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worldwideQuestions I received on Kabbalah dissemination:

Question: How do we ask the Creator to rise above the hatred and repulsion of our personal life towards others?

My Answer: Do this by disseminating Kabbalah, because we will be able to accomplish this by attracting the Light.

Question: Should we feel pleasure from disseminating?

My Answer: Yes, because the more we disseminate, the bigger is the correction that we introduce into the world.

Question: If the two million subscribers to Kabbalah were to have the intention to ask for spiritual ascent and unity at a point in time in the future and they were to commit to it for at least a week, would this not bring us closer to revealing more Light or breaking the illusion we live in? And if it were possible, could we not try by preparing a quality advertising campaign on Facebook, TV, internet radio, Twitter, and other venues to take action?

My Answer: The matter depends on all of us! Start organizing this worldwide campaign!

Question: What is the purpose of the other Kabbalah learning center in the world? If Bnei Baruch is the only learning center which provides authentic Kabbalah, is this one meant to mislead people? How can we explain this to them to be able to help them?

My Answer: We have to disseminate the authentic Kabbalistic sources and demonstrate to everyone that only free studies and a true understanding of these sources provide the Light of Correction.

Question: Why do you think that more and more people are drawing to the study of Kabbalah?

My Answer: Because you also sent a question to me, for example!

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  1. Did you disseminate when you studied with Rabash?

  2. In one of the recent morning lessons, Rav Laitman mentioned how when he was with Rabash, he tried with all his might (with not much success) to hand out Zohar books. In a different lesson, he told about how Rabash told to teach kabbalah to anyone who is interested, and he did so, and brought 40 new (young) students to Rabash.

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