Closing The Gap Between Us And The Creator

g8Two questions I received on one’s relationship to the Creator and the study of Kabbalah:

Question: I am studying Kabbalah but now I feel like I am very far away from the Creator. It is like being in a place where He does not exist. It feels empty and makes me sad because I know He is somewhere, but I can’t find Him. Is that normal?

My Answer: What you are feeling is true and therefore it’s normal. Now you have to turn this desert into the land of milk and honey. You have to pass through the desert to the Land of Israel, the state where a person is connected to the Creator.

Question: I am in a strange state where I was disconnected from everything: the lessons, the group, and the books for a week, and then I came back to them with a great appetite for more learning and connecting. But now I am disconnected again. Can you advise me on what to do and could this have anything to do with my corporeal ambitions and dreams?

My Answer: This is a common process and it will continue until you acquire one great, persistent desire and will feel the Creator inside it.

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