Perceiving Reality Through The Spectacles Of The Zohar

advice In the “Preface to the Book of Zohar,” Baal HaSulam writes that although it seems to me that everything takes place externally, before my eyes, any reasonable person knows that all these pictures exist only within the brain. When I realize this, I am ready to begin to approach the matters spoken of by the science of Kabbalah.

The lack of this realization is the reason why The Book of Zohar is concealed from us and why we don’t know how to open and read it. It’s because the key to understanding it lies in having the correct perception of reality. The Book of Zohar must be approached only by imagining the depictions within myself. The terminology, sounds, worlds, spiritual objects, souls, and relationships are all notions within me. This is particularly true when addressing the parameters of reality’s perception: world, year, and soul – all of which are above time, space, and motion.

If I perceive the text as an unfolding pattern of relationships between forces and qualities within me, I will gradually reveal increasingly deeper inner states. Then it will become clear that this external reality isn’t truly real, even if it seems real to me. I only see it as existing outside and independent of me.

It is my present folly in thinking that I do not create this reality, mistakenly thinking that it unfolds before me by itself, having existed before my birth and sure to exist after my death. I have to try to change all these beliefs in order to start to understand what The Zohar wants to explain to me.

The key and the entrance to The Book of Zohar lies precisely in transporting everything inside myself, as per the principle, “A person is the whole world.” I can tell whether or not my study is correct by checking: How much do I expect to feel and reveal my entire future within myself?

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