How Do You Avoid Using Your Desires?

clip_image001A question I received: What does “avoid using a desire” mean?

My Answer: To avoid using a desire means that I do not want to use it, as opposed to just restraining myself or “shutting my mouth.” For example, assuming that doctors forbid me to eat sweets, then I have to restrict myself, even though I really want them.

To “avoid using a desire” in spirituality means that I find the strength inside myself to prevail over this desire by focusing on something else that matters more to me. I choose not to use this desire; otherwise this decision is worthless.

This means that even if the doctors would suddenly allow me to eat sweets, I would not take advantage of it. This doesn’t mean that I don’t want to eat sweets, but simply that I am not using this desire.

This is difficult to explain because we don’t have these kinds of calculations in the material world where all our calculations are done on a single plane – choosing which pleasure is more important. But in the spiritual world the calculations are done on two planes, me or the Creator, and deciding who is more important. I must acquire the importance of the Creator over every desire that I don’t want to use, and that is the reason that I don’t want to use the desire.

How do I do this? I demand the revelation of the Creator, I ask Him for the strength to avoid using the desire. Then I will be able to keep myself above the desire and in the Light of the Creator that has been revealed to me. The desire remains, but I rise above it and I do not want to use it. However, if the Light was to cease, then I would immediately fall into my desire once again and I would want to use it, and there would be nothing that could stop me then. When the Light that Reforms comes to me, then like a magnet it keeps me suspended in the air. I remain in the spiritual only due to the Light that Reforms. It shines and attracts me, enabling me to overcome my desire to receive pleasure and to rise above it.

This means “to avoid using the desire.” The desire is there, but I do not use it.

In our world, we do calculations according to their practicality. If I need to lose weight, then I do not eat, or I restrain myself and do not use a certain desire because I am afraid of punishment. In the spiritual there is only one reason for me to not use a desire – the greatness of the Creator. And this is why I invert my desire from receiving to bestowal.

Infinity Times 613

clip_image001When we return to the World of Infinity, everyone, every cell of the common soul becomes infinite as everyone else is connected to and included within me. Through me I bring them the World of Infinity. I don’t have any Light myself. Every cell connects to the Surrounding Light and receives from it. In other words, I have a personal connection with the Creator, and His Light or love flows through me to everyone else; I fulfill and serve each one of them. I complete my own piece within them from the breaking of the vessels. They didn’t need this fulfillment before as they existed in the World of Infinity as separate cells, connected in a simple existence provided by the Creator. There they had no sensation or understanding of others; everything was almost completely inanimate with only a glimmer of life – the Light of Nefesh in the desire of Keter.

Aside from my individual self there’s also the “I” that’s included in all the others since we are now all included within each other. I exist in each one of them, whether they like it or not. My individual self is my “central workplace,” the central department that is connected to all of my representatives in all the other souls. Through my inclusion in all of the souls I influence every one of them, providing for them the part I am responsible for. Everything functions like a whole-interconnected system.

Our physical body works according to the same principle. If a particular cell fails to understand the brain’s orders, then it cannot function properly. Part of the brain is also included in every cell allowing it to understand the brain and carry out its orders. And if that part of the cell doesn’t sense how it is connected to the function of all the other organs and stops functioning according to the center’s commands, then it becomes a cancerous cell or simply dies.

In other words, the breaking of the vessels gives us an opportunity to return to the World of Infinity and create a real infinity, where everyone is included in all the other cells of creation, acting like the Creator in relation to the others. In this state, I will have attained my personal likeness to the Creator since I give to all the others and they are unable to exist without it. And this is true with everyone. That is why we return to the World of Infinity, which is 613 (TARAKH) times greater. It is only a number, and we cannot actually measure its scope, as it denotes the force of interconnection of all the souls.

You Can’t “Jump” Through Spiritual States

above A question I received: We learn in the science of Kabbalah that the state of adulthood (Gadlut) has to be preceded by a state of being small (Katnut). What does this teach us in regard to spiritual work?

My Answer: Everything happens step by step. Correction is always carried out from easy to difficult. We grow in this world according to the same principle. We are given exercises and Reshimot are revealed inside us, starting from the simple ones to the more complex ones.

We need to organize our spiritual progress in the same manner, without thinking that we can skip any stage. The chain of Reshimot obliges us to go through all the states gradually, one after another. We cannot miss any state or skip any degree.

Therefore, if I am not advancing to the next state, it is a sign that I still have not realized my present state, and hence I haven’t prepared myself for a change and a transition to the next state. There are no trade-offs here. The Creator cannot “throw” you upward. That would be like asking, “Why didn’t He create me in a perfect state initially?” If He did, you would lack the desire and a sense through which to perceive that state. You need to attain it on your own.

For the same reason, you cannot jump over or skip a few degrees right now. This is impossible since you will lack the right desire. How will you feel a more elevated state if you haven’t acquired a desire, a vessel for perceiving it?

Attaining a higher state means increasing your desire, widening your vessel of perception and making it more bestowing.

If you haven’t achieved the quality of bestowal, then you will not feel it. The whole spiritual world exists here and now – so go ahead, take it, if you can. The Upper Light is at absolute rest, but you lack the right desire for it.

You are saying, “I want to jump a few degrees up!” Well, try it. You will find that you cannot make that jump. You need to ascend gradually, step by step, by developing according to the four stages. That is how you will continually ascend higher and higher.

Otherwise, spiritual ascent is impossible. The order in which the Reshimot come out is predetermined. Reshimot are instilled in us and await their turn to be realized.

The Light of Infinity is Above, and it is ready to correct you and fulfill you. However, your desire is preventing it.

Kabbalah Worldwide

worldwideQuestions I received on Kabbalah dissemination:

Question: How do we ask the Creator to rise above the hatred and repulsion of our personal life towards others?

My Answer: Do this by disseminating Kabbalah, because we will be able to accomplish this by attracting the Light.

Question: Should we feel pleasure from disseminating?

My Answer: Yes, because the more we disseminate, the bigger is the correction that we introduce into the world.

Question: If the two million subscribers to Kabbalah were to have the intention to ask for spiritual ascent and unity at a point in time in the future and they were to commit to it for at least a week, would this not bring us closer to revealing more Light or breaking the illusion we live in? And if it were possible, could we not try by preparing a quality advertising campaign on Facebook, TV, internet radio, Twitter, and other venues to take action?

My Answer: The matter depends on all of us! Start organizing this worldwide campaign!

Question: What is the purpose of the other Kabbalah learning center in the world? If Bnei Baruch is the only learning center which provides authentic Kabbalah, is this one meant to mislead people? How can we explain this to them to be able to help them?

My Answer: We have to disseminate the authentic Kabbalistic sources and demonstrate to everyone that only free studies and a true understanding of these sources provide the Light of Correction.

Question: Why do you think that more and more people are drawing to the study of Kabbalah?

My Answer: Because you also sent a question to me, for example!

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