There Is No Freedom Without Exile

clip_image001A question I received: What is “Israel in exile” which The Book of Zohar talks about?

My Answer: “Israel in exile” is a group of Kabbalists whose members want to connect with each other, but their egos pull them in opposite directions and repel them from one another. They see that they are unable not only to connect, but do not even wish for that connection.

The connection itself doesn’t have to be achieved by their effort; that’s the work of the Upper Light. All they have to do is desire it; however, as of yet they are unable to do even this. That is why the people who stood at the base of Mount Sinai were told: “You must connect with each other and unite as one person with one heart. Otherwise this place will be your burial ground!”

When they realized they wanted to connect, but were unable to do so, the Creator revealed Himself to them in order to initiate their union.

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