You Can’t “Jump” Through Spiritual States

above A question I received: We learn in the science of Kabbalah that the state of adulthood (Gadlut) has to be preceded by a state of being small (Katnut). What does this teach us in regard to spiritual work?

My Answer: Everything happens step by step. Correction is always carried out from easy to difficult. We grow in this world according to the same principle. We are given exercises and Reshimot are revealed inside us, starting from the simple ones to the more complex ones.

We need to organize our spiritual progress in the same manner, without thinking that we can skip any stage. The chain of Reshimot obliges us to go through all the states gradually, one after another. We cannot miss any state or skip any degree.

Therefore, if I am not advancing to the next state, it is a sign that I still have not realized my present state, and hence I haven’t prepared myself for a change and a transition to the next state. There are no trade-offs here. The Creator cannot “throw” you upward. That would be like asking, “Why didn’t He create me in a perfect state initially?” If He did, you would lack the desire and a sense through which to perceive that state. You need to attain it on your own.

For the same reason, you cannot jump over or skip a few degrees right now. This is impossible since you will lack the right desire. How will you feel a more elevated state if you haven’t acquired a desire, a vessel for perceiving it?

Attaining a higher state means increasing your desire, widening your vessel of perception and making it more bestowing.

If you haven’t achieved the quality of bestowal, then you will not feel it. The whole spiritual world exists here and now – so go ahead, take it, if you can. The Upper Light is at absolute rest, but you lack the right desire for it.

You are saying, “I want to jump a few degrees up!” Well, try it. You will find that you cannot make that jump. You need to ascend gradually, step by step, by developing according to the four stages. That is how you will continually ascend higher and higher.

Otherwise, spiritual ascent is impossible. The order in which the Reshimot come out is predetermined. Reshimot are instilled in us and await their turn to be realized.

The Light of Infinity is Above, and it is ready to correct you and fulfill you. However, your desire is preventing it.

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  1. Humans think they are the intelligent, but we have not evolved in 4000 years. This makes us dangerous animals. We are actually doing the same thing as we always have done – killing each other. Much of this hate, envy and intolerance comes from people proclaiming them self to be “enlightened”, from religion. I don’t expect people believing in a god to understand this, they have a deity to hide behind. It’s sad that we as one species cannot unite, this is because you will always have humans who want to have more than others – who want to rule over others, or plainly want to hurt other members of their race.

    The day we become enlightened, is the day we start believing in the human race. Not a false belief created to keep people down. Sometimes I think the only hope we have is to start over.

    If you could reason with religious people, there would be no religious people.

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