Infinity Times 613

clip_image001When we return to the World of Infinity, everyone, every cell of the common soul becomes infinite as everyone else is connected to and included within me. Through me I bring them the World of Infinity. I don’t have any Light myself. Every cell connects to the Surrounding Light and receives from it. In other words, I have a personal connection with the Creator, and His Light or love flows through me to everyone else; I fulfill and serve each one of them. I complete my own piece within them from the breaking of the vessels. They didn’t need this fulfillment before as they existed in the World of Infinity as separate cells, connected in a simple existence provided by the Creator. There they had no sensation or understanding of others; everything was almost completely inanimate with only a glimmer of life – the Light of Nefesh in the desire of Keter.

Aside from my individual self there’s also the “I” that’s included in all the others since we are now all included within each other. I exist in each one of them, whether they like it or not. My individual self is my “central workplace,” the central department that is connected to all of my representatives in all the other souls. Through my inclusion in all of the souls I influence every one of them, providing for them the part I am responsible for. Everything functions like a whole-interconnected system.

Our physical body works according to the same principle. If a particular cell fails to understand the brain’s orders, then it cannot function properly. Part of the brain is also included in every cell allowing it to understand the brain and carry out its orders. And if that part of the cell doesn’t sense how it is connected to the function of all the other organs and stops functioning according to the center’s commands, then it becomes a cancerous cell or simply dies.

In other words, the breaking of the vessels gives us an opportunity to return to the World of Infinity and create a real infinity, where everyone is included in all the other cells of creation, acting like the Creator in relation to the others. In this state, I will have attained my personal likeness to the Creator since I give to all the others and they are unable to exist without it. And this is true with everyone. That is why we return to the World of Infinity, which is 613 (TARAKH) times greater. It is only a number, and we cannot actually measure its scope, as it denotes the force of interconnection of all the souls.


  1. I`m do not believe in other life.

  2. Im trully doubt, that is an other life!

  3. It is not a metter of what you belive, or wich you do not belive!

  4. This article is very cool, I read it with a lot of pleasure! Big thanks!

  5. Inspiring depiction of bestowal. Always lacking everyone.

  6. Dear Rav,

    Is TARAKH-613 the quality of loving infiniteness that is always expanding and contracting? Perhaps it is, in a way, Atzmuto? Could it perhaps be said like this: Infinite Love + TARAKH = Atzmuto? (no disrespect intended)



  7. Hi,
    Rimmichna (I`m do not believe in other life) and Katyulya (Im trully doubt, that is an other life) – you both can imagine that maybe you are like a cell which “….stops functioning according to the center’s commands, then it becomes a cancerous cell or simply dies.”
    Minusha (It is not a metter of what you belive, or wich you do not belive!) for better remark better add: “come and see” or “go and check” or “I have seen an opposite world.”
    The wisdom of Kabbalah is hidden as long as we are not disappointed with egoism and believed that it is somehow possible to live with it and to establish some kind of relations between us. But we were given the upper force, and also a manual telling us how to spur, summon, and fulfill that force so that it will gradually change us and raise us to His level of eternity and wholeness!

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