Increase Your Spiritual Frequency

clip_image001A question I received: In the beginning of the lesson, I took a piece of paper and started noting every time my thoughts wandered from the lesson. After fifteen times, I gave up completely and stopped checking.

My Answer: Why did you stop? Quite the contrary, it would have been much better if these “entries and exits” happened to you a thousand times a second. It is written, “The Torah will come from Zion,” where the word “Zion” (Tzion in Hebrew) is derived from the word “exit” (Yetzia).

The more often your mind disconnects from the lesson and returns to it again, the more you will advance. It’s like in engineering: the more we advance, the higher are the frequencies we use.

This frequency indicates the quantity of internal distinctions that you perceive in one second. You can process them and live them in order to acquire new information, sensations, and a new spiritual level. This is how quantity is transformed into quality.

Therefore, do not be sorry about the many entries and exits you experience during the lesson. On the contrary, the more the better!

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