Building Bridges In The Connection Between Us

 202The main question that should trouble us is how to restore and rebuild the general vessel of the soul that was shattered by the egoism that entered it. Just as water flows from a mountainous area and fills the valleys between the mountains, the egoism that was revealed filled the voids in the connection between us and began to divide us and draw us further away from each other. Since then, the problem of how we can build bridges above our egoism arose.

Egoism will not disappear. It is impossible to fight it, and there is no need to do so. It is a force that was created by the Creator that governs us. It is impossible to do anything with it,  to erase or destroy it in any way. The only thing we can do is to balance it.

It is due to the fact that egoism divides us that we will begin to ascend above it more and more and build large bridges that will enable us to connect the “valleys” that separate us, so that the water, the sea, the ocean, will remain below and we will be able to build a second floor.

When we build these bridges above the water in order to connect with each other, we will feel a totally new integration in each other. We will need to take our egoism into account, because on one hand, we will not be able to build these bridges without it, and on the other hand, we need to raise the connection between us to the next level.

This is a very interesting level. We are all different and opposite from each other. We don’t understand each other and cannot agree with and join with each other so much so that we draw further away from each other and become strangers more and more.

See how young people today cannot connect anymore in order to marry, to raise children together, and maintain a home. Consequently, the foundations of many institutions in the world are being destroyed: villages, traditions, whatever, are actually disintegrating and crumbling.

Egoism grows continuously and the distances between us are filled with more and more water and bring us to a state where we can no longer exist in this world, especially today.

There is no longer a global integral world in which everyone is connected to each other to some extent, at least by egoistic forces. The 20th century was typified by unity between people in order to reach mutual gains in the fields of banking, commerce, politics, and international relations. But this era has passed and the state of estrangement is here again.

This is the reason that we have to learn to build the right bridges between us on top of the previous states, above the divisiveness we feel today, as it says: “love will cover all crimes,” which means the intentions against others, and thus, we should build bridges of love.

We will have to realize and understand how we can do that. What kind of connections can there be between us if each one sticks to his own views? If each one can switch his view to the view of another, what will happen then? A dictator will emerge and everyone will begin to obey him? This also cannot happen.

On the whole, the correction of the world is about taking all the gaps and the attributes each one has into account so that we can unite correctly. But how is that possible if each of us has a different view? What is more, the more developed we are, the greater the polarization between our different views, desires, understanding, and concepts.

The wisdom of Kabbalah, on the other hand, calls us to connect above our attributes, our understanding, and our concepts. How is it possible for two individuals to fulfill their needs, their goals, and operate in mutual understanding? This is a problem.

There is nothing we can do about this. We cannot understand the world that operates on two totally opposite dimensions at the same time.

On the lower level each of us is within himself, and we understand that we can come in contact with each other only above something distant and external, like different countries that maintain a relationship of “you are for me and I am for you,” and nothing more than that. But the plan of creation pushes us forward toward absolute connection.

Here we are in an increasingly growing contrast to the Creator who wants to connect us at any cost and thus pushes us toward each other in an egoistic manner. But the closer we get to each other, the more we feel like sworn enemies and that we cannot get closer. This means that the Creator constantly invokes and summons wars, conflicts, competitiveness, rivalry, etc. between us.

We see that even in our childhood and our youth, and also as adults and in old age, we cannot reach agreement on any level. Egoism grows and we become increasingly opposite from each other. Even the nations of the world feel this estrangement today and disperse in every direction.

A person doesn’t feel that he has to live among his nation, in his state, on his land, because compared to his ego, the nation, the state, and the land are lower levels. So the personal ego overcomes.

Statistically, today masses immigrate in search of new places to live. They don’t care if they live in their homeland or not, as long as the language barrier is not too great, and so they try to change their home place every way they can.

However, we are under the influence of the general force of nature, the Creator, who crushes us together no matter what, and pushes us closer and closer to each other by a force field. This is the reason that we feel increasingly worse and scared to be with each other.

Of course, we cannot connect on this level since it will bring us to another explosion. What can we do? According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, we need to build another level of bridges between us, but we need to know how to build them.

This is an attribute of Bina, which does not exist in our world. We must therefore begin to engage in creating tens in order to build within the tens the connections between us on the second floor, on the second level.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/6/19

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