Spiritual Revelation Will Definitely Happen To You!

why Our whole work is to achieve the prayer in the heart, an appeal to the Upper Force, the Creator. He directs and controls everything. Therefore, we only need to ask Him for the right thing.

Our request should be correct and deliberate, and this is precisely what the science of Kabbalah teaches: How to appeal to the Light, the force that created us. It will perform any action we desire under the condition that our desire agrees with the Creator’s general program – to bring us to a perfect state.

In much the same way, a child may cry begging his Mom to let him play with a sharp knife, but she will never give it to him. Yet if he asks for something beneficial, she will gladly carry out his request. The same applies to our requests; “Make your desire similar to His desire” and you will receive everything.

We are not studying any hidden secrets in the science of Kabbalah; we are studying ourselves and the Creator. We get to know Him by virtue of the Kabbalists’ explanations of what we should ask from Him. The Light that Reforms will do all the rest.

The Creator created the evil inclination, and our task is to reveal it. As soon as we reveal it, we can be sure that we’ll know how to ask the Creator for its correction. We don’t realize that our evil is the opposite imprint of the Creator. By imprinting Himself in us, He used the Light to create the will to enjoy. It is like the patrix and the matrix. Reception is the opposite form of bestowal; they enter each other and unite like two parts of one whole. Therefore, as soon as we reveal our evil, we will immediately find out how to appeal to the Creator for its correction.

This does not need to be studied in the books. The books simply attune us and develop our sensations. A person is taught all the rest by his soul. And you don’t need a great mind to learn; just keep going and it will happen!

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