Some Basic Concepts

basicconcept The Creator dwells inside the connection of all the souls that we refer to as the common soul of Adam HaRishon. We, the parts of the common soul, correct and revive the broken system of souls when we begin to connect with one another. In doing so, we create a multidimensional net where every piece is connected to others, just like the organs in the human body are connected through an infinite number of connections.

The connection between the souls once existed for the sake of bestowal to the Creator. In that state, all the souls were connected “as one man with one heart” for the sake of one Creator. This is the meaning of the verse, “He and His Name are one”; it refers to the state where the Creator and the creation were one single whole in the World of Infinity. However, this connection was broken because everyone lost their altruistic intention. As a result, the Creator disappeared, as did the sensation of Light.

This state, where the souls lost their connection with one another, is referred to as “the breaking” or “the exile” (from spirituality). This is our current state. Every person within this system is a separate individual and perceives only his own small world. He does not perceive the spiritual world because it can only be perceived in the connection between us. When there is no connection between us, we perceive just the material world.

The basic concepts to take away from this are:

  • When the souls are connected with one another egoistically – for their own sake, they perceive this world.
  • When the souls connect with one another for the sake of bestowal, then within that connection they reveal the spiritual world, the world to come.
  • The life that we reveal within our egoistic connections with one another is referred to as our current material life.
  • The life that we reveal within a proper connection with one another is referred to as the revelation of the Creator. We will feel the Upper Force, the Creator, the same way as we feel the air around us. He will connect us with all the other parts of the universe.

Therefore, everything depends on our connection with one another – whether it is egoistic or for the sake of bestowal.

In about a month we will be gathering at a large Congress in Israel, the exact place where the breaking occurred and the first place that needs correction. Therefore, this Congress can be so immensely powerful that it will affect all of us and the entire world because we will bring the quality of bestowal closer to the egoistic desires.

Let us hope that we will succeed in uniting with the help of The Zohar, which we are now studying. It is a means through which we can attract the Upper Light that reforms and connects us.

Increase Your Spiritual Frequency

clip_image001A question I received: In the beginning of the lesson, I took a piece of paper and started noting every time my thoughts wandered from the lesson. After fifteen times, I gave up completely and stopped checking.

My Answer: Why did you stop? Quite the contrary, it would have been much better if these “entries and exits” happened to you a thousand times a second. It is written, “The Torah will come from Zion,” where the word “Zion” (Tzion in Hebrew) is derived from the word “exit” (Yetzia).

The more often your mind disconnects from the lesson and returns to it again, the more you will advance. It’s like in engineering: the more we advance, the higher are the frequencies we use.

This frequency indicates the quantity of internal distinctions that you perceive in one second. You can process them and live them in order to acquire new information, sensations, and a new spiritual level. This is how quantity is transformed into quality.

Therefore, do not be sorry about the many entries and exits you experience during the lesson. On the contrary, the more the better!

Anyone Who Asks A Question Will Receive An Answer

clip_image001Two questions I received on study of The Zohar:

Question: In order to understand The Zohar, does one need to learn the definitions and try to memorize them, for example, the meaning of Pharaoh and Abraham?

My Answer: I don’t think it is necessary. What matters is that we have a basic idea of what these things are according to what is written in The Zohar. Later these properties that we refer to as Abraham, Moses, and Job will be revealed in us, as well as the way they relate to one another.

A definition is an inner sensation of some quality of yours that you will refer to as “Job,” for example. If, however, you simply memorize the names of things from a book, this will not benefit you in any way. These definitions need to form within you the same way as you gradually get to know someone by being in touch with the person, talking to him, and gradually forming his image within you. In much the same way, we learn the definitions from The Zohar.

Question: People ask you so many questions, but you only answer one to two percent of these questions. Why is that?

My Answer: You shouldn’t worry or think that I do not manage to answer all of your questions and explain everything. It is good that you ask questions; people who write and actively ask questions during the lesson will receive an answer! In order for them to receive the answer, it is not necessary for them to say their question out loud during the lesson and for me to answer it. They will receive an answer regardless, in another form.

All of a sudden, several days later the answer will become revealed to them either during the same lesson or at a later lesson. The most important thing is to ask, to “raise MAN.” So put all your energy into asking questions, and the answer will come from Above. Our entire advancement happens through questions.

Do not be afraid that your question will get lost among the multitude of other questions during the lesson. It does not matter if there are 500 questions and I manage to answer two of them. All of you will receive answers!

The Only Chance To Connect To The Light

clip_image001A question I received: It sounds like all the efforts we make while attempting to figure out if we’re receiving for our own sake or giving to others do not really contribute to our spiritual advancement. Am I right?

My Answer: Kabbalists give us the following advice:

– Choose an environment that will make us value spiritual attainment;
– Love the friends, connect with them, and see them as pieces of your soul;
– Read The Book of Zohar together while aspiring to see qualities of bestowal inside ourselves; and
– Trust that these actions will attract the Light that Reforms (Ohr Makif).

The means to do this are:

– A teacher who consistently directs us at the right way to read;
– Friends who raise our aspiration for revealing spiritual forces within ourselves;
Kabbalah books that we read and work with to find the Upper Reality that is inside of us; and
– Dissemination in order to attract more people that will strengthen the environment and everyone’s aspiration toward the Upper Goal.

The practical implementation of all this takes place during the study of The Book of Zohar. This is the only means of contact we have with the Light that Reforms because while reading it we are between two worlds: the Upper World and the lower world, and we are then able to find the link between them.

First Kabbalah Book In Finnish

The first Kabbalah book in Finnish has just been published. It is called The Light of Kabbalah, and it is a translation of the English book, Basic Concepts in Kabbalah.

This exciting event is taking place thanks to the diligent work of the women of the Finnish group, as well as the management at Laitman Kabbalah Publishers and the Lapland Publisher “Mäntykustannus.”