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Complain To The One Who Created Us

laitman_272The world is beginning to feel that it has reached a dead end. It turns out that there is no democracy, no liberalism. What have we come to from allowing the mass media and oligarchs to freely run rampant?

After a decade, they will again gather in Davos and proclaim: “Now 99% of the total capital is owned by 1% of the population, and soon all 100% will come into our hands. All the rest can die from hunger. We, of course, feel sorry for them, but there is nothing we can do about it. This is an egoistic path of development. If you dislike it, complain to the Creator.”

The rich themselves will say: “You want change, but it’s not in our hands. We are not at fault; we are the same egoists like everyone else. You would have done the same in our place. All the money has accumulated with us because the desire to enjoy obligated us to act in this way. Complain to the one who created us.” Perhaps then, those unfortunate people who have not a crumb left will understand that they need to turn to the Creator.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/25/18, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” Item 60

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How To Neutralize The Negativity Of Facebook

Zuckerberg and his team are gradually becoming aware of the impact their creation has on people. Facebook does not deny that it can cause people to depend on and spread fake news (Ziff Davis, LLC)


Now he also admitted that social networks can directly influence democracy, and not in the best way (NPR).

Nothing can be done here. The most powerful means of influencing the world is far too profitable. In fact, a social network can “install a new software” in any person with or without one’s awareness.

A person is a social being; he has “buttons” and “springs” that act unconsciously, but very effectively. Therefore, no matter what the social network says, what sins it confesses, it nevertheless dominates us and decides for us how we look at the world.

In fact, a social network is not only an Internet platform, but the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to it, “heavy” ideological propaganda is replaced by an inconspicuous and much more powerful psychological treatment. It penetrates deep into the subconscious and implants an attitude to life. Everything else is derived from that.

As a result, a person accepts everything the system is feeding him and remains an eternal consumer in its framework.

It is time to recognize the evil that sweet-voiced architects of “right” relationships bring to us. Our interconnection must grow out of the warmth of the heart, not from an exemplary charity. Cheesy ads and beautiful gestures help to “tame” our egoism, but do nothing at all to correct it.

The only way to escape from this influence is to consciously choose another “program,” other criteria for interaction and mutual assistance. With the help of Kabbalah’s method, we can create a social network of hearts, not users. We can really improve the society we live in, and certainly without any damage to democracy.

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The Anti-Hate Law

laitman_448.1In the News (VOA News): “Venezuela’s passage of a new law threatening up to 20 years in prison for inciting hatred’ is generating concerns about a growing crackdown on dissent.

“The powerful, pro-government Constituent Assembly approved the measure Wednesday.

“Assembly leader Delcy Rodriguez said it represented ‘a constructive law for peaceful coexistence’ and an antidote to ‘the intolerances, the hatreds that the Venezuelan right has unleashed.’

“President Nicolas Maduro had proposed the measure during anti-government street protests that rocked the capital, and other Venezuelan cities, from April through July. More than 120 people died in the almost-daily clashes sparked by the country’s deepening economic and political crisis. Activists often used social media to organize demonstrations.”

Question: Do you think these laws stop people?

Answer: In part, yes. After all, a person is afraid of punishment. We see how people attempt to avoid it, try to create zones free from these punishments where it is possible to promote their ideas.

Nevertheless, it somehow works, but to a certain limit. After all, you cannot restrain a person with fear alone. We have known this for a long time now. Our development over the course of thousands of years presents us with a very clear outcome.

Therefore, I don’t think that it will help much. Eventually, we will find the same Venezuela in some sort of miasma, some other perversions, which are superimposed on the past along with these prohibitions and punishments. There is nothing good in it.

Question: Do you think that humanity will eventually understand what the underlying basis of hate is? Will it start dealing with that basis?

Answer: That is impossible to do because egoism lies at the basis of our nature. So only if we begin to correct it. However, humanity does not know how to correct it. Only Kabbalists know this.

Therefore, Kabbalists have no other choice but to appeal to humanity, saying: “What an opportunity we have! Let’s correct our nature!”

Yet, humanity does not want to listen. Never mind humanity, the Jewish people themselves do not want to hear it, and they are actually the ones who need to correct themselves first and to set an example for the entire world.

Question: Will Venezuela see it then?

Answer: Then everyone will see. If only the Jews would want it, if they would be able to hear and know about it…
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/9/17

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Facebook Hacks Man

laitman_958In the News (The Washington Post): “The Facebook founders purposefully created something addictive, the social network’s first president told Axios in an interview.

“’God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains,’ Sean Parker said in the interview published Thursday.

“With each like and comment, Facebook is ‘exploiting’ human psychology on purpose to keep users hooked on a ‘social-validation feedback loop,’ Parker said, adding that it is ‘exactly the kind of thing that a hacker like myself would come up with.’”

Question: Do you think this will not ricochet back to these people?

Answer: This will reveal the evil they are in. This is the only way. In our world, only through lies can we come to the truth.

Network consciousness is built to deceive and fool everybody and connect everyone into one single network managed by its leadership that sits like a spider in the center of the web.

Question: And do they also get money and power?

Answer: They get everything within their network.

Question: How can we turn it around?

Answer: We need to change the whole network’s program, direction, and aspirations, so that we come to a specific goal.

But at the moment, there is only one goal: to tie everyone and pull the strings like a spider.

Question: But didn’t you once say that all this, one way or another, was created in order to bring humanity to connection?

Answer: Of course, but in what way? These networks will untwist and everyone will discover a huge lie in them that kills people and does not give them any hope for a good future.

We will come to the realization of evil through the promotion of these networks. When we start to feel in our internal needs and in developing Reshimot (spiritual genes) that these networks strangle us, we will strangle them ourselves.

Question: And what will happen as a result?

Answer: We will abandon these networks and work on a different level—above them, in spiritual networks. This is the real connection, without any computers, routers, etc.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/16/17

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Listen, Scientists!

Laitman_917.01In the News (South China Morning Post): “China’s online education industry has grown rapidly in the past few years, but analysts believe more business opportunities will surface as technology advances and capital pours in.

“The country could become one of the world’s most vibrant online education markets in the future thanks to growing household spending power, an undersupply of education resources, and the introduction of the two-child policy, analysts said.

“The market is likely to grow 20 per cent annually, reaching 270 billion yuan (US$41 billion) in 2019, up from 156 billion yuan in 2016. Globally the online education market will rise to US$190 billion by 2019, statistics from iResearch and Decebo showed.

“This means big opportunities for online education companies in China, which had attracted 144 million users by June this year, according to data from China Internet Network Information Centre.”

Question: What this means is that the physical connection between people will cease. What is the benefit in this?

Answer: I think that this is a natural development of humanity. Egoism has developed and is no longer interested in being connected with anyone. If a person wants to, he will go to the pub in the evening, meet someone and so on. And if not, then he won’t. Four walls and a computer will be enough for him.

Question: Everything will be through the computer? And will emotions also be through the computer? They will connect electrodes and a person will be happy?

Answer: That is what will be until an inner resistance enters into consciousness because the spiritual genes within us that require forward movement toward the goal of creation are expanding, rising, and  opening in us. When they demand their realization, we will feel that we are living in evil and a lie; they will rebel against this situation. We will truly start a revolution and change the situation.

That is, if we survive until then, because the world is tirelessly galloping towards self-destruction.

Question: Does this mean that all progress, and everything that happens, one way or another, leads to a person hating evil and wanting to break out of it? Does this mean that all the logic in this world is required only for this? And does the entire world exist only for this purpose?

Answer: It is only for this. A person will delete all the content on his computer except for our website.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/16/17

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Will Social Conditions Improve?

273.02Question: We see social conditions improve for people from year to year. Work conditions for the labor force 100 years ago and today cannot even be compared. Will social conditions continue to improve further?

Answer: The fact is that we cannot compare current conditions with what existed 100 years ago, especially in Africa. Today Africans are eager for Europe and demand that they too have a European standard of living. You cannot go to them and say, “How can you demand that?! Your fathers lived in huts with their goats and knew nothing else.”

Everything changes, demands change. People now are completely different. They feel the global humanity and their demands are already on a different level. Therefore, suggesting they “live like your ancestors” is impossible.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 12/24/2017

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A World Of Bribes

laitman_220In the News (Front News): “The annual volume of bribes in the world is estimated at one trillion dollars. This was reported in the press service of the United Nations.

“’The annual volume of bribes in the world is estimated at one trillion dollars. At the same time, the world economy is losing another $2.6 trillion due to corruption. According to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), in developing countries, corruption-related losses exceed the amount of official development assistance by 10 times,’ the report said.”

Question: What kind of a world are we living in?

Answer: We are living in an egoistic world that truly cannot get along in any other form.

If a person is managed by his egoism and doesn’t get any other education, he thinks only of how he can profit the most from any task, from any work. This is the natural wish of our egoism.

This is how we are arranged; it is our nature. How can a person limit himself and not take, not steal, not exploit his opportunities in the workplace? He must necessarily do this.

In principle, the efficiency of human society is almost zero. Absolutely everything is stolen!

Question: It turns out that almost every person in the world takes bribes?

Answer: Of course. Does he produce everything society demands of him? And if he shorts giving society even a little of his energy, even a little of his strength, knowledge, or something else, this is already theft. We cannot do anything against this without educating people.

Question: In what circumstance will a person not take bribes or steal?

Answer: In the event that he has a higher reward. He will begin giving everything to people to receive a connection with the Creator as a payoff.

If a person treats all people like he does himself, then in this relationship with others he will find a “secret door,” which is an exit to the Garden of Eden, to the spiritual world.

Everything there is managed according to other laws, according to the laws of bestowal and love. This is what we must attain. Today we are facing such an opportunity, and everything else we will reveal in this world is how unbearable it is. And so we will get closer to this possibility.

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Change Rather Than Coercion

Laitman_120Question from Facebook: How can you talk about unity? In the days of Stalin, the government and society seemed too united. Hitler also united and educated people. You didn’t clarify exactly what slogans and ideology the government should adopt in order to unite and educate us, society.

Answer: Society must be educated. The problem is that in the past, nobody was taught how to be a member of society. A person can be manipulated by any education system with any doctrines, but a person must change, not be coerced. This has never been done before. A person has to become a social being.

By nature, a person is an egoist. Throughout human history, all attempts to change humanity and build a correct, good society managed by the people themselves have failed. People (even socialists) appoint representatives who with slogans of unity, nationalism, etc. still take everything for themselves and ultimately become capitalists. Therefore, the people always suffer.

An ideal and correct society can be built only by changing human nature. The method of Kabbalah exists for this purpose. It attracts a unique energy that is concealed in nature and is able to give form to a collective being. It enables a person to think about the whole society and not just about himself. Then we will truly be able to build a society in which people act willingly, thinking about the common good of the entire society.

I am sure this is possible because I know these hidden forces are waiting for us to use them and realize this idea.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/9/17

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From What “Point” Does A Kabbalist Make A Prediction?


Question: Spirituality is beyond time; past, present, and future don’t exist. From what point does a Kabbalist make a prediction?

Answer: There is no connection between one and the other! Spirituality is a state where you come to a higher level, where a person begins to work on his egoism and builds everything above it. Therefore, in the Kabbalist’s perspective, time doesn’t exist because time is one of the parameters in an egoistic system. However, if the calculation “for my sake” or “not for my sake” ceases to exist, then the parameter of time disappears. Everything happens precisely according to Einstein’s theory; you go beyond the limitations of time, space, and motion. But only beyond egoism.

This doesn’t exist within egoism. Therefore, we exist within time. When you say “spirituality,” don’t try to squeeze it between us. It exists only for people who go beyond the material framework and acquire completely new Kelim (vessels) for perceiving reality.

Question: But doesn’t a Kabbalist make predictions that come from spirituality?

Answer: No. I am not talking about spirituality, only about our world and those people who are in it.

Question: So in what way does a Kabbalist’s prediction Kabbalist differ from others?

Answer: It isn’t different. Physicists make predictions, so do philosophers, and so do I. I am simply pointing out we can expect nothing good based on egoism because it develops and is the basis of our life.

Question: Somehow you must start with alternatives for a solution. What will happen if humanity begins to get closer to the law of altruism?

Answer: If it starts; it is very difficult to believe this. But if they begin, then certainly all events will begin to change according to the changes of humanity.

Question: In Kabbalistic sources it is written that everything is determined. If a third world war is programmed and we suddenly begin to relate to each other well, could it not happen?

Answer: It wouldn’t happen.

Question: But doesn’t it have to happen according to the program?

Answer: Why must it? Nothing is programmed except for the conclusion! But when it will happen and in what way you will reach it is not determined by the system. Therefore, a person has freedom of choice, which exists from beginning to end. It is given to a person with the recognition of evil and with his ascendance to the good. According to this, a person seems to sweeten time.

Question: Does this mean that there are several options for development?

Answer: Every option is before you at every moment. You move a bit in a good direction—the world becomes better. Move a bit in a bad direction—the world becomes worse. Everything depends on the connections between us. We need to resemble the global law of nature that includes the entire system within it. And when we also build a global system of interconnection and interdependence, then we make ourselves similar to the general law of nature and feel comfortable within it.

And when, on the contrary, we follow our egoism, which distances us from each other with hatred and all kinds of calculations, then we oppose the general law of nature and ultimately get what is.

Question: What is the mechanism of the connection between people?

Answer: It is the simplest law, the law of equivalence of form, equivalence of characteristics. We live in a sphere that is absolutely altruistic, called the “Creator” or the higher general nature. The more we resemble it, the more we feel comfortable. And to the degree that we differ from it—then we don’t.

Similarity to nature is expressed by the fact that we must make efforts to assume the mutual laws and relationships that exist in the higher nature. These are the laws of bestowal and love. In this state I perceive all as parts of a single mechanism within which we simultaneously turn in complete harmony with each other. Then it is good for us—no one inhibits anyone, no one is pulled forward against his will, and we are all in an ideal state.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/24/17 

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Forum in Davos: Unprecedented Optimism

Unprecedented optimism reigns in the World Economic Forum in Davos. International business and political leaders predict global economic growth and do not foresee any serious dangers in 2018. This year’s theme is “Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World.”

We can understand the participants’ optimism. They are celebrating on their streets: last year about 82% of the created wealth went to the wealthiest 1% of people on the planet. As they suck more out of the world and the economy keeps growing, benefiting themselves while the real standard of living for the majority gradually declines.

In essence, the elites discuss how to disconnect and divide the world. This is how they see their common future. Their heralds promise that enough crumbs will be left for the rest of the people, but in fact, we see this is not happening. On the contrary, the fragmented world suits them: they unite and become stronger and wealthier.

What can you do? Egoism is unable to share what it has laid its hands on. As a result, the gathering of egoists only aggravates the situation.

They are not to blame; they cannot act in any other way. It is human nature at work. If we don’t want it to lead us down a thorny path, we must correct the egoism in ourselves and in everyone. Otherwise, it will destroy us.

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