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There Is No God

laitman_600.04Question from Facebook: My reactions to the things around me are my reactions. I understand the external world through my reactions to external things. What does God have to do with anything here?

Answer: There is no God. We don’t make our appeals to Him at all. We make our appeals only to ourselves, to that which is inside us, and it is these internal settings that we need to change, to set them to a correct perception of reality. Then we will be able to reach the correct goal by a much shorter and a much more pleasant route.

God has nothing to do with it. He doesn’t exist. We create God within ourselves.

Our very best, most optimal state, the highest, most positive force that turns all of us into the most wonderful and the most successful, is called God. That’s the kind of God I can agree to.

Question: Are my reactions to the surroundings still my reactions?

Answer: Of course.

Question: Do I understand the external world through my reactions to all that happens to me?

Answer: Naturally. What other way can you know what the outside world is? It is that which you perceive. That’s why everyone has a different impression of the external world.

Question: And all of it, one way or another, steers me to my most optimal state?

Answer: Only if you know how to head in that direction.

Question: Then why do I feel so much discomfort all the time?

Answer: Because you get confused, you don’t understand, you are constantly going around in circles staying in the same place and that’s how you spend your life, achieving nothing and not solving life’s riddles. But in life there are no riddles! Riddles are in how I can achieve my most optimal, most amazing state! But I myself don’t know what that state is!

Ask people what they would have liked to achieve in their lives and they will tell you such nonsense: money, fame, knowledge, honor, power, and health. But all of these end. And what is the deeper meaning of all this? Regrettably, an individual doesn’t know, he doesn’t ask himself this question. That means that we need to explain all of this. This is the reason for the existence of the science of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 10/19/17

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Is Eternity Attained On Earth?

Laitman_049.01Remark: They say that a person who remains in history has found eternity. Indeed, for example, such people as Plato or Spinoza have been dead for a long time, but we remember their names.

My Comment: What does it mean—eternity? Material reality is just an illusion; it does not exist.

Our world will exist until we reach the upper world. As soon as humanity begins to rise in its mass to the spiritual world, our world will evaporate, dissolve as in fog, and cease to exist.

You will understand this when entering the ladder of attaining the upper worlds. Remaining in our world, you will see that this really has to happen—our material world will evaporate in the future because it exists only in our sensations.

Remark: But meanwhile people are making every effort to somehow leave their mark in history, in any form.

My Comment: What is left for them? In this way their egoism seeks to establish their “I.”
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/16/17

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How Does The Objective Perception Of The World Happen?

Laitman_931.02Question: According to the method of Kabbalah, I take ten people, organize relationships with them according to certain laws, and through these relationships begin to perceive the world. Isn’t this subjective? Anyway, I will perceive through them, I will see some other world. And my friend will see something different.

Answer: You have no other possibility of attaining the upper world. However, you with your friends will feel the same because each of you will include in yourself all the rest, the entire ten.

Being in the ten, I remain Malchut (M), and my nine friends represent the first nine Sefirot that I annul myself before. I include all of them in myself and it turns out that I see everything in them.

At the same time, I do not take myself into account. I make a restriction (Tzimtzum) on myself.

I act only through the friends and therefore perceive the world objectively, through them. I see the spiritual world, the degrees of attainment. The only thing that is revealed at these degrees of unification is the Creator. There is no one and nothing else.

Question: Does it mean that there are no stars, trees, and cities?

Answer: No. The Kabbalist perceives these in his five animalistic (corporeal) sensory organs.

If you want to correctly perceive world history, you must immerse yourself in your ten and constantly seek greater compression in it, that is, unification. In this measure, you will begin to attain the degrees of connection and your steps of ascent on the ladder of the revelation of the universe, of the Light.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/16/17

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What Is The Stretching Of Time?

laitman_537Question: In the articles of Rabash it is written that the stretching of time along the spiritual root is related to the Klipot (impure forces). What is the stretching of time?

Answer: Actually, time does not exist. Everything that we are doing in the present moment is preprogrammed and already known.

Moreover, just as there is movement in a straight line from past to future, there is also movement in the reverse direction from future to past.

In principle, we can change the past from the future, just as in our world we are used to changing the future from the past. These are interconnected and interchangeable processes flowing in both directions.

In physics, for example, if we choose to measure either the electron or the wave, then by this choice we predetermine if it is as an electron or a wave.

In other words, I choose a measurement instrument now, and what I am planning to study already knows, from the past, what I am thinking and rearranges itself. And then I measure it either as a wave or as a discrete particle. But in Kabbalah, this happens in action.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 7/9/17

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World History In The Light Of Kabbalah, Part 3

760_4Question: What is history if the past can be changed?

Answer: We do not change anything—not the past, present, or future. We simply view all of the states that we must go through, and change ourselves. This way it seems to us that changes are taking place in the world and everything else. But we are the only ones that change!

I look at the frames that are being played in front of me like on a film, and depending on my internal state, I see them as being completely different.

In other words, I am in a state where I look around and it seems to me that I see the world.

In reality, instead of the world, this is the simple upper Light.

The things I observe on the background of the upper Light are actually being seen inside of me. All of the pictures that I seem to observe on the outside are formed inside of my brain.

Every person has his own picture depending on his state. That is, all of the parameters are set inside of me: Reshimot (spiritual informational data) and all my possible data. According to my development, I depict all of these pictures within me on the background of the upper world.

So what is happening in reality?

On one hand, I have bad desires. On the other hand, there is the Light—good qualities. And between them is the so-called world, where I exist and seem to perceive its images, and where my intentions are found.

Therefore, the world has no form. All of this is depicted inside of us. Moreover, all of this is depicted inside every one of us or only inside of me. I can say, “You don’t exist, you exist only in my internal perception.”
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/16/17

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The Way From Chaos To Harmony, Part 1

laitman_423.03Question: Chaos and disorder are a part of our life. Usually a person strives to determine laws and put everything in order, but nature always knocks us out of balance and plunges us into chaos. Why is our life constantly getting out of control and our world moving toward a constantly growing disorder?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah asserts that, in fact, we exist in the world of Infinity, in an endless Light, in an ideal, optimally organized system. This system is constant and never changes because it is absolutely perfect.

The system is called the world of Infinity because it has no limits and is in an ideal, immutable order, without any need for correcting or changing any of its elements. But a person existing within this system must constantly change. We have informational genes, records (Reshimot) of impressions, states, desires, and thoughts that are being constantly updated.

A spiral of such records about thoughts (that is, impressions in the mind) and desires (impressions in the heart) is constantly unwinding in a person, and he is changing. Therefore, it seems to us that the world is changing, which is, in fact, immutable. We see a constant, beautiful, infinite Light in front of us, but our perception changes all the time.

If we approach the Light thorough our properties, then we feel good, and if we change in the opposite direction, then we feel bad in all sorts of ways.This, in fact, determines all our life. Therefore, we can talk about chaos or harmony only in relation to a specific person and the world that he feels in his constantly updated organs of perception. Because of this, it seems to us that the world is changing and we are changing, but all these changes exist only in relation to ourselves. And if we see chaos around us, it means this chaos exists exclusively within us.

This can lead to despair because it turns out that I do not know where I really am and what is happening. I do not see the world of Infinity because I am locked inside my distorted imagination and I perceive my own properties and thoughts constantly changing according to the program that is unknown to me. That is, I see my own film, the form of the world that my thoughts and desires project to me.

Question: But if my thoughts and desires are revealed according to the program of development, then there is an order in them.

Answer: The order really exists, but it is not known to us. And if we react inappropriately to their disclosure, then we enter this order with incorrect properties, actions, and thoughts, and this changes our development. This is what our life consists of and it is happening moment after moment.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/24/17

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Why Correct The Imaginary World?

laitman_423.02Question: Why should one be engaged in correcting this world? Why should one aspire to improve life, happiness, and goodness if according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, this entire world is an illusion and imaginary emptiness?

Answer: This illusion was given to us so that we would get rid of it! We do not correct this world, it does not need correction! Also, there is nothing to correct our existing in this situation in the world.

We must transcend this world, taking ourselves out of it to the next trajectory, to the next level, to the level of the upper world. This world is the most insignificant and darkest; there is nothing to correct in it; it exists only to transcend it.

Question: Is it possible to be happy in an imperfect world?

Answer: Such a thing is possible because it makes no difference whether the world is perfect or not; it is up to you to use it correctly to become a partner of the Creator, to give enjoyment to the Creator.

When you reach this state, you will see that basically there is nothing unfortunate in this world. For our system of perception, this is a paradox, but when we enter the sensation of the upper world, we begin to see that the only thing that exists in the world is the upper Light that fills everything; there never was anything and there have never been any problems or unhappiness in this world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/19/16

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World History In The Light Of Kabbalah, Part 1

laitman_229Question: How, according to which laws, does world history unfold? Is it cyclic? Does it repeat in every generation?

Answer: This is a complex question, not because it is related to history or geography, but because it is related to our perception of reality.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, there are two basic forces in the universe: the will to bestow or the positive upper force, the Creator, and the will to receive—the lower negative force, the creation. Both desires, interacting with one another, determine practically all of history.

Since their initial parameters and final states are set, we can describe all of these stages of the will to receive (creation) under the influence of the will to bestow (the Creator) in advance. In principle, there can’t be any surprises here.

The first part of the development of history happens completely under the influence of the upper Light, meaning the force of the Creator. In this process, creation feels the pressure of the Light and, being fully in its power, transforms under its influence, going through specific phases of development, the same ones that an embryo undergoes in its mother’s womb for nine months. This is why we understand absolutely everything that is happening.

Because only one factor operates here, the upper Light, we know in advance which stages we will go through and how.

In principle, this is how humanity developed. And this program of creation presupposes a person’s reaction to the influence from above: the extent to which he can advance contrary to his egoism, on the side of the upper Light, the quality of bestowal, love and connection; or he does not desire this, cannot do it, does not understand how to act, and by that he seemingly opposes the Light’s influence.

And if he opposes it, then he naturally feels different. Then history includes greater forces of resistance on the part of creation and greater coercive forces on the part of the Light, the Creator. However, in general, the development of history is strictly regulated from the beginning.

Today we have reached a very interesting stage of development where we can acquire a certain freedom of will, allowing us to change our history and change the speed and type of our development.

In any case, we will develop according to strictly delineated, pre-set degrees. We will either go through them consciously, with understanding and participation, in which case the development will be favorable, voluntary, and welcomed by us. We will see it as good development from our perspective and the Creator’s. Or we will resist it like small stubborn children, not wishing to implement the program of creation.

That is, either it is unknown to us, as is the case for most of humanity, or we are familiar with it, like people who study Kabbalah and are obligated to know it, as those who have already gone through these states thousands of years ago. We have to try to correct our path, making it more conscious and good for us, but most importantly—for others.

Thus, all of world history was written from the beginning. This is why philosophers and scientists, when beginning to examine history, man’s behavior, the present, past, and future, are stumped when trying to answer the questions: Can time proceed backwards? Is everything predetermined? Where is our freedom of will? How does an elementary particle choose the form in which to continue its development—as a particle or wave, meaning light?

Physicists say that everything depends on the person performing the experiment. When he sets up the device to measure the elementary particle either as a wave or a particle, the particle knows about it in advance and behaves in accordance with the chosen device. It’s as if the present determines the past, meaning time that proceeds backwards. This is what physicists assert.

Kabbalah speaks about this much more simply. In principle, it does not relate to the concept of time because there is no time; we realize that which exists in the world of infinity in its final form. But since all of our states are set in advance, there are no surprises here—there is no present, past, or future, as if someone is playing a movie for us and we see its separate shots.

Everything has already been recorded on the film in advance, and we are only viewing it. This is our life. It is being played inside of us, but practically, we can say that it is being played in front of us.

We are the direct participants of this viewing, which is predetermined in advance, and we know everything that will happen and what we will do, except one thing—by being in the group and attracting the upper, positive force upon us, we can elicit changes.

However, we can’t change history itself or the course of events, but only our attitude to it, and then it will look completely different. That is because our attitude to it determines what we will see on those shots: war or peace, good or evil. We determine everything.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/16/17

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The Illusion Of Our World

737.01Question: Does war have a spiritual root?

Answer: There is nothing in our world that does not have a spiritual root, otherwise the object or phenomenon would not exist. The forces that came down from the spiritual world, from the upper system of governance and integration of forces, gradually materialized and formed various objects in our world.

That is why it is written: “You haven’t a blade of grass below that has not a fortune and a guard above that strikes it and tells it, ‘Grow’!” This is obvious.

Upper forces that come down from the world of Infinity through the worlds of Adam Kadmon, Atzilut, Beria, Yetzira, and Assiya reach our world and materialize here.

However, if we are talking about the upper root, in regard to its branch in our world, then it is difficult to explain anything because the system is completely confused. For example, how can you relate a cup or a human hand to an upper equivalent?

Moreover, our world has no such equivalents! It is merely the forces that depict them in our consciousness, in our perceptions. Although, we think that they are material objects, they are illusions.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/9/17

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Spiritual Blindness And Deafness

laitman_276.02Question: What is spiritual blindness and deafness? Such phenomena also exist in our world.

Answer: There are no such phenomena in our world. Here everyone is spiritually blind and deaf.

Question: Is the fact that there are blind and deaf people in our world a consequence of spiritual roots?

Answer: Yes, the person who cannot hear has a problem with this in the upper world as well. It descended to him from there. It is the same with blindness.

How to correct this? Rise to the upper world, and as you move toward it you will see that instead of corporeal correction of blindness and deafness, you receive spiritual correction. The quality of Bina is called hearing and the quality of Hochma, the Light of wisdom, is sight.

In other words, once you attain the quality of Bina, you begin hearing, and once you attain the quality of Hochma, you begin seeing. Therefore, according to the level of their attainment the prophets wrote “I saw” or “I heard.”

Question: A person can hear in the range from twenty kilohertz. Is spirituality everything that is below and above twenty kilohertz? Can we call spirituality everything that is outside of our sensory organs?

Answer: No. You want to draw a clear parallel between our qualities and their various changes throughout life and everything that happens to the upper root. However, there is no direct interconnection.

In our world, we are animals. There is a resemblance in the way this animal was created. Yet, the way it develops and everything that happens to it is completely unrelated to the control of the upper forces.

Question: But the same nature or the Creator determined that a person must hear in a certain range, no more and no less. Is there a spiritual root to this? Does a person in the spiritual world also hear within some limited range?

Answer: This depends on a person’s level, on which of the 125 spiritual degrees he is. His sight, hearing, smell, and touch, all his five spiritual sensory organs, are interconnected and develop in complete harmony.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/9/17

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