A Tremendously Influential Spiritual Force

feelyoursoul A question I received: Before we started studying The Book of Zohar, our inner states and our ascents and descents were more balanced. Now they are much more dramatic and extreme, like black and white. Why is this happening?

My Answer: It is because we are being affected by The Book of Zohar, which is a tremendously powerful book. And in addition, we are all reading it together.

The Zohar’s influence allows us to feel whether we are actually connected with each other or not because it was written by a group of Kabbalists who were completely connected with each other and had attained absolute correction on all 125 levels.

When the Light comes and influences us from such a high source, it creates awareness of where we are relative to the Light. Therefore, we will surely go through dramatic and extreme conditions ranging from confusion to inspiration, anxiety, total fatigue, insensitivity, and much more. This will enable us to build ourselves in order to start sensing spirituality.

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