Only The Right Vessel Can Receive True Fulfillment

rightvessel We have to understand that The Zohar is intended for revealing our point in the heart, and not for fulfilling our regular senses or intellect that belong to this world. You open the book and fall into despair because you don’t understand or feel it; but what kind of sensation or understanding do you expect? The Zohar impacts you in a different way, not the way you think it would.

You have prepared a barrel or a bucket (egoistic desires) and expect them to be filled with what seems like spiritual fulfillment, while you actually desire egoistic fulfillment. The Zohar, however, gives you a different type of receiving vessel – one that’s bestowing, anti-egoistic, as well as the corresponding fulfillment – the pleasure of bestowal.

These are the normal phases that every person goes through, gradually revealing his Kli, his attitude and the fulfillment he should expect. As a result all the delusions eventually fade away and one reveals the right Kli which is ready for the right kind of fulfillment.

What Will The Next Decade Bring?

Laitman_2009-08_0483In the News (from Time): “The ’00s: Goodbye (at Last) to the Decade from Hell” The dreaded millennial meltdown never happened. Instead, it was the American Dream that was about to dim. Bookended by 9/11 at the start and a financial wipeout at the end, the first 10 years of this century will very likely go down as the most dispiriting and disillusioning decade Americans have lived through in the post–World War II era.

My Comment: In the past, suffering pushed us to develop and so we saw a brighter future ahead of us. Now, since egoism has reached its peak and we have become globally interconnected, egoism doesn’t need more growth. It only needs correction.

Therefore, suffering will not push us forward (in other words, there is no future), but will worsen our current state, until we agree to correct our nature.

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