Revealing An Inner Code Through The Book of Zohar

clip_image001The Book of Zohar, Chapter “Shmini (On the Eighth Day),” Item 98: “And the Lord (the main property of bestowal within us) spoke unto Moses (another property of bestowal) and to Aaron, (yet another property; in other words, there is a part between other parts within us, which connect), saying unto them: ‘…This is the animal that you may eat.’”

It writes Aaron because he always separates the impure from the pure (a property within us that separates pure desires from impure desires is called “Aaron”), since Aaron is Hesed and illumination of Hochma, Haya. The difference between an impure and pure Haya [animal] (in us) is only the Hesed (the property of Hesed is mercy, pure bestowal).

The impure cling to the left line, which is separated from the right, Hochma without Hassadim, from which all the darkness and judgments extend – where the right line means bestowal and the left line means reception.

In other words, if we have the Light of Hochma without the Light of Hassadim, we are in the darkness. But why is it dark if the Light of Hochma is present; after all, the Light of Hochma is the opposite of darkness? If it is received for the sake of ourselves and our egoism, then we feel darkness, which means that we don’t sense spirituality.

We are all currently submerged into absolute darkness and don’t see the spiritual world because we lack the Light of Hassadim, the Light of Love and Bestowal. Thus we are drowning in an ocean of the Light of Hochma in the World of Infinity, but don’t feel even a drop of this Infinite Light.

Why don’t we feel it? It’s because we don’t have the Light of Hassadim. As soon as we obtain the Light of Hassadim, the desire to bestow that has to be initiated by creation (us), then in that same instant the Light of Hochma will be covered by the Light of Hassadim.

All we need is the Light of Bestowal (Hassadim). There is an abundance of the Light of Hochma all around us, but without the Light of Hassadim we sense it as darkness, or in our case, as an unconscious state.

And the pure ones cling to the left line that is included in the right, when Hochma is clothed in Hesed, from which all the blessings and all the sanctities extend.

The difference between a pure Haya and an impure Haya is only the Hesed, the discernment of Aaron.

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