Integral Intelligence

laitman_940Question: A study was conducted among people who were divided into groups of five people. Some of the groups were composed of people with a high degree of intelligence, and the rest of the groups were people on an average level but with a high capacity for empathy and connection with other people.

All of them received the same task. Surprisingly, in the groups with emotional potential, the results were higher than in the groups with high intelligence. How is this possible, that with an emotional connection we are working with a higher intelligence?

Answer: Our substance is the desire to receive, and what happens within it is called “feeling.” First of all, we are based on desire, emotion, and with our emotion we are ready to absorb more, to feel more deeply and expansively, so this requires our intellect to develop.

Suppose that I lack the sense of hearing. My brain doesn’t need to absorb sounds, identify them, connect into a single image, create all kinds of sounds, and learn with them part of reality. As a result, my intellectual ability is reduced.

In the study that you mentioned before, in the group that was connected better, there was attainment of a higher and deeper general feeling. The members of this group developed a higher group intelligence with their connection. So they could solve problems and understand the situation better than people with separated intelligence who were not connected.

It follows that the main thing is not the amount of participants and not personal attainments, but the power of connection. Specifically this is what awakens the mind to a new form and new intensity of development. The mind becomes integral. Because it absorbs all kinds of feelings from people who want to connect with a shared emotion, so it must also be shared.

So a single image is created from them, “as one person with one heart” and one intelligence. This is an absolutely different qualitative level in comparison to wise people of separated intelligence with scientific diplomas. They can be great psychologists, but if there is no connection between them, they are not ready to attain a quality like this.

Question: From my experience I know that if different components connect, the result will be a particular amount. Whereas here I feel that there exists one further component that is unknown. What is this component?

Answer: This is the integral component. We don’t connect units to build ten, but from ten we build a single whole.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/26/14

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