Growing Egoism Is The Only Reason For All Our Ills

deceptiveTwo questions I received on modern trends in sex and reproduction:

Question (in response to my post, The Effects Of Growing Egoism On Children): This is far too cryptic for me. Sexual activity at an early age may in my view also be explained by the desire to be loved or a lack of warmth by family. In any case, I cannot understand how you come to your conclusions. Can you elaborate?

My Answer: Everything is explained by growing egoism alone because it is the only building block of Nature and the only thing that changes.

Question (in response to my post, Lack Of Desire To Reproduce Is Egoism At Its Extreme): Your answer said: The lack of the desire to reproduce is the extreme form of egoism. Why? I’m interested in understanding egoism, but this statement seems too general. Could you explain in more detail, why is this extreme? Seems like that word is a little excessive. Don’t you need to understand the situation in which a person has made a decision not to reproduce, whether it is health-related, economical, sociological, mental and so on. There are many factors that might affect the reasoning to not want to reproduce.

I agree that ego is a factor sometimes, but not all the time and certainly not extreme. An absolute statement like this seems a little out of place when talking about egoism.

My Answer: Both reproduction and its termination are egoistic. In the latter case, however, instead of thinking about children, one thinks always and only about himself. Therefore, not reproducing is the extreme denial of Nature.

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