An Additional Reality Where Everything Is The Other Way Around

chronology.jpg A question I received: Why does it seem to us that there exists this whole material reality?

My Answer: Right now it seems as if this material world exists and that there is a city where people live. This is what I see right now. However, the science of Kabbalah explains to us that we are in a state of sleeping and we are only imagining all of this.

We don’t need to deny it; we simply need to reveal another, additional world, which is more internal and more authentic. We do not build it on our own; we only demand for it to be revealed to us by the Upper Force, the force of bestowal. This force operates in reality in addition to the force of reception, which controls this whole material world, including all of its molecules, atoms, and bodies, on all the levels – the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human.

Right now everything is operated by this receiving, egoistic force. However, we are told: “There is also a force of bestowal.” This is not referring to egoistic bestowal, which we are familiar with in this world and which is a form of reception in disguise. Rather, there exists another quality – one of absolute bestowal, as well as an additional reality where everything is the other way around.

This whole reality is inside you, and you are inside it. You are acting and living in it, yet it is hidden from you.

The Spiritual World Is Very Simple

confirm The whole world is parts of my desire, of myself. However, I don’t feel that others are part of me and therefore I’m not concerned about them whatsoever. Let the whole world burn, I don’t care!

The science of Kabbalah teaches us to reveal the truth – to see that everything “outside” of us is us, our desire. What we perceive as ourselves as well as the external world must all merge within us into one desire.

The Creator created only the desire, which is where we exist. We cannot see or sense anything beyond that desire. We reveal the Creator within our desire, which is why He is called “the Creator” – Bo-Reh, “come and see.” This world is what we feel right now, and the world to come is what we will feel a moment from now.

Everything takes place within the same desire, but we begin to perceive more and more things within it. We experience countless impressions, but in fact, this external reality doesn’t exist; it is merely the various phenomena that appear within our desire. This place we are in, this world, and this whole reality are imaginary. Once we discover the world of truth, we will exclaim: “We were in a dream!”

We must reveal the truth in order to awaken to the true reality, much like a person awakens from unconsciousness. This is the purpose of the science of Kabbalah – to return us to consciousness. Until then, it’s no use speaking to a person because if he currently exists in an unconscious state, he must first be reanimated back to life.

Therefore, when we open The Book of Zohar, we must imagine that nothing exists other than our desire. This world, myself, and everyone around me – none of these things exist. They are all my illusion.

There is only one desire to enjoy, and everything that can possibly happen takes place within that desire. This world and the world to come, life and death, the still, vegetative, animate and human levels of nature – there is no other place for any of them to be other than my inner desire to enjoy.

The Book of Zohar allows us to enter a state of feeling everything within our desire. That is what the Kabbalists call the spiritual world.

Exercises For Entering The Spiritual World

clip_image001A question I received: I’ve heard you say that everything which I think exists outside of me are actually my inner desires. However, I see a particular picture of the world on the outside, so how is it that I’m supposed to connect this picture to my desires?

My Answer: Don’t start doing this under any circumstances! When you cross the street for example, you shouldn’t be thinking that the cars passing by exist inside you, or that all this is a game of the imagination – not at all! This is why Kabbalists wrote The Book of Zohar, which is a special book.

All textbooks contain exercises in addition to explanations. Well, The Book of Zohar is a collection of exercises as well. While reading this book, we need to constantly imagine that everything written in it exists inside of us, and to search for all these desires and qualities in us.

“Reading” The Book of Zohar means imagining everything that it describes as a world which exists inside us. Then the right perception of reality will come to us naturally. Yet, for the time being, we are only reading The Book of Zohar with a desire to feel and understand it inside us.

The Book of Zohar tells us about Cohens and Levites, about Aaron and Moses, about the Creator and creation, about various qualities, the Sefirot, the Partzufim, about a donkey and a bull, and so on. Instead of these items, we must picture only our inner qualities and nothing else. There is no person – our body does not exist.

There is no world or anything at all because everything has disappeared. So what is there? There is the desire and the book that describes what exists in our desire. However, this book uses names and titles that confuse us, since they rouse feelings from this imaginary world in us. We leave this whole world behind and don’t wish to think about it; it is as though we are hanging in midair and are made only of a desire.

However, these names remind us of our world. And through our effort to imagine only our inner desires and qualities instead of these names, we draw the Light that Reforms (or the Surrounding Light) to ourselves. Through this effort we begin to reveal our point in the heart (our desire, the embryo of the soul), and then to expand it. Suddenly we begin to make out the different qualities which The Book of Zohar tells us about, as well as the connection between them.

This takes time. However, after a few months of training, we begin to feel a sensory response to every word written in The Book of Zohar, such as “Aaron,” “The Temple,” and so on. As if out a fog, from complete lack of knowledge and feeling, things suddenly begin to be elucidated and we start to feel the connection between them and to understand what they signify. From a point, we begin to reveal a whole desire where all these parts exist in an interconnection.

This is how we reveal the whole of creation instead of this illusory picture currently illustrated in us, which blocks the true reality. Consequently, this false picture will vanish altogether. Therefore in its entirety, The Book of Zohar is a collection of exercises which we perform with every word that is written in it, helping us to identify the corresponding quality within.

Revealing An Inner Code Through The Book of Zohar

clip_image001The Book of Zohar, Chapter “Shmini (On the Eighth Day),” Item 98: “And the Lord (the main property of bestowal within us) spoke unto Moses (another property of bestowal) and to Aaron, (yet another property; in other words, there is a part between other parts within us, which connect), saying unto them: ‘…This is the animal that you may eat.’”

It writes Aaron because he always separates the impure from the pure (a property within us that separates pure desires from impure desires is called “Aaron”), since Aaron is Hesed and illumination of Hochma, Haya. The difference between an impure and pure Haya [animal] (in us) is only the Hesed (the property of Hesed is mercy, pure bestowal).

The impure cling to the left line, which is separated from the right, Hochma without Hassadim, from which all the darkness and judgments extend – where the right line means bestowal and the left line means reception.

In other words, if we have the Light of Hochma without the Light of Hassadim, we are in the darkness. But why is it dark if the Light of Hochma is present; after all, the Light of Hochma is the opposite of darkness? If it is received for the sake of ourselves and our egoism, then we feel darkness, which means that we don’t sense spirituality.

We are all currently submerged into absolute darkness and don’t see the spiritual world because we lack the Light of Hassadim, the Light of Love and Bestowal. Thus we are drowning in an ocean of the Light of Hochma in the World of Infinity, but don’t feel even a drop of this Infinite Light.

Why don’t we feel it? It’s because we don’t have the Light of Hassadim. As soon as we obtain the Light of Hassadim, the desire to bestow that has to be initiated by creation (us), then in that same instant the Light of Hochma will be covered by the Light of Hassadim.

All we need is the Light of Bestowal (Hassadim). There is an abundance of the Light of Hochma all around us, but without the Light of Hassadim we sense it as darkness, or in our case, as an unconscious state.

And the pure ones cling to the left line that is included in the right, when Hochma is clothed in Hesed, from which all the blessings and all the sanctities extend.

The difference between a pure Haya and an impure Haya is only the Hesed, the discernment of Aaron.

There Is No Freedom Without Exile

clip_image001A question I received: What is “Israel in exile” which The Book of Zohar talks about?

My Answer: “Israel in exile” is a group of Kabbalists whose members want to connect with each other, but their egos pull them in opposite directions and repel them from one another. They see that they are unable not only to connect, but do not even wish for that connection.

The connection itself doesn’t have to be achieved by their effort; that’s the work of the Upper Light. All they have to do is desire it; however, as of yet they are unable to do even this. That is why the people who stood at the base of Mount Sinai were told: “You must connect with each other and unite as one person with one heart. Otherwise this place will be your burial ground!”

When they realized they wanted to connect, but were unable to do so, the Creator revealed Himself to them in order to initiate their union.

One On One With The Creator

castle We are now working on developing the right approach to The Book of Zohar. This is the greatest challenge facing us because we do not understand this book. We have to look at the narration differently than we’ve ever done before. After all, we have never looked inside ourselves, but always outside. We always pointed to something outside of us, trying to discern it and learn what it is. But now we have to conduct an inner observation and point inside ourselves, which is a very unusual thing to do.

When we read the words, “Job, Pharaoh,” and so on, we immediately think of history, geography, relationships between people, and all kinds of other external things. But Kabbalah says, “No, on the contrary, you have to look inside yourself and search for these things there.” Yet, we don’t understand how to do this and where to look for all of this inside us. It would be easier if we at least experienced some inner sensations while reading about “Pharaoh,” for example. But this doesn’t happen; instead, we suddenly begin to think about a person that lived in Ancient Egypt 5000 years ago. This is our problem.

In reality this false perception was arranged deliberately so that while imagining all of these things externally, we would force ourselves and make efforts to imagine it inside us. We go from the imaginary world to the world of forces, desires, and qualities by trying to look inwards of our own accord and searching for the Creator there. This helps us come out of our current, illusionary world and focus on the inside in order to see and reveal the Creator there.

Then we reveal that this world does not exist, and neither do Pharaoh, Bilam, Balak, Job, and all the other impressions that The Zohar evokes in us. None of it exists; these are all forces that the Creator awakens in us in order for us to recognize Him – the single existing force. Then all of these numerous forces and qualities disappear and you remain one on one with the Creator. To get there, however, you had to raise yourself, expand, and build yourself to such an all-enveloping size that enables you to understand Him, to feel Him, and to be fulfilled by Him.

This is the unity between the Creator and the creation which we have to achieve through equivalence of form. And The Book of Zohar teaches us all of this.

Be Your Own Psychologist

All the People in the World Are Sick With the Same Sickness A person must be his own spiritual psychologist; he always has to keep track of which way his “scale” is leaning – towards goodness or evil. As well, he must analyze all of his qualities and work on them. He must check every one of his qualities to see what it is and where it belongs because through these qualities, he will begin to feel the Creator.

The Zohar talks about the system that governs and controls our qualities. In this system, the Creator is the One who implements all the actions within these qualities. He invites us to get to know Him through all of these qualities, their actions, and this entire system. This is the only place where we can meet Him. In The Book of Zohar, He is telling us a story through which we can start to recognize Him, the qualities He created, how He connected them with one another, and how we can start checking them.

In this way we discern the system, its structure, and its functionality, as well as the force that operates it. This is how we will get to know the Creator, since this system is a connecting link between us and the Creator.

This system will disappear at the End of Correction because there will be nothing left to conceal and connect. There will be an absolute, universal connection.

Spiritual Revelation Will Definitely Happen To You!

why Our whole work is to achieve the prayer in the heart, an appeal to the Upper Force, the Creator. He directs and controls everything. Therefore, we only need to ask Him for the right thing.

Our request should be correct and deliberate, and this is precisely what the science of Kabbalah teaches: How to appeal to the Light, the force that created us. It will perform any action we desire under the condition that our desire agrees with the Creator’s general program – to bring us to a perfect state.

In much the same way, a child may cry begging his Mom to let him play with a sharp knife, but she will never give it to him. Yet if he asks for something beneficial, she will gladly carry out his request. The same applies to our requests; “Make your desire similar to His desire” and you will receive everything.

We are not studying any hidden secrets in the science of Kabbalah; we are studying ourselves and the Creator. We get to know Him by virtue of the Kabbalists’ explanations of what we should ask from Him. The Light that Reforms will do all the rest.

The Creator created the evil inclination, and our task is to reveal it. As soon as we reveal it, we can be sure that we’ll know how to ask the Creator for its correction. We don’t realize that our evil is the opposite imprint of the Creator. By imprinting Himself in us, He used the Light to create the will to enjoy. It is like the patrix and the matrix. Reception is the opposite form of bestowal; they enter each other and unite like two parts of one whole. Therefore, as soon as we reveal our evil, we will immediately find out how to appeal to the Creator for its correction.

This does not need to be studied in the books. The books simply attune us and develop our sensations. A person is taught all the rest by his soul. And you don’t need a great mind to learn; just keep going and it will happen!

Who Takes The Prize For Being The Greatest Masochist?

Why Is the Financial Crisis Bringing More People to Religion Before starting to read The Book of Zohar, we must attune ourselves to its correct comprehension. It is a closed, secret, and ciphered book that requires a specific code in order to be understood.

How can we break this code and open up this book, as we would a safe? The key to The Book of Zohar is the correct perception of reality, as it is written, “Man is a small world.” This is the secret to it.

Everything exists inside me, including the world I perceive and everything I feel. Every person that I see next to me is perceived inside my brain. It only seems like everything I see, hear, smell, and touch is outside of me, because my senses depict it this way for me, making me feel like I am dealing with something outside of me.

The science of Kabbalah says that there is only desire and nothing else. This desire consists of five parts: vision, hearing, scent, taste and touch. I perceive impressions inside my desire in a way that makes it seem as if there is an external world existing outside of me. It is a feeling that an object is not inside of me, but outside.

It is presented this way inside my desire because my desire is divided in two parts: Me and the external world. Stated in Kabbalistic terms, the desire consists of five parts called: 1.root 2.spirit 3.body 5.palace (external space).


Root, spirit, and body are my feeling of the “myself,” whereas clothing and palace are phenomena that seem external to me. However, they only seem as happening outside of me because I am structured to perceive a part of my internal feelings as being separated from me, as if they are foreign or external.

This desire is so detached from me that I don’t even feel that whatever happens there is related to me. Someone else is in pain, but I don’t feel anything. Someone else dies, but I don’t feel anything. Moreover, it is so detached and far away from me that I enjoy when it suffers. That is how blinded we are!

Additionally, there are abnormal cases in our world where people enjoy bringing pain to themselves. In fact, however, the rest of us are the greatest masochists of all! But because everyone else feels the same way, hurting “others” (who are really parts of us) is considered a norm.

Let’s Go To Pharaoh Together

perfect We shouldn’t strive to correct the world or ourselves; we just need to study the actions which the Upper Light performs on us. It’s as the Creator told Moses: “Let’s go to Pharaoh!”

Moses is small and frightened – meaning this is a very weak quality in a person. There is a creature of monstrous proportions standing opposite to him; this is all of creation, the whole world, egoism, which holds all the power, nourishment, and oxygen. I receive all of these things from Pharaoh; he is my whole reality. Meanwhile, a tiny quality or desire called Moses rises up against it wishing to escape, to come out from its control and begin to live in a different world!

We almost don’t feel this tiny opportunity within us to rise and come out of our egoism. We don’t know how to come out of this Egyptian slavery or where to run from it. However, the Creator tells us, “Let’s go to Pharaoh together!” And like a little child who takes the adult by the hand, Moses and the Creator walk together.

From the side of the human being, all that’s needed is consent, a request, a demand to the Creator for help. One does not need to battle evil on his own. However, people don’t understand this and think that they are able to do something on their own. But whoever thinks himself a hero is a fool.

All the religions and allegedly “spiritual” methods err with regard to this, teaching people to eradicate the evil inclination. Kabbalah, however, says that the left side (egoistic desires) is given to us precisely in order to help us adhere to the right side (bestowal) – after all, this constitutes the whole goal of attaining the Creator through our efforts in the middle line.