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What Does Humanity Lack?

Laitman_004Question: What should one devote one’s attention to in 2017 from the point of view of the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: Humanity lacks only one thing: finding a method for the right connection between us. Everything else exists and will always be in abundance.

Our task is to learn how to connect between us to transform our world into a pleasant and comfortable world for our bodies and prepared for the ascent of our souls. The method for doing this is the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/1/17

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The Middle Line Is Above Love And Hatred

laitman_232_06Any type of relations between people, such as children’s groups, couples, working collectives, parties—any society is based on the middle line that reconciles the right and the left lines.

Correct connection can be only in the middle line. We can’t run away from our egoism and disconnect from it in anything. We also can’t just add the right line. We need to know how to do it; we need to learn to connect.

Most important is to know from the beginning that life is arranged according to the middle line. This is how it was created in nature, just look at the atom. This very first element of any matter consists of negative and positive particles, plus and minus and many neutral particles called neutrons. They balance protons and electrons, add weight, mass, and stability to them, due to which an atom can exist.

An atom exists only due to the fact that it has opposite and neutral particles. All of nature, still, vegetative, and animate is arranged according to the middle line. It wouldn’t be able to exist otherwise.

A human body is also built according to the same principle on its still, vegetative, and animate levels. It is only in the relationships between people that there is no middle line, and this was done deliberately so that we ourselves will do this work.

This is called the work of the Creator; after all, we just need to draw the upper force of nature to perform it. However, we become its partners in it and discover the method of the middle line. It turns out that we fill the part that is missing in nature.

A good state is always based on the correct combination of the right and left lines. Two opposite forces are required for the connection, bestowal and love, on the one hand, and hatred and rejection on the other hand, and we balance and connect them. Initially, one can’t exist without another because they come from above, from the same source.

Question: What does “balanced love and hatred” mean in human society where the strong exploit the weak? How is it possible to balance such a relationship?

Answer: The world seems this way if we look at it egoistically. If we don’t see the overall system in its real form where all elements complement each other at all levels, there is no justification for this world. We see only evil and wonder where the positive force is, where the Creator is.

If you don’t see the complete system, you always find yourself in its left line and don’t notice how the right line balances it. You need to be in the middle line and look from the higher state. The middle line is an upper degree, above the left and the right lines. The connection can be achieved only through the middle line.

The right and the left forces have existed in human society since ancient times and each time they move further apart. After all, both of these lines are egoistic, and egoism becomes more and more demanding with its development. This struggle won’t end. Therefore, we must learn to balance them and come to the middle line; each time it will again reveal to us this struggle and the possibility of reconciliation.

If people understand that to achieve the final goal and to advance in general is possible only in the middle line, they will perceive their opponents differently. If I see that everything negative and positive happens only in order to propel me to the goal, I will treat both states equally. I will use both as beneficial and thus I’ll place myself in the middle line so that “love will cover all transgressions.”

The best state is a correct combination of opposites. All the possible forms of reality should mutually complement each other. One can’t erase another or give it a place. Fulfillment is possible only in the middle line. The left and the right lines are not connected to each other; their connection is the revelation of the Creator.

Very soon, we will see different countries and governments in the world in the state of complete helplessness with the inability to reach any kind of connection and to do mutual work. It won’t be about friendship and connection anymore, but about the ability to somehow tolerate each other. There will be ultra-left parties on one side, ultra-right ones on the other side, and each family will split this way.

Why don’t people want to come together and start a family? It’s because they don’t see this connection between them that they used to have. Previously, the connection existed on the still, vegetative, and animate levels, so people used to get married, have children, and everything was fine. However, the moment we climbed a little to the human level, everything fell apart.

A person can’t tolerate anyone next to him and he divorces precisely because we’ve reached the human degree and the old connections stopped working. It is possible to connect on this degree only in the middle line. The wisdom of Kabbalah provides this method that is required now at all levels.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/18/17, “Mismah Arosa,” (Arosa Document)

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What Have We Gained By Scientific And Technological Progress?

laitman_273_02Question: I saw a survey on the Internet asserting that the eight most popular websites are pornography sites; Facebook was ranked ninth, and another social network site Classmates.com tenth. So what have we gained through scientific and technological progress? Only decadence and degradation.

Answer: What can we expect if we say that we should continue to study and develop science and don’t educate people? What will science give us? Only the opportunity to invent even more terrible weapons because man’s egoistic nature doesn’t change and everything he invents only causes harm to others.

The only thing we need is to educate the generation and bring people closer to each other. That’s all!

Otherwise we will ruin everything. If we don’t begin to restrain our egoistic nature, a third world war will be inevitable. This is quite obvious.

We can see on the media and actually everywhere that people only want to manage and control each other because it is our nature.
From a Webinar “The Year in Review” 12/26/16

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 2/14/17


Soon, instead of recklessness and unrestrained liberalism, the world will aspire to be practical, balanced, and responsible in everything.

There’s only one solution to the refugee crisis: suitable living conditions in their homeland. Taking them in doesn’t solve the problem.

If the EU is serious about creating the Ministry of Truth, first they have to create the Ministry of Kabbalah. We’re ready to help!

Trump’s influence: The EU is ready to create the Ministry of Truth and punish spreading lies. For this, we need to correct our nature!

Likutei Etzot [Assorted Counsels]: The purpose of the Torah in particular is to reveal the Creator by uniting people of opposing opinions.

Let’s turn love into the foundation of life valentines


Only the unification of Jews that both support or oppose Trump will help Trump retain his power and spare the Jews from pogroms!

The world is in crisis, as in ancient Babylon. The world needs Abraham’s method of unification once again, so it can reach its purpose.
From Twitter, 2/14/17

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The End Of The Age Of The Ego

Laitman_115_05Opinion (Mikhail Khazin, Russian economist and political commentator): “In the past few days, there were two events that, at first glance, have no relation to each other. Moreover, they could not even be logically connected. However, symbolically, they are very close.

“The first event – the death of Fidel Castro, who personified a whole era. …

“The second event—a statement by the President of Germany Joachim Gauck that Germany needs to suspend the further integration of the EU. The fact is the idea of European integration, which in the 1980-90s was perceived as the capitalist idea equivalent of revolution, has gradually arrived at collapse. At first, she had promised everyone happiness and prosperity, which was spread all over the world, and by 2010 had reached its peak. Today it is not even a question of whether the EU would be expanded, but whether it will be able to continue as a single structure.

“And the other is the end of an era. The death of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez earlier symbolizes the exhausted potential of Latin American revolutionaries. The idea of liberal expansion is over. Practically, this means that the world will still be built on the confrontation of ideas—but it will have other ideas. And now it is important to understand what these ideas will be and how they will interact.”

My Comment: I don’t think that the world will be built on opposition as we are nearing a point in which the developing force that motivates us, egoism, has exhausted itself.

It is like when the fuel in a nuclear power plant burns up, the plant ceases to operate, and the fuel must be refilled, and so must we. This went on for thousands of years. But as of today, the whole ego has been burnt out and our nuclear power plant is gradually shutting down, quieting down: one block, then another block, and then a third block. One step at a time, glissando, the whole world is going to sleep, a standstill.

Question: What does the future hold for us?

Answer: In the future humanity will gradually grow sober and begin to ask: “What are we living for?” After all, a person has to be filled with the meaning of life! He shouldn’t just study history, geography, and literature, watch movies, etc.; he should find out why he is living.

This is a frightening question, which will increasingly manifest in humanity, will make them enter into depression, and force them to find the answer.

When humanity inevitably begins to suffer, cry out, and howl like a wolf at the moon in search of the meaning of life, then it will also begin to see clearly and reveal that there is great meaning in this vacuum! The whole vacuum is the whole meaning! This is the formula, the matrix in which we are living.

Then we will grasp it just as Adam HaRishon (the First Man) did and as the twenty generations of Kabbalists that followed him until Abraham did, and as the Kabbalists who followed Abraham did.

Eventually the circle will be closed and we will once again participate in this great venture, when people will once again start the search for the meaning of life, which they started back in ancient Babylon. In fact, to this day, this question has not been fully disclosed by humanity. In ancient Babylon a small group of people revealed it and it disappeared. Now we have to adopt their system of searching and gradually discover it on our level. This is what we are getting ready for.

We have to show humanity that is crying out: “what is the meaning of life?!” not only what the real meaning is, but also the method through which they can discover it.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/30/16

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EU – It Is Better To Separate Than To Be Bound By Egoistic Ties

Laitman_419Question: How do you see society in Europe in 2020? Will the current events impact the unity of the European community or will they lead to greater division? What will happen to the EU economy?

Answer: That depends on many factors. But if Europe is divided, it will be better off than if it stays the way it is today.

It is better to disperse gradually than to relate as they do today because currently these ties are purely egoistic. And if they are gradually corrected, it is possible to keep things the way they are. In fact the European states will be able to get closer to each other and to cooperate properly according to the degree of their correction.

I don’t think that now they will suddenly feel what I am saying. I have spoken about it many times in person with European leaders. They will not do it. They will not be able to! Politicians and bankers are managing Europe. For them a united Europe is the unity of banks and industrial plants in order to profit as much as possible and to crush whoever is below them to rise above someone. Therefore, there is no point talking about a united Europe. It is the unity of the industrial market and of the banks and nothing more than that. And the rest of the people experience only troubles. The disparity between the two will only keep growing.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/3/16

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Learning About Life

Laitman_407_01Comment: You have said that robots will soon replace people. The decline in the price of energy leads to the fact that every object will soon be worth the price of the energy it takes to produce it and will be totally worthless, and therefore robots will also become cheaper.

In addition to that, robots leave us much free time and we will have nothing to do but to study how to be human and improve the technology that will leave us even more free time. American youth today are getting more and more education because they cannot find jobs, and education provides them with a framework, progress, a perspective which they live for.

The trend you speak about, that humanity will begin to study how to be human, has already started.

My Response: We are not talking about studying simply in order to make more advanced robots and computers. We want to teach people so that they will understand what they are living for, why man evolves, and where evolution is leading us, why we have undergone such transformations, and what we have to attain in the future.

We have to realize that and look at the whole process from above, from an upper perspective, not from within ourselves, to establish a balanced society now and not by trial and error as we have done in the past through suffering, revolutions, and wars. We can use all that as a model and reach the right conclusion.

Comment: Humanity can reach this on its own. Kabbalists don’t necessarily need to guide it.

My Response: No, if humanity goes through the natural way, it will be a path of terrible suffering once again. What is the use of inventing more sophisticated machines that can replace people? What will happen to billions of people?

Comment: They can spend their time in continuous studying the structure of the world, geography, or history, what’s wrong with that? It is better than sitting at home or demonstrating and going wild on the streets.

My Response: It is pointless. Suppose we force millions of people to study, what will happen to them in the future? A person cannot engage in something that is pointless and that he doesn’t feel he needs. After all, he will not be able to use it anywhere. We have to see a beneficial outcome, at least some payoff. Such studies will bring no gain.

Question: What will they gain if they see or study the goal of life and about being human?

Answer: They will know that they are doing it in order to ascend to the next level of existence and will begin to feel that they exist in a different reality. They need to be taught this.

Question: And what if they have no desire for it?

Answer: We can gradually develop it because the bud of this desire is in everyone, but in some it is deep inside, whereas in others it is closer to the surface. We can quite easily awaken this spark called the “spark of the Creator” because the suffering that stems from not knowing one’s destiny and the fact that everything is going to end and we are facing death exists in everyone. We just suppress it. And here we don’t need to suppress anything, but quite the contrary, we should stimulate hope and progress and choose life instead of death. We offer life.

Every individual has an internal element that enables him to understand what the true, eternal, perfect life or inevitable death is.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/14/16

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Defense Spending

laitman_566_02Comment: Humanity has not been able to pull itself together; defense spending is growing every year.

My Response: Certainly. These “toys” have become more and more expensive.

Question: Do you believe that the reason for this is rising prices or are there more arms purchases?

Answer: I think this might occur before the next level of war, which will be managed with the help of robots: unmanned aircraft, ships, and submarines. There is no need for soldiers in this. They require operators sitting behind computers and everything else will be managed through these toys.

Question: Where is this leading us, the removal of people from all the military games and incessant growth of armaments?

Answer: Humanity will work on this. I hope, particularly today when the United States is apparently going through changes, that we will go in the way of peace and not in the way of war. This is because during the tenure of President Obama, talk about a third world war as something normal, as something self-evident, began. As it were, don’t worry. Everything will happen in its time.

I believe that humanity has an opportunity to overcome all of this, and until then, the boys will play with these toys. Adults are sitting behind computers like children and beginning to manage the process. Everything is directed toward breaking others’ computers, damaging their systems. So these toys are very serious and vey expensive. This is an endless war that can be managed on millions of fronts because it includes everything, beginning from computers to the means for identifying and disrupting systems.

Question: How do we get to the last stage and stop engaging with this?

Answer: It will be when we see that all of this is completely useless, that we are just playing. Suppose a war begins today, not in the skies, but on computers. After all, we already understand that fighting from the skies is worthless. You just press “Enter” and that’s it. We no longer exist. So playing like this is better.

After a war like this, when a lot of money was spent, you ultimately see that you cannot fight because you are not pressing on the button to destroy a stranger but it is the equivalent of destroying yourself—everything will quietly end. 

I would be scoring on my own goal; there is no longer any enthusiasm for the game; there is nothing to climb to. We all need to go out to the next level of development. Especially when we consider that we will not need to work because we can provide every person in the world with everything, and for free. What this means is that we must be involved with something else, in particular, the relationships between us.

All together this will lead to an epiphany for mankind, and they will see that their yearning is directed toward the next level of existence because in fact, all pleasure, all fulfillment, is found there. So, I am an optimist.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/15/16

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What Will Help The World Get Out Of Deadlock?

Laitman_115_06Question from Facebook: If the wisdom of Kabbalah is the only way out of the impasse, and all must study it, then why are people still not so eager for it? Is there a way out of the deadlock in the world with the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: Exiting the world’s state of deadlock is possible only through the wisdom of Kabbalah, which explains how to transcend our egoism. Today egoism is slowly burning up; it has stopped working. People have become indifferent to everything. Give them some drugs and a little food and they won’t need anything else. They have nothing to strive for.

The current level of development has a precise end. Individuals already discovered it many years ago and today it is being discovered by the masses who don’t want anything. Even from the point of view of industrial development, there is no escape for us. Humanity has no need to work since machines manufacture everything. It is possible to feed, clothe, and provide everyone with shoes without the participation of people in the production process; they can get everything that they need to live.

It will become clear that the next level of development will not be by means of using the ego. So how do we proceed? What do we exist for? The world is beginning to lose its internal vital force because if there is no fuel in the form of egoism, everything will crumble: the family, society, and reciprocity. And here the wisdom of Kabbalah comes to help.
From a webinar “The Year in Review” 12/26/16

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New Life #809 – The Impact Of Judaism On Humanity

New Life #809 – The Impact Of Judaism On Humanity
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe


According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, which is the internality of Judaism, equality means that that there are no differences between people and that everyone is equal and important.

Humanity would not have developed without the spiritual development of Adam, Abraham, and our other forefathers, which they spread to the world.

The meaning of human dignity stems from the fact that we are all part of one system so everyone is special and very important.

3,500 years ago, the ego erupted in ancient Babylon and Abraham taught a group of people who wanted to ascend above it and connect. Western society enacted laws regarding human dignity without the intention of keeping them from the heart. Human life has lost its value today despite the growing numbers of fatalities in traffic accidents, acts of terrorism, etc. UN delegates want to devour each other, thus re-education is needed for everyone!

We have reached a crisis and there is nothing to hold on to any more except for nice words. We are nearing the birth of a new state.
From KabTV’s “New Life #809 – The Impact Of Judaism On Humanity,” 1/3/17

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