An Additional Reality Where Everything Is The Other Way Around

chronology.jpg A question I received: Why does it seem to us that there exists this whole material reality?

My Answer: Right now it seems as if this material world exists and that there is a city where people live. This is what I see right now. However, the science of Kabbalah explains to us that we are in a state of sleeping and we are only imagining all of this.

We don’t need to deny it; we simply need to reveal another, additional world, which is more internal and more authentic. We do not build it on our own; we only demand for it to be revealed to us by the Upper Force, the force of bestowal. This force operates in reality in addition to the force of reception, which controls this whole material world, including all of its molecules, atoms, and bodies, on all the levels – the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human.

Right now everything is operated by this receiving, egoistic force. However, we are told: “There is also a force of bestowal.” This is not referring to egoistic bestowal, which we are familiar with in this world and which is a form of reception in disguise. Rather, there exists another quality – one of absolute bestowal, as well as an additional reality where everything is the other way around.

This whole reality is inside you, and you are inside it. You are acting and living in it, yet it is hidden from you.

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  1. So how can I perceive that real world?? If its is inside me how can I develop? I am desperate searching for God everything and everyone failed me. I lost faith now I have the certainty that only God is the only one who can helped but he rejected me!!!

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