Anyone Who Asks A Question Will Receive An Answer

clip_image001Two questions I received on study of The Zohar:

Question: In order to understand The Zohar, does one need to learn the definitions and try to memorize them, for example, the meaning of Pharaoh and Abraham?

My Answer: I don’t think it is necessary. What matters is that we have a basic idea of what these things are according to what is written in The Zohar. Later these properties that we refer to as Abraham, Moses, and Job will be revealed in us, as well as the way they relate to one another.

A definition is an inner sensation of some quality of yours that you will refer to as “Job,” for example. If, however, you simply memorize the names of things from a book, this will not benefit you in any way. These definitions need to form within you the same way as you gradually get to know someone by being in touch with the person, talking to him, and gradually forming his image within you. In much the same way, we learn the definitions from The Zohar.

Question: People ask you so many questions, but you only answer one to two percent of these questions. Why is that?

My Answer: You shouldn’t worry or think that I do not manage to answer all of your questions and explain everything. It is good that you ask questions; people who write and actively ask questions during the lesson will receive an answer! In order for them to receive the answer, it is not necessary for them to say their question out loud during the lesson and for me to answer it. They will receive an answer regardless, in another form.

All of a sudden, several days later the answer will become revealed to them either during the same lesson or at a later lesson. The most important thing is to ask, to “raise MAN.” So put all your energy into asking questions, and the answer will come from Above. Our entire advancement happens through questions.

Do not be afraid that your question will get lost among the multitude of other questions during the lesson. It does not matter if there are 500 questions and I manage to answer two of them. All of you will receive answers!


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