Are Biblical Kings Myth Or Reality?


In the News: (from The TimesOnline): “Evidence for kings David and Solomon” Until 15 years ago, Professor Eric Cline notes in a new book, there was no extra-biblical documentary mention of even the House of David as ruling in Judea. “… we are still lacking any contemporary or near-contemporary inscriptions that mention Solomon: at the moment we do not have a single one,” Professor Cline says. “Moreover, there is still very little archaeological evidence for the existence of David.”

My Comment: This news clip is a brilliant example of how the media likes to present everything as a sensation: “There is still very little archaeological evidence for the existence of David,” signed by the scientific authorities.

For some reason, the word “science” is often used by those dabbling in speculations, theories, and assumptions that are not based on facts. In a similar fashion, philosophers wanted to present Moshe de Leon, who lived in the 11th century CE, as the author of The Zohar – and thus, he became its author.

However, for millennia, the Kabbalists knew that The Zohar was written by Rashbi, as it’s mentioned many times in The Zohar itself. Too bad none of those philosophers actually read it…

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