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Integral Intelligence

laitman_940Question: A study was conducted among people who were divided into groups of five people. Some of the groups were composed of people with a high degree of intelligence, and the rest of the groups were people on an average level but with a high capacity for empathy and connection with other people.

All of them received the same task. Surprisingly, in the groups with emotional potential, the results were higher than in the groups with high intelligence. How is this possible, that with an emotional connection we are working with a higher intelligence?

Answer: Our substance is the desire to receive, and what happens within it is called “feeling.” First of all, we are based on desire, emotion, and with our emotion we are ready to absorb more, to feel more deeply and expansively, so this requires our intellect to develop.

Suppose that I lack the sense of hearing. My brain doesn’t need to absorb sounds, identify them, connect into a single image, create all kinds of sounds, and learn with them part of reality. As a result, my intellectual ability is reduced.

In the study that you mentioned before, in the group that was connected better, there was attainment of a higher and deeper general feeling. The members of this group developed a higher group intelligence with their connection. So they could solve problems and understand the situation better than people with separated intelligence who were not connected.

It follows that the main thing is not the amount of participants and not personal attainments, but the power of connection. Specifically this is what awakens the mind to a new form and new intensity of development. The mind becomes integral. Because it absorbs all kinds of feelings from people who want to connect with a shared emotion, so it must also be shared.

So a single image is created from them, “as one person with one heart” and one intelligence. This is an absolutely different qualitative level in comparison to wise people of separated intelligence with scientific diplomas. They can be great psychologists, but if there is no connection between them, they are not ready to attain a quality like this.

Question: From my experience I know that if different components connect, the result will be a particular amount. Whereas here I feel that there exists one further component that is unknown. What is this component?

Answer: This is the integral component. We don’t connect units to build ten, but from ten we build a single whole.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/26/14

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A Stormy Desire Towards The Light

laitman_276_01The Torah, “Leviticus” (Kedoshim), 19:27: Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard.

Hair symbolizes the ways the Light of Hochma spreads from a special unit of the world of Atzilut, from the Partzuf of Arich Anpin. We should constantly add a desire to ascend to this system.

The word “Se’arot” (hair) stems from the Hebrew word “Sauer” (stormy), which means thrilled and excited in one’s desire. Therefore we must constantly try to keep a certain level of tension, of yearning for the current of the Light of Hochma, and then it will descend.

It says: “Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard” especially the hair that descends from above the beard. The point is that we distinguish between 13 parts of the beard in the spiritual work, each of which needs a special correction since it is a gradual descent of the Upper Light to the lower consumers, to our souls.

The Light of Hochma, which seemingly flows in a weakening system, is like a power station and different substations of transformers in our world, which gradually change the high voltage from let’s say 50,000 volts to 220 volts or to 115 volts. Thus, you need to constantly control this process in order to maintain your desire in suspense since the descent of the Light depends on that.

There are many back link systems today like counters that determine the consumption of electricity during different hours along the day. A small computer is installed that calculates the consumption of electricity, and in the power station they know how many kilowatts you consume at a certain time during the day or the night. This means that you are linked to the power station.

In the spiritual work there is a similar back link with the source of Light. You need to focus your desires so that thanks to them the Light will be extracted from the source and will descend downwards. Unless your desires for the Light reach the source, it will not begin to generate energy and be focused on you.

This is an action called “Se’arot” when you suffer wanting that the Light of correction should descend on you and allow you to work in order to bestow.

Comment: Despite his lack of understanding of these internal processes, a person still yearns to keep them on a corporeal level. Religious people, for example, keep these commandments at least externally.

Answer: We shouldn’t make analogies between the two worlds. We are the way we are and we should be just the way we are born.

First, we have to think about how to resemble our spiritual figure, while externality is a relative concept.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/9/14

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Kabbalah For “General Use”

laitman_254_03Question: How is it possible to discover and know that a person is ready to study the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: How do we determine that a child is allowed to read a particular book? The parents are on one level above the child and so they understand that it is possible to give him a book appropriate for his age. And in another few years he will grow to such a level that he can read even more serious books.

The same thing happens with the wisdom of Kabbalah as well. It is possible to see according to the present generation and according to what is happening in the world that the world is ready for the discovery of the wisdom of Kabbalah. The term “Kabbalah” also means “transmission” because it was transmitted from generation to generation until it reached us.

The last great Kabbalist in this chain was Baal HaSulam who opened the wisdom of Kabbalah for general use. And he writes in his books that from this time on it is possible to reveal the wisdom of Kabbalah to everyone. As it is said, “…and all nations shall flow unto it” (Isaiah 2:2).

I accepted this mission from the oldest son of Baal HaSulam, Rabbi Baruch Shalom Ashlag, and so I must carry it out. I no longer have a choice and I cannot decide if it is worthwhile to do this or not, or whom to reveal the wisdom of Kabbalah to and whom not to. If this mission was given to me to transmit this knowledge of the wisdom of Kabbalah to everyone, I must reveal it to the whole world as much as it is in my power.

In the kind of situation that we are in today, a great deal of multifaceted work is waiting for us. First of all, it is necessary to “clean” the wisdom of Kabbalah of all the false labels and opinions, to detach and separate it completely from all kinds of “pseudo Kabbalah.” Tarot cards, ceremonial dances, meditations according to a book, stones, writings, red strings, holy water, and so forth.

Second, we must explain that the wisdom of Kabbalah is intended for the correction of a person, and the correction is in his connection with others. Only through the right connection between us can we carry out the conditions for the discovery of the spiritual force, the Upper Light, among us.

When we discover this higher force among us, it will begin to work within us by raising us to another level of existence. The Light that fills us will elevate us to a sensation of a new reality.

And meanwhile the image of this world will gradually disappear. First, it will simply lose its importance; in this way it will vacate a place for the image of a higher world that reflects the connections between the inner forces that manage all of creation.

And with time humanity will advance and begin to work with these forces. And then we will gradually stop feeling this world; it will be as if it evaporates; it will disappear from our feelings. After all, this world is imaginary and exists only in our five senses. We are already beginning to exist only in the spiritual world.

We need to reach a situation like this, and there is even a marker for the inevitable end of this process: 6,000 years from the first spiritual discovery of Adam to the end of all the corrections. With the “completion of correction” all of humanity, with the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah, will have to connect as one person with one heart. And then all of us will be found on a higher level only.

But all of the confusion that accompanied the wisdom of Kabbalah for so many years was necessary. For without this, the child cannot grow. Complication, confusion, this is a part of our development.

Question: So essentially what is the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah is the discovery of a system of forces within which the one upper force, called the “Creator,” operates, which is equivalent to the higher nature, that includes within it all of our forms of existence. And the discovery of this higher nature, the Creator, happens through attaining equivalence with Him. To discover this higher nature, to connect with it, and to identify yourself with it, this is the goal of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

We hope that we will soon attain this. This raises a person to the level of the Creator. But if we don’t go in this good way, then other forces will appear in nature, which will push us towards this by way of a crisis, and they will nevertheless obligate us to reach this.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/18/14

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Winning The Game Against The Ego

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe whole Torah is only about a person’s inner states. Jacob’s family of only seventy people reaches Egypt and settle among the Egyptians. The seventy representatives of the Israeli nation are the seventy major altruistic attributes that go down into the desire to receive, into their ego.

First they reach high positions in Egypt and become managers, but gradually the Egyptians, meaning a person’s egoistic desires, begin to enslave their altruistic attributes and subdue them.

Question: Why does the Israeli nation go down to Egypt?

Answer: The point is that it is impossible to develop spiritually in this world and advance to the spiritual world if you don’t ascend to new levels on the spiritual ladder, which is supported by your ego. The levels of the spiritual ladder are built from the material of the human ego, and the more the ego grows, the higher a person ascends by increasingly overcoming it. This is the only way to ascend from this world to the level of the upper world, from Malchut to Bina.

Therefore, it is impossible to manage without the slavery in Egypt, without Pharaoh, and without all the wicked figures that are revealed that the Torah tells us about. They are all in your heart.

The children of Israel go down to Egypt since there is famine is the land of Israel, meaning that there is nowhere to advance spirituality if you don’t attach your ego to it each time, correct it, and then ascend. This is the only way the spiritual levels are built. Therefore Jacob’s family has no choice but to go down into the ego.

However, they didn’t take into account that a new king rises in Egypt, “a new king that didn’t know Joseph.” The new Pharaoh is the same desire to receive that suddenly begins to grow sharply in a person. A person wants to develop the attribute of bestowal within him, dreams about ascending this life to a more sublime form of existence. Suddenly, arising in him, he sees only thoughts and desires that pull him away from this and which hold him by his arms and legs..

He feels as though a heavy load has been placed upon his shoulders. This means that a new king rises in Egypt that does not know Joseph. The new ego does not want to play games with a person, has no accounts with him, and only wants one thing: that you should work for him like a slave.

It obliges you to live like everyone else in this world, like all the Egyptians, and to be even more egoistic than them. Unfortunately, the Israeli nation today manages to be loyal slaves of the ego.

The Jews win Nobel prizes and are very successful the world over and even take pride in the fact that they are more successful corporeally than everyone else. We have taken the greatest pride in being the European basketball champions, have learned the Greeks’ games and began to play these corporeal games even better than they did..

Our ego is ready to work for its own benefit and this is called Pharaoh. If the desires for bestowal, spirituality, connection, and unity, which should be an example for everyone, are revealed within us, Pharaoh which is the force of the ego that manages us, immediately kills them.
From KabTV’s “The Torah Chapters with Shmuel Vilozni” 12/15/14

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Miracles That Slow Down The Advancement Of Humanity

laitman_629_4The Torah, “Leviticus” (Kedoshim), 19:26: …neither shall ye practice divination nor soothsaying.

Question: Why is it forbidden to practice divination or soothsaying?

Answer: The point is that divination or soothsaying can provide a person with answers to questions that trouble him, but he has no right to use that since such actions are not aimed at bestowal but actually at satisfying his ego. It doesn’t mean that he closes his eyes and advances like a blind man. There is no such thing in our spiritual advancement at all.

“Neither shall ye practice divination or soothsaying” means that all the actions you perform in your mind and heart should be aimed at bestowal, that such actions aren’t focused on you, like in the case of divination or soothsaying. Here you should simply determine the way you act in complete bestowal unto the Creator, unto those around you, and move forward. Then you don’t feel the need for divination or soothsaying. You should ascend above your ego without seeing your future since the next level has to be in complete concealment.

Imagine that a certain airline’s plane disappeared and no one knows what happened to it and whether it was hijacked, sank, or exploded. Suddenly I appear on the radio or hold a press conference and say that I can find it. My announcement causes a stir all over the world and they do actually find the lost plane. At the same time I explain to everyone that I managed to do it because I engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah and that the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about the next world etc.

Comment: This is where the powerful popularity of the wisdom of Kabbalah stems from…

Answer: Yes, but it is forbidden to do so. Everyone will immediately run to Kabbalists spurred by their ego, all the people in the world would want to become Kabbalists, but what’s the point?

Comment: But the Creator actually operates that way! When Moses said that the people wouldn’t believe him, the Creator answered him, “Throw your rod to the ground,” and the rod turned into a snake. This means that Moses performed miracles on behalf of the Creator.

Answer: The Creator did that in order to harden Pharaoh’s heart even more and to give the people the chance to escape from him, so that they would have no chance of thinking that he was actually right and that he had certain powers. You can imagine that if I really did say something about the plane the human ego would rise to such a level that we wouldn’t be able to explain anything to people. The ego would also leap in us and how?! Since they would all begin to bow to Kabbalists.

By performing that action, I would bury everyone in their ego and we would have to wait a few more centuries until all this will sink and then start anew from scratch. The upper system of connection is very meticulous with regard to any spiritual matter that can enter a person since by such things he may not hear us and therefore it says: “…neither shall ye practice divination nor soothsaying.”
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/9/14

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The Maccabees And The Greek Ideology, Part 2

laitman_276_02We should understand that the Jews didn’t enjoy the Greek culture, as contemporary authors try to portray. They simply don’t understand the inner essence of the Jewish people and what it meant to be a Jew in the land of Israel, the people of Israel in the country of Israel in those days.

The Greek and the Jewish ideologies are two basically opposite perspectives. All the other ideologies, such as the Greek ideology or other ideologies stemmed from man, who is a corporeal creature, an animal, an egoist. A person can only come up with an ideology that is aimed at his own corporeal, physical benefit.

The ancient Greeks, by the way, loved athletics and sports. They built stadiums, held Olympic games, and on the whole were inclined to hedonism. Basically anything that helps a person advance towards the goal of creation is good, but if I simply enjoy strength, agility, and stamina as long as the body is alive, I live for it.

This is also true with regard to other philosophical, esthetic concepts. They are all corporeal and they all stem from the five senses of our body and do not exceed their narrow perception.

The problem is that this limitation is evasive and cannot be noticed unless a person ascends above his five senses and says goodbye to his body and rises to a higher level, not after his death but rather here in this life.

The idea is to perceive reality above the five corporeal senses that are a desire to understand, to know, and to feel what is around us. All of a person’s senses perceive everything in an egoistic manner, internally, according to the principle of absorbing into one’s self. In such a state they cannot perceive more that what is dictated to them by the limitation of time, motion, and place as well as by the tolerance of each sense organ.

It is on the basis of this perception that the Greeks established their science and the realm of myths, which includes earthly fairytales regarding the relationships between their gods. This is how they imagined the laws of nature, in the form of an Olympic pantheon where the gods flirt with one another, get married, get divorced, live in peace or quarrel…

This is a very primitive picture, which of course is totally wrong. Therefore only children’s books remain of it for the next generations and I don’t recommend them because they establish a wrong conception of nature in a person.

Consequently only the basics of nature and scientific terminology are left of all of the ancient Greek culture.

As for the traditional Jewish perspective, it is actually inclined outward. In its framework we don’t need to absorb data from nature and to process it by our feelings and our mind, no. We need to exit ourselves and be incorporated in others outside ourselves. Thus we improve our tools of perception and make them unlimited and infinite.

After all, I exit myself, leaving my body, not wanting to remain in it. It only limits me and doesn’t allow me to understand things the way they really are. I cannot even really feel anything since I am imprisoned in the narrow limits of my senses.

What is more, when I perceive information through my five senses I process it by calculating my personal gain. It is inevitable because this is how my body operates due to its egoistic force. Therefore, out of the whole world that surrounds me, no matter what it may be, I only perceive what can enter my five egoistic senses, which is surely in my benefit or may bring me harm in the limits of a certain sense.

We don’t distinguish all the other phenomena around us. At the same time we can use instruments that do expand our boundaries a little, but we also perceive this information through the prism of our personal gain.

It turns out that if I want to be a real researcher I have to be independent of everything. Is that possible? After all, I was born an egoist, and by definition I only see what is good or bad for me, what is pleasant or unpleasant, beneficial or harmful.

I filter the flow of external data automatically and subconsciously, isolating only what my ego regards as worthwhile and ignore everything else. This is the reason that we all see the world and assess it differently.

At the same time, there is a different perception that is opposite from the natural Greek perception. According to that perception, I have to transcend what happens to me here on this planet, exit my ego, and ascend above myself with my self, if I want to be a true, independent, objective scientist, which cannot be found in the ordinary format of this world.

There is a method, which by a series of exercises and with the help of the environment and the friends, allows an ordinary person to perform such changes in him: to expand his natural perception and add a super natural perception to it, which means a perception that operates beyond a person’s natural ego.

Thus I can develop additional senses inside me that are not based on absorption internally but on bestowal, when I am ready to give, to love, to bestow, and am ready to be above myself. Love and bestowal are opposite from the perception of receiving, self-enjoyment, and hatred.

It is by such an approach that I begin to notice the reality that is beyond my egoistic vessels of perception. These vessels perceive merely two miserable percent of the whole spectrum and also distort the picture by presenting it to me in the form of this world to me.

Even physicists today say that they have reached a certain limit and that they cannot transcend it. Although there is undoubtedly something beyond that, they don’t know how to touch what is hidden on the other side…
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/14/14

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Unity Is The Guarantee Of Victory, Part 5

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today every Israeli is like a dormant volcano that will erupt with a single word. Apparently only a true miracle will help us because our situation is so distant from the unity about which you speak.

Answer: In summation, we are one millimeter from this state. But in order to overcome this millimeter, it is necessary to switch from one situation to a second situation within the Israeli head and activate a mechanism that exists within it, but it is in a dormant state.

This is a mechanism of connection and Arvut (mutual guarantee) within which we once existed. It is necessary only to awaken a person and bring to his awareness that he is different from and opposite to his present self. This is so he will see where the origin of his good and evil is found.

It is necessary to understand that we have a unique role in this world in that we can bring Light to ourselves, our families, and to all of humanity. If we truly want to win, this is done not through winning soccer championships at the Olympic Games, but rather it is transforming ourselves to be a conduit through which the Light will stream into the world.

We must be the link that connects the origin of the Upper Light and the whole world and all of humanity. And then everyone will say, “Finally the Jews have begun to bring us something good! We felt that evil came from them, but now we feel that good energy comes from them.” And this will be Chanukah, the festival of light. We need to let everybody know about such a miracle.

Question: What does it mean to bring Light to the world?

Answer: Light is the life force. It gives health, development, new life, new relationships of a person within the family and also regarding all the other people. It also means the right relationship to all of levels nature, the still, vegetative, and animate, and to the environment. With a new attitude like this, our planet will become a true Garden of Eden. This is because the Upper Light is the force that corrects and revives everything.

Question: How is the ancient Israeli spirit that we are missing today connected to this?

Answer: Only by way of this spirit can we attain everything. For when we unite, the power of good from above will pass through us and fill the whole world. And this is the true miracle, because we are only carrying out the conditions between us that make it possible for the Upper Light to pass through us to all of humanity.

Our unity is the necessary condition; there is nothing else. Then the Light that comes will consolidate us even more, will stream to all the people, and will connect them also. And then everyone will become a single unit.

Question: Is something like this possible?

Answer: It is said in Isaiah 56:7: …for My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples, and Isaiah 2:2: …and all nations shall flow unto it. Not only is this possible, this must happen whether we want it or not. The entire process of evolution is leading us towards this.

So, it doesn’t frighten me that today the ego in Israel has risen to the heavens. This has to be, Ecclesiastes 2:13:…as far as light excelleth darkness. The more that darkness grows, the brighter and stronger the Light will be when it is revealed.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/11/14

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Love That Is Stronger Than Death

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the Song of Songs, King Solomon’s every sentence literally is filled with allegorical meaning. For example, the expression “Closed garden, my sister, my bride, secluded fountain, a sealed spring.” What does it mean?

Answer: It is an attempt to open the concealment, not allowing the bond to be reached. Otherwise, love will not reach its full height. Without it, the seed will not be blessed and there will be no emanation without this bond.

Question: “I sleep, but my heart is awake.”

Answer: This is the reason they do not immediately reach the bond: there is absolutely no need for it. My heart is awake, but my desires and all the vessels are not awake.

Question: How can love awaken?

Answer: Through various activities, he knocks on the door, she opens the door late, he is gone, and she runs after him, etc. “The song” ends with the lover allegedly filling the whole world. And where is their real embrace, connection, and bond?  Allegedly it is not there. The Song of Songs tells about everything, but this is only the opening. Discovery of the nature that exists in perfection is ready for an embrace and bond, and we are in front of this nature.

Question: What is the “kiss”?

Answer: There are different types of connections between those who love and their beloved ones. This includes the embrace, which is divided into a hug from the left and a hug from the right. Together they form the perfect embrace. Then there is a kiss, the connection at the mouth. This connection is still not complete, since a full bond is a fusion of bodies.There should be embracing, kissing, and bonding.

Question: There is a special viewpoint regarding the “Song of Songs” as a description of love between the people of Israel and the Creator. How should we look at this story: both the man’s love for his neighbor and a man’s love for the Creator?

Answer: Actually this is the answer, “from the love of creatures to love for the Creator.” What does this mean? If I set my disposition of love towards everything that surrounds me, then eventually I reach the same disposition to the whole of nature, which is the Creator, the higher force. All of nature is above me; I’m in it, and we are all in it.

Question: “For as strong as death, love as the grave is a cruel jealousy; its arrows are the arrows of fire! Many waters cannot extinguish love and floods cannot drown love, and if a man would give all his household goods for love, then he would be branded in contempt.” What kind of love is it that is stronger than death?

Answer: All of our good and bad properties, everything that exists in the nature of good and bad forces, the plus and the minus, the heat and the cold, pressure and vacuum; it all gets replenishment. Achievement of the very end, a complete fulfillment of the opposing forces of nature, the fact that in nature there is always one against the other, is the purpose of the whole creation.

This is called the “Song of Songs.” The Song is a non-egoistic love of creations in mutual bestowal, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” The Song of Songs is the achievement of love towards the Creator or love towards all of creation, when a person exits oneself and is literally located everywhere!
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 5/28/14

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 12.26.14

Writings of Rabash, “Shlavei HaSulam,” “Love of Friends” 

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The Book of Zohar — Selected Excerpts

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Talmud Eser Sefirot Vol. 1, Part 1, Chapter 1, Item 1

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Writings of Baal HaSulam  “Introduction to the Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah” 

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