The Only Chance To Connect To The Light

clip_image001A question I received: It sounds like all the efforts we make while attempting to figure out if we’re receiving for our own sake or giving to others do not really contribute to our spiritual advancement. Am I right?

My Answer: Kabbalists give us the following advice:

– Choose an environment that will make us value spiritual attainment;
– Love the friends, connect with them, and see them as pieces of your soul;
– Read The Book of Zohar together while aspiring to see qualities of bestowal inside ourselves; and
– Trust that these actions will attract the Light that Reforms (Ohr Makif).

The means to do this are:

– A teacher who consistently directs us at the right way to read;
– Friends who raise our aspiration for revealing spiritual forces within ourselves;
Kabbalah books that we read and work with to find the Upper Reality that is inside of us; and
– Dissemination in order to attract more people that will strengthen the environment and everyone’s aspiration toward the Upper Goal.

The practical implementation of all this takes place during the study of The Book of Zohar. This is the only means of contact we have with the Light that Reforms because while reading it we are between two worlds: the Upper World and the lower world, and we are then able to find the link between them.

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