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Mass Discommunication Media

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 12/8/20

Mass communication has always played an important role in shaping public opinion and the perception of reality of society, but in recent years it has transformed into a critical controversial force.

With only a few exceptions, the US mainstream media has crowned Biden as the winner of the presidential election, while President Trump’s legal team is contesting the results with allegations of fraud. A total of 220 GOP members of the House and Senate—an overwhelming majority of Republicans in Congress—will simply not acknowledge Biden’s win before everything is cleared up, according to a Washington Post poll.

The US example, and quite frankly the prevailing tendency all over the world, shows how the biased media is not carrying out its role to objectively report on current events as it is supposed to do. The free world should be characterized by a robust independent media that acts as a watchdog of the people’s interests, instead of being a mouthpiece for a specific sector with a particular financial or political agenda. Otherwise, we lose any semblance of democracy, which by definition is the rule of the people, where all voices are equal and have the right to be heard and taken into account.

When the media distorts its role and becomes a ruler, censoring ideas or speeches of public officials that do not correspond to their own views, democracy cannot exist either. Limiting pluralism diverts people from deep thought, discussion, and understanding. Instead, the populace is pumped full of low-level communication packed with gossip, lies, and one-sided information. In such a scenario, there is no search for in-depth analysis, only an attempt to advertise and profit, mislead, and confuse the audience.

Beyond the political dispute about the results of the US election, what does the state of the media say about American society? It says that all the voting laws and procedures set by the states throughout the years—which leave room for people’s doubts and dissatisfaction about election results and generate dubious interpretations by special interest groups including the media—need to be carefully examined and updated to the new world’s reality, as some analysts propose. This is not only true in America but also in the rest of humanity which is starting to understand that there is a need for a serious change of direction from old structures and frameworks.

It may not be clearly apparent and obvious in daily life, but this development in needs is a consequence of humanity’s evolution. The forces inherent in nature are obliging the whole world to fix the distortions revealed before our eyes. If we see society in a state of separation and confusion, it should make efforts to recover balance through connection.

It is the media that sets the general public tone and atmosphere. As public discourse stands now, one point of view is raised and another lowered. Therefore, a renewed media that will serve the people’s interest must strive to establish a common, middle ground that will connect and balance the pluses and minuses, pros and cons and guarantee everyone a voice for pluralistic opinion. A healthy media can illuminate society by becoming a connecting force for everyone’s benefit and progress.

Taste The Creator

032.01The difference between the world we live in and the spiritual world is the difference in the perception of the Creator.

The spiritual world is life in the sensation of an upper force, when a person feels that he is in a higher power, just as we are now in some kind of space filled with certain objects, obeying certain laws, etc.

The entire nature of the spiritual world is called the Creator.

A person who senses the upper world feels that he is at the mercy of its laws and is obligated to perceive them. In accordance with how he correlates with them, he gains management of the upper world, but the upper world still controls him.

In other words, the sense of spirituality is built on the correspondence of a person with the upper world. A person feels it to the extent of the perception of spiritual properties, forces, laws, and connections. He does not feel it until he gets it in his senses.

Like a child in our world feels his mother, his corner, his crib, and his toys, but everything else seems to not exist for him. So we are in relation to the upper world.

It is said: “Taste the Creator.” Taste is our closest feeling. See how children drag everything into their mouths, not distinguishing whether it is edible or not. They taste everything.

Therefore, eating in Kabbalah is the closest, most inner, most understandable sensation of any property or phenomenon. Basically, all of our five senses are involved, but most importantly, taste.

It all depends on the properties of a person, and it is constantly changing. As in our world, a person sometimes wants salty, sometimes bitter, sweet, sour, etc., but all this is in one taste bud. If we talk about sounds, colors, shapes, then there are still many different levels and possibilities of influence.

Similarly, in the spiritual world, we have five spiritual senses, and each of them has a very wide range of perception.
From KabTV’s”Spiritual States” 12/11/18

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Every Day To The Polls?

294.2When I listen to speeches from the Knesset [the legislative branch of the Israeli government], I wonder what kind of elections they are talking about. What are we going to choose? Does every speaker have a program to bring the whole country together and make society a better place? No one can offer any solution for connection, each only tries to prove their case.

But in this form, everyone is wrong, everyone brings separation, and there is no one to follow. No one calls for connection and unity, but only demonstrates how he is the only one who is right and the others are wrong. If this continues, of course, we will hold elections not only four times a year but every day. I do not know how the state can function in such conditions.

We must understand that only our internal efforts to unite the whole nation and the whole world can bring peace to the world. Otherwise, explosive points will always arise that threaten to flare up in war.

Nothing is more important than our efforts to unite the nation. But the problem is that everyone thinks that only they know how to unite and only under their leadership can unity be achieved. However, we see all these attempts fail one after another.

And this will continue until we change our approach in a way that we do not define exactly how it should be, but everyone should think that first of all unity should be in their heart. That is when it will be implemented. No matter in what form, I do not set any conditions: the main thing is to strive for connection. Getting close to each other is always a good thing.

The question is what to do if there are several groups, several parties, and opposite methods, and each one thinks that they are right and the other is wrong? There is only one solution. No one should have any other opinion but the desire to unite, as it is said “Love will cover all transgressions.”

All transgressions, all contradictions, do not need to be taken into account at all. All these differences remain between us, we are aware of them, we understand that we are far from each other and are opposite, everyone among us: socialists, communists, opportunists, capitalists, etc. No matter what party, there are several dozen of them in the small country of Israel, and they will grow endlessly if the separation continues.

We must understand that we cannot talk about our contradictions with each other because it is clear that everyone’s egoism manifests in its natural form, which is different from the others. In this respect, each person is unique, so should everyone organize their own personal party?

And if he digs deeper into himself, he will see that he is also torn by conflicting opinions and will have to divide himself into several battling parties. There is no other solution than to rise above all obstacles, all contradictions, and cover all crimes with love.

Transgressions help us build love because we must cover all the differences with it. This is why sins are revealed—to help us build love—this is how it comes from the thought of creation, the thought of the Creator.

If we treat each other in this way, there will be no disagreements, attacks, and quarrels between people and parties. We will build together, each will take into account their idea of their own righteousness and mistakes of others, but will cover it all with love. This will be the right structure.

And then each party and each person will build a form of love that is based on the opposite of their negative critical feelings of others. There will be hatred inside and love outside, until we see the whole world as corrected and ourselves in the best possible state.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/3/20, “Unity Above All”

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The Day When Doctors Will No Longer Be Needed

568.01In the News (Medical Xpress): “More than half of French nurses are close to burning out, according to a survey of nearly 60,000 of them published on Sunday, which found they were struggling with cancelled holidays and increased work due to coronavirus.

“The survey carried out by the national French nursing union found that 57 percent of respondents reported being in a “state of professional exhaustion”, up from 33 percent before the global COVID-19 pandemic struck France early in 2020.

“The findings underline the strains being felt in the healthcare sector in Europe, which came under unprecedented pressure during the first wave of infections and now faces another surge in admissions. …

“More than a third of nurses saying their departments were understaffed compared to normal, and two thirds saying working conditions have deteriorated since the start of the pandemic.

“One in five nurses said they had been unable to take a holiday since March.

“‘While there are 34,000 vacant nurses’ positions at this time in 2020… the degraded working conditions mean we risk seeing even more nurses throwing in the towel,’ the union said in its statement.”

Question: How can it be that people are shooting themselves in the foot? Isn’t it clear that first and foremost we need to support the medical staff who are on the frontlines, as we say?

My Response: There is a plan in nature that operates so that everyone will eventually recognize that within their own nature they don’t really care about anyone. People are so narrow minded that they don’t think about others but only about themselves, and nothing else interests them.

Question: Are you actually referring to the self-importance of state leaders?

Answer: I am speaking about everyone, no matter who.

Comment: But how can it be that government officials aren’t deciding that they need to pay the medical staff first, to double their wages, since they are at the frontlines, after all, they may also need to be hospitalized.

My Response: They will surely receive proper care, don’t worry.

Question: Does this mean that those who take care of them are well paid?

Answer: Of course.

Question: Should we still think about supporting these workers and giving them more?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is the reason that this doesn’t happen the same mechanism that is operating here?

Answer: Yes, our head does not operate in this direction, and instead we think that if they are already working, let them continue to work and we will come up with some more laws and so they will not be able to break free of this job.

Question: Does this mean that we will enslave them?

Answer: Of course. But I think that all this will stop because the workers will no longer come to work, and what will we do then? You cannot force them.

Question: Is a quiet strike their last resort?

Answer: Of course. “I don’t agree with my work conditions.” If this happens in an organized manner, the state will do whatever necessary.

Here we reveal once again that our ego stands in our way of organizing a normal friendly society that is connected and cares for everyone as one family. We cannot even do that in one state.

Comment: We see that the ego enters even humanistic professions…

My Response: We will see how egoism stands in our way in the most critical points. Even if you wish to gather these people to talk, to raise their wages, to pass certain laws, you will not be able to do that!

According to The Book of Zohar a person cannot concede his ego, even when he faces death, and the angel of death brings a sword with a drop of poison to his mouth, a person cannot refuse, and wants to swallow this poison, this egoistic pleasure, and so he opens his mouth and swallows the poison and everything comes to an end.

Question: So according to The Book of Zohar, does this mean that there is no way out?

Answer: There is a way out, only if we all draw the upper light unto ourselves together. It will correct everything.

Question: If this state brings to us the recognition that we are destroying ourselves, and in order to save ourselves we need to become one family, one connected state, will people agree to that?

Answer: Only if everyone agrees together! That’s the whole problem. We need to eradicate the hatred between people and take this whole matter seriously. If we want it for the common good, then it will work out, and no one will be harmed!

It will come, and will not disappear! People will begin to speak about it more and more, and then they will realize that they don’t have the power to bring this state about. Then they will think about where they can get the powers to do so, how to find such powers. We will be able to find these powers only if we create groups of tens, small groups in which we will find the common force of connection. Thus we create the Creator, as it says.

The Creator is the good force that is between us. Even if we are egoists, we still yearn for unity above egoism and then we build, create, and generate the Creator between us. Otherwise He does not exist.

We begin to generate this force between us from literally from scratch, from nothing, from a vacuum.

Question: Does one small group generate the Creator, and another small group generates the Creator, and thus many such “Creators” are born?

Answer: Yes, and then these groups unite as one so that each move they make is toward unity. This is how one Creator above everyone is eventually created. What is this Creator? The attribute of love and bestowal. It is so simple to reveal Him through such actions.

Question: Does the process begin in small groups?

Answer: In small groups of not more than ten people.

Question: Is this the number of people that you can learn to love?

Answer: Yes. It is not a simple process at all, but it will take place since we have no choice. When we reach this state there will be no need for nurses, for medical staff, and everyone will have whatever they need.

Question: Does this mean that you see that in this state society will be healthy and people will be healthy and will not need hospitals?

Answer: Absolutely healthy.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/15/20

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Replacement For Physical Contact

962.7Question: Do you think that virtual communities can replace physical contact?

Answer: Without a doubt. Everything moves in a direction where each person will be attached to a modem, a computer, and thus be connected to all of humanity through communication resources.

Question: Does it mean that the need for the physical world will begin to disappear?

Answer: Of course. Why do I need to look at another person? What difference does it make to me if I sit a few meters away from him or a few kilometers away? How does it limit me? It does not.

If I understand that we should be connected by feelings, hearts, minds, and common goals, and if we provide this to each other and correctly express and convey it, then all mechanical types of communication, including even the Internet, lose their value.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/7/20

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21st Century Ghost Towns

426Comment: At the beginning of the 20th century beautiful cities were built: London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, and others. People, entrepreneurs, ideas, and money flowed into these cities, and it was wonderful.

What has the virus done? Suddenly life began to flow out of these cities. It seemed impossible, but people are leaving, and the cities are gradually becoming ghost towns. The mind refuses to accept that this is even possible.

My Response: It seems impossible, but it is so!

Comment: Will this flow out of the cities stop at a certain point and will people return to the cities?

My Response: No, they will not return. What for? What will they find in New York? They may go to Carnegie Hall one day, to a certain restaurant, or somewhere else, but I believe that generally speaking all this will disappear. Everything has changed, turned upside-down!

I don’t think that the virus has caused this. It is the internal force of nature that is responsible for this change.

Question: From a Kabbalistic perspective, what has changed so dramatically in people?

Answer: The essence of life has changed. It is not about the physical place where we can be together, but about finding the right place where we can exist, not a physical existence, but a virtual one.

The departure from Manhattan, for example, leaving the physical Big Apple, indicates that we don’t need all the people, the office buildings and banks, and that we can stay at home sitting on our sofa in our pajamas and manage everything. Why should we pay for such expensive office buildings? So that people can come and sit there? We don’t need it. We can watch the screen or several screens in front of us and manage an entire enterprise.

Question: But what about your dream of connecting people, of connecting?

Answer: The Torah refers to the physical connection between people and says “disperse the wicked, it is good for them and it is good for the world.”

Question: Was it an illusion of physical connection?

Answer: It was not an illusion. There was no physical connection at all. Did I go to work because I loved the people there, because I wanted to be closer to them?

Question: Of course not. Will something change now? How will this happen virtually if I only see others on the screen?

Answer: I will connect to them virtually and then maybe physically at some point. But the most important thing is that I will be free and that nothing will pressure me and force me to smile to one person or another, to be connected, etc. I will connect to people only in a businesslike manner.

Question: It’s interesting to think about how people will connect in their hearts, how will this connection take place through the screens?

Answer: They will receive blows by different afflictions in life, and thus understand that they can overcome the problems they encounter only if they get closer to each other internally, emotionally.

Question: Does this mean that a person will not be able to escape pain if he leaves New York City or London?

Answer: Of course not, but when he sits on his lawn with his lawn mower and his dog, he will think that as part of a normal life he still needs to be in good relations with others. He will think about that, and receive such blows that he will understand that you still need to be connected to others.

Question: Will he understand where these blows are leading him, or will he run to connection like an animal?

Answer: He will have to understand, and it will be a very long and painful process, but he will understand. The blows will develop a higher level of thinking in a person.

Comment: We keep returning to blows.

My Response: It is impossible to change any other way. It can be very easy and peaceful, or through many problems and even wars.

Question: How do you see this personally?

Answer: I am trying to explain to humanity with all my might that there is no choice and that it is in a state in which the right relations between people is a must, and yet we still don’t see that people understand.

But at least you can already speak about it and you are not deterred, silenced, or ridiculed because everyone today is in a state in which they don’t know what to do with themselves, with their children, with their future.

Comment: The call for connection, to say something nice to others, to think positively about others seems a little childish, and this may be the reason that they cannot listen to you yet.

My Response: I understand them.

Question: What can we add so that what you say will be like an arrow that hits the heart, so that they will feel the depth there is behind these simple words?

Answer: It will happen, and they will begin to understand that there is no other choice, that these are not just words, but that nature is guiding us in this direction.

Question: Will a person have the feeling that we are living according to the law of nature?

Answer: Definitely! It will come and it will be fulfilled and implemented in practice.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/21/20

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Motivation To Get Closer

528.03Question: Many emotional effects appear during communication between people such as the domino effect, the butterfly effect, and the effect of social facilitation.

When I am around other people, all my senses begin to intensify. Social arousal occurs. What do you think the optimal number of people should be to increase a person’s motivation to get closer?

Answer: I don’t know, but the more people that gather around a person, the more they can influence him. It is possible that this depends on the character of the individual. For one person, twenty people is enough for him to get carried away with them and for someone else, it would take 300.

However, this all refers to the egoistic qualities of a person. I’m not an expert here.

Question: Is it better to get motivated in a small team of dedicated people, let’s say, ten people who are seriously moving toward the goal, or in a large environment in which several million people are looking at you?

Answer: I can’t say. This is all very individual for both for a person and for each specific case.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/25/20

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New Life 450 – The Phenomenon Of Emigrants From Israel, Part 2

New Life 450 – The Phenomenon Of Emigrants From Israel, Part 2
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

If we emigrate from the land, hatred will come that will bring us back here again and will compel us to build the spiritual Israel. The problem today in Israel is that the environment doesn’t provide us with any support. The young feel that the environment is coarse and is not connected to their soul; they struggle constantly. The cost of living, security problems, uncertainty for the future, and poor education means they don’t see a future for themselves.

In order for people to feel connected to this nation and return, Israel has to build a unique force based on love and mutual responsibility. In order to stop the emigration, a new general, social education is required.
From KabTV’s “New Life 450 – The Phenomenon Of Emigrants From Israel, Part 2,” 11/11/14

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Prayer For Yourself

249.03Comment: Kabbalah says that when a person prays for himself (in principle, this is natural for an ordinary person), it is a sin.

My Response: If a person thinks about himself, then he kind of separates himself from the rest and does not get closer to them. Naturally this distances him from the Creator because the Creator sees us all united in one common whole, as we were before the division into separate individuals.

Question: The Creator does not think about Himself? He does not have such thoughts?

Answer: First, He does not think about Himself. Second, He does not think about each person because He feels us as a whole.

Question: Let’s say I am looking at a person. He consists of billions of cells. I am not addressing a cell, I am addressing an image. And like this the Creator does not see us individually?

Answer: In no way! He does not make even the slightest calculation with a single person. He created us in an egoistic quality in which we feel ourselves existing separately from one another, opposite to Himself,

Question: And what should I understand from this? That the Creator does not consider me at all? He does not even know I exist?

Answer: Whether He knows or not is another matter entirely. He does not take into account your personal individual movements except for the movement toward drawing closer to Him through drawing closer to others.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 11/19/18

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