How Do You Avoid Using Your Desires?

clip_image001A question I received: What does “avoid using a desire” mean?

My Answer: To avoid using a desire means that I do not want to use it, as opposed to just restraining myself or “shutting my mouth.” For example, assuming that doctors forbid me to eat sweets, then I have to restrict myself, even though I really want them.

To “avoid using a desire” in spirituality means that I find the strength inside myself to prevail over this desire by focusing on something else that matters more to me. I choose not to use this desire; otherwise this decision is worthless.

This means that even if the doctors would suddenly allow me to eat sweets, I would not take advantage of it. This doesn’t mean that I don’t want to eat sweets, but simply that I am not using this desire.

This is difficult to explain because we don’t have these kinds of calculations in the material world where all our calculations are done on a single plane – choosing which pleasure is more important. But in the spiritual world the calculations are done on two planes, me or the Creator, and deciding who is more important. I must acquire the importance of the Creator over every desire that I don’t want to use, and that is the reason that I don’t want to use the desire.

How do I do this? I demand the revelation of the Creator, I ask Him for the strength to avoid using the desire. Then I will be able to keep myself above the desire and in the Light of the Creator that has been revealed to me. The desire remains, but I rise above it and I do not want to use it. However, if the Light was to cease, then I would immediately fall into my desire once again and I would want to use it, and there would be nothing that could stop me then. When the Light that Reforms comes to me, then like a magnet it keeps me suspended in the air. I remain in the spiritual only due to the Light that Reforms. It shines and attracts me, enabling me to overcome my desire to receive pleasure and to rise above it.

This means “to avoid using the desire.” The desire is there, but I do not use it.

In our world, we do calculations according to their practicality. If I need to lose weight, then I do not eat, or I restrain myself and do not use a certain desire because I am afraid of punishment. In the spiritual there is only one reason for me to not use a desire – the greatness of the Creator. And this is why I invert my desire from receiving to bestowal.

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