel, the state where a person is connected to the Creator.

Question: I am in a strange state where I was disconnected from everything: the lessons, the group, and the books for a week, and then I came back to them with a great appetite for more learning and connecting. But now I am disconnected again. Can you advise me on what to do and could this have anything to do with my corporeal ambitions and dreams?

My Answer: This is a common process and it will continue until you acquire one great, persistent desire and will feel the Creator inside it.

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Disseminating The Wisdom Of Abraham

CorrectionDependsOnlyOnDesireNotKnowledge_thumb.jpgA question I received: I am a student of the ARI Learning Center. I am Muslim from Sudan, but right now I live in USA. I have two questions:

About Maaser: my people in Sudan are in bad need of the 10% of my income and sometimes more. Can this money I send to Sudan be considered Maaser?

My Answer: Yes.

Question cont’d: I disseminate Kabbalah in an Arabic forum visited by thousands of people every day. Most of the members and visitors are Arabic Muslims and I feel I need to write about the method and after they grasp it then to mention the Jewish origin of Kabbalah. Now I mention only Abraham as the origin of Kabbalah. Is that OK?

My Answer: Yes, it’s OK. However, even better, you should discuss the correction of soul more than history, because this is what Abraham passed on to us.

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 01.15.10

Preparation for the Lesson, Part 1, Part 2
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“I Want” Means I Have The Right

Changing the World Starts With Changing Our IntentionsDespite my egoism, evil qualities, and bad states I go through, I am able, ready, and entitled to receive a force from Above that will help me reveal the Upper World. My job is to aspire to the goal as much as I can. Even if I am very far from having pure intentions, even if my spiritual “qualifications” are doubtful – all of this is not important. This is who I am now; these are my present properties and my current state.

If a person, no matter what his situation, wants to receive the strength for correction and for spiritual advancement, then he deserves it. The Creator says, “Appeal to Me and I’ll pay for your efforts.”

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Growing Egoism Is The Only Reason For All Our Ills

deceptiveTwo questions I received on modern trends in sex and reproduction:

Question (in response to my post, The Effects Of Growing Egoism On Children): This is far too cryptic for me. Sexual activity at an early age may in my view also be explained by the desire to be loved or a lack of warmth by family. In any case, I cannot understand how you come to your conclusions. Can you elaborate?

My Answer: Everything is explained by growing egoism alone because it is the only building block of Nature and the only thing that changes.

Question (in response to my post, Lack Of Desire To Reproduce Is Egoism At Its Extreme): Your answer said: The lack of the desire to reproduce is the extreme form of egoism. Why? I’m interested in understanding egoism, but this statement seems too general. Could you explain in more detail, why is this extreme? Seems like that word is a little excessive. Don’t you need to understand the situation in which a person has made a decision not to reproduce, whether it is health-related, economical, sociological, mental and so on. There are many factors that might affect the reasoning to not want to reproduce.

I agree that ego is a factor sometimes, but not all the time and certainly not extreme. An absolute statement like this seems a little out of place when talking about egoism.

My Answer: Both reproduction and its termination are egoistic. In the latter case, however, instead of thinking about children, one thinks always and only about himself. Therefore, not reproducing is the extreme denial of Nature.

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