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On The Threshold Of A “Post-Egoistic” Era

laitman_928Humanity wants to know where it is and what it lives for, what the secret of life is, and what will be after it? Where do we come from when we are born into this world? Where do we go after we die? Do we exist only as animals who do not feel anything other than our own biological, material existence?

The latest developments in physics, chemistry, biology, and especially quantum mechanics are revealing new forms of existence; we are beginning to uncover more levels of complexity that our world possesses. Our world apparently consists of many dimensions, one inside the other, and contains a multitude of lifeforms, some as yet unknown to us.

We live in a minuscule fragment of reality, and it is very possible that this reality is not even real but is only generated in our very limited consciousness. It only seems to us as if we exist in physical bodies, in a large world, in a tremendous universe, but in essence, all this is but a representation within our minds. Quantum physics is already finding evidence for this.

This type of understanding is principally important in determining the way we relate to life. Just look at how powerfully religion changes a person’s world-view, when he believes that he lives in this world with the possibility to continue life after death in some other world.

A particular world-view can completely overturn ideas about life, leading to wars and conflicts, dividing and uniting people. This is the most important question because it brings meaning to our biological lives in this world and to that which is beyond this life’s limits as they appear to us.

That’s why it is very important to come to a correct perception of reality. And here we collide with resistance from the side of religion and other forms of faith-based practices, with the indecisiveness of people and with the sciences.

This subject is hushed and covered up; it is not pleasant to talk about it. Because, if we speak of this in the open, there will be resistance, it will completely turn upside-down the philosophy of life for people, it will change the way people relate to their existence and the meaning of life. And this is not an easy thing.

As yet, science has only just begun to guess at this and scientists are starting to speak about it a little. It is very good if people find out that our world is actually structured in an extraordinarily complex fashion and is just one of many worlds, that we can change ourselves and move from world to world, and all that is needed is to change our perception, our sensory organs.

When we move from one potential level and rise to another, we lose contact with this material life. We begin to perceive life completely differently: not limited by some hundred years, but endless in time and space, above all limitations.

If this evidence appeared in all sources of mass media, it would attract many to the study of the science of Kabbalah, because it is specifically Kabbalah that opens to each person the possibility of traveling between worlds.

The era of egoistic control is over. People have changed and already egoism cannot control them. Egoistic programming exhausted itself, and little by little we began to be liberated from the totalitarian control of the ego, from our consumerist attitude toward nature. And that’s why we feel ourselves less limited and we begin to sense and guess that there is something higher than our egoistic perception of the world.

I am very hopeful that ultimately we will reveal the truth. And then all will change: religion, faith-based practices, and the way people relate to life.
From KabTV’s “Discussion About Perception Of Reality,” 12/26/16

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Money, Power, And Perception Of Reality

laitman_559Question: Why do big money and great power change a person’s perception of reality?

Answer: Big money and great power, of course, change a person, but not his perception. Any person in our world perceives everything according to his depravity. For example, a teacher, a musician, a driver, a politician, etc., all talk about our world in a completely different way, but it is all about the same egoistic world. There is nothing special about it.

Kabbalists talk only about the difference in perception in the desire to gain pleasure for oneself—to please oneself, and in the desire to bestow, to merge into others.

Question: Does this mean that money and power are simply a kind of desire to gain pleasure? Someone wants money, another one wants power.

Answer: Of course. Food, sex, family, money, power, and knowledge are all different kinds of egoistic pleasures.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/27/16

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Is The World Within Me Or Outside Of Me?

laitman_423.02Question: Everybody knows that The Book of Zohar speaks about a person’s perception of reality. It is written in it that “a person is a small world.” That is, the entire world is within a person. If everything is in me, then how can it be that someone from the outside intervenes in my reality and can even harm me?

Answer: He does not exist outside of you. He is within you.

You are arranged in such a way that there are antagonistic qualities and forces within you. However, since you have not achieved a state of inner harmony yet, instead of seeing all the negativity within you as some bad inner combination, opposition, and antagonism of qualities and forces, you see it from the outside.

All this is for you to correct yourself internally. You are specifically shown all the faults from the outside, so that it is clear to you what you must correct within yourself. After all, you do not feel this inside yourself.

Question: That is, ideally, it would be good to feel all this inside myself?

Answer: If you could correct this inside yourself, then outside you would see only simple white light, the quality of love.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/12/17

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Why Did Dinosaurs Become Extinct?

laitman_600.04Question: Why were the dinosaurs in existence for hundreds of millions of years? Does a Kabbalist know what made them extinct?

Answer: All the inanimate, vegetative, animal, and human life are gradually transformed into higher forms.

That is why the ancient fern and other plants became extinct, as did various kinds of animals. Even minerals have changed. According to researchers, you can tell how many million years old a particular rock is. Everything happens naturally.

The same holds true for the people. Just look at how different people living today are from those who lived a hundred or a thousand years ago. Even in their appearance, not to mention their level of consciousness.

If I were to teach Kabbalah today the way Aristotle and Plato wrote about it, claiming that the soul depends on how deeply a person breathes, I would be laughed at. Can you imagine what the great thinkers of the past wrote about?! With a deep inhalation and exhalation we fill our soul. And they really believed that is what the soul is.

Today, those great minds of their generation would look like silly boys if they remained on the same level because the constantly developing desire develops us. That is why we can not compare ourselves to other generations.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/19/17

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6,000 Years, 6,000 Levels

laitman_214.jpgQuestion: Why must our world exist for 6,000 years? What is the meaning of this number, and why does the Creator limit the time of correction for us if time doesn’t exist?

Answer: You are absolutely right. Time and distance don’t exist, and even we don’t exist in the same form in which we perceive ourselves. It is all imprinted in our sensations, nothing more.

Our feelings are graded in such a way that particular influences are felt by us as temporary and other influences as a change in the space around us, changes within ourselves and the like.

These influences are all forces that act on desire. There are only two components in the creation: a force called “Light” and a desire created by it. The influence of Light on the desire awakens all kinds of changes in its form.

Therefore, everything that seems to us as existing in this world—including time, movement, distance, and changing ourselves in relation to the environment—is actually happening within us, within our desire.

Does anything exist besides that desire? No. How do I know this? It is because I feel myself only within this desire. And the rest? All the rest don’t exist; I feel them all within my desire. Except for desire, there is nothing in us.

Therefore, we can speak only about the desire and about the influence of the Light on it. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches. 6,000 years are 6,000 levels through which the ego (the desire) must pass in order to resemble the Creator.

Question: Can the world exist for tens of thousands of years more?

Answer: You can attain resemblance to the Creator today and you can attain it in another ten thousand years.

Comment: But you say that 223 years remain for the existence of the world.

Answer: This is about levels, and I say this to give a person an idea about that sequence within which he exists.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/2/17

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Does Another Creation Exists?

laitman_928Question: Does another creation exist? If so, is there another Creator there?

Answer: Not as far as we know (I add “we” because Kabbalists speak only about what we belong to or what belongs to us).

Is Atzmuto (the Creator) completely independent of us and are there any spaces and creations arranged on a different principle that we don’t know about and can’t know because we are created only in the desire to receive? But this should lead us to similarity to the Creator. which means attaining what is His in regard to us.

This is called the final stage of correction. But after that there are further states in which we will probably continue our attainment.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/19/17

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The Universe Is Within A Person

laitman_739Question: Why did the Creator create so many stars? Or is this only an illusion? What are the limits of the universe?

Answer: 60 years ago, when I was a student, I had learned that the universe is boundless, that it was not created, and, rather, that it had appeared a countless number of years ago and that time was also infinite.

Today, scientists have reached the conclusion that both the universe and time are limited, but this information is not useful to us at all; these are all kinds of hypotheses and nothing more. Suddenly, galaxies were discovered in relation to them; the space that we had discovered earlier has become like a small point and, therefore, involvement with research like this is absolutely useless.

Astronomers, cosmologists, and many other scientists are involved with mathematical calculations regarding the system of the universe, yet, in fact, they do not understand or know anything serious about this system.

Question: Why have more and more galaxies been discovered by people? How is this information useful?

Answer: The information gives us a feeling of desire that constantly expands and within which we feel the external world. In the “Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” it is said that everything we feel outside of us is actually found within us. That is how it is arranged so that we will be able to understand the structure of the creation that is found within us.

I do not feel what is found within me. In contrast, everything that spreads out beyond me apparently “fell” out from me. Therefore, I can already discern it and learn from it because it is far from me and seems to exist without any connection to me. An illusion is created for me–that it is not mine–and, therefore, I can relate to it more objectively than if it were inside of me.

Question: Does the discovery of an infinite universe reflect the infinity that is discovered within me?

Answer: Certainly. My inner desire to grow reveals the seemingly expanding universe.

Question: Does this mean that a Kabbalist can look within himself and say, “This star is my desire”?

Answer: That is precisely accurate; it is exactly the way we talk about the sun, the moon, the Earth, and all the planets in the solar system. For example, a Kabbalist can discover a “moon” within himself, which is the characteristic of Binah, the characteristic of bestowal that illuminates through the Ohr Hozer (Reflected Light) from the sun. The sun is the characteristic of Keter, and the Earth is the characteristic of Malchut. We cannot determine these characteristics within us because everything is found outside of us so that we can determine and learn from them, but, in fact, we are learning about ourselves.

Question: What does this give a person? After all, people have been looking at the sun and the moon for thousands of years and were unable to determine that these celestial bodies embody the characteristics of bestowal and reception found within them.

Answer: They had no need for this knowledge and therefore they did not understand it, but if people begin to discover these characteristics within themselves, they will discern–through their connection with the objects of the solar and spatial system–that these objects actually embody a tremendous number of the desires found within them.

Question: This is saying that of the billions of stars, each one of them is a particular desire. Is there a name for every desire as there is for every star?

Answer: Yes. For example, the Hochma of Keter of Binah, etc. is a very long phrase that precisely determines the name of a particular desire.

Question: How does a Kabbalist discover these desires within himself and what does he do with them?

Answer: A Kabbalist needs to do only one thing with the desires: gather them together and attribute them to the Creator. He does not need to work with every separate desire. Our correction is very simple. I do not need to change myself or my desires but only my intention or how I use myself. Therefore, I do not pay attention to my desires; it is not important to me what they are. Rather, only my intention regarding the Creator is important and that depends upon the importance I attribute to the Creator within me. Therefore, the main thing is to develop the image of the Creator within my eyes.

Question: Which is to say that desires arise and float up by themselves and it is only up to me to relate to them with the right intention?

Answer: Yes, certainly. But this already depends on the group, on the study, and how ready you are for them arise and float up within you.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 3/19/17

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How Real Is Our Reality?

laitman_766.8Question: You often talk about correcting the perception of reality. How should my perception of reality change and how will this affect my life?

Answer: When we study nature, we learn that different animals perceive reality in different ways. For example, a bee perceives reality in the form of a panorama with multiple fragments as if they were not connected with each other. Fish and birds have a completely unique perception of reality.

Right now, we are talking about sight, but there are animals that perceive the world through heat waves, like snakes. And dogs perceive the world mainly through smells, not through sight, like people. Therefore, it is obvious that everything is determined by the perception of reality.

It seems to us that we see reality as it is, but how do we know that this is true? In fact, we are just catching a few waves from an infinite number of other waves. If we could see in a different spectrum, we would see a completely different picture.

In essence, Kabbalah explains that the reality we see does not exist. If we would not hold onto today’s picture of reality and consider it unchangeable and objective but would rise above the limitations of the bodily organs of human perception, we would perceive reality outside our bodies. And then we could learn about a lot of phenomena around us that we do not see and do not notice yet.

But after all, these phenomena influence us even when we do not notice them. That is why we do not see what is going to happen tomorrow and do not understand why some things happen. Life gives us questions all the time and we do not have answers for them because we do not have enough information. Therefore, the perception of reality is the main question in the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From “Answers to Beginners’ Questions” 7/24/17

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From The Illusory World To The World Of Truth

laitman_423.03Question: How did the transition of the invisible spiritual world into the corporeal world take place?

Answer: There is no matter and there is no corporeality. Everything around us exists in our imagination, only inside of us, in our feelings.

Everything around us is absolutely subjective because we exist in certain coordinates and feel everything with regard to ourselves.

Question: Why is the illusory world in which we live and which exists only in our imagination so terrible and the suffering of millions is so unbearable?

Answer: All the suffering is meant to push us out of it, upward, to a better world. Until we want that ourselves, we will be here and suffer.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/19/17

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Everything Depends On The Spiritual Masach

laitman_537.jpgQuestion: What benefits can come from the spiritual terms of space and time? What can I take for myself?

Answer: You can implement time, space, distance, the transition from one place to another, the acceleration, and the deceleration.

You can attain eternity, wholeness and in all coordinates play with all the parameters as you wish. Only this all depends on the degree to which you control your desires.

In other worlds, it all depends on the spiritual Masach.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/19/17

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