The Best Remedy For All Illnesses

remedyillness If we don’t correct ourselves on time, we will have to experience suffering on the animate degree in order to cultivate the human degree in us. However, it is in our power to advance without suffering! All the illnesses and misfortunes are there to “force” us to come to correction, but why should we correct ourselves this way?

Let’s look for problems and illnesses in advance, like an old man who walks hunched over as through he has lost something. Even if we don’t feel in our present Kelim that there is a lack of correction, let’s reveal it. After all, no matter what, we will have to go through a great deal of correction until we reach the final correction.

So how do we go about revealing the corruption? We have to search for it on the border between “root, soul, body” and “garments and castles,” meaning our inner and outer Kelim, Galgata ve Eynaim and AHP. That is where all our problems lie: in the relationships between us and everyone else, rather than in us or in them.

We have to desire to attach the “garments and castles,” which are the external souls, to ourselves, to “root, soul, body.” That is how we will achieve a whole and perfect Kli, a single soul.

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