Taste The Creator

032.01The difference between the world we live in and the spiritual world is the difference in the perception of the Creator.

The spiritual world is life in the sensation of an upper force, when a person feels that he is in a higher power, just as we are now in some kind of space filled with certain objects, obeying certain laws, etc.

The entire nature of the spiritual world is called the Creator.

A person who senses the upper world feels that he is at the mercy of its laws and is obligated to perceive them. In accordance with how he correlates with them, he gains management of the upper world, but the upper world still controls him.

In other words, the sense of spirituality is built on the correspondence of a person with the upper world. A person feels it to the extent of the perception of spiritual properties, forces, laws, and connections. He does not feel it until he gets it in his senses.

Like a child in our world feels his mother, his corner, his crib, and his toys, but everything else seems to not exist for him. So we are in relation to the upper world.

It is said: “Taste the Creator.” Taste is our closest feeling. See how children drag everything into their mouths, not distinguishing whether it is edible or not. They taste everything.

Therefore, eating in Kabbalah is the closest, most inner, most understandable sensation of any property or phenomenon. Basically, all of our five senses are involved, but most importantly, taste.

It all depends on the properties of a person, and it is constantly changing. As in our world, a person sometimes wants salty, sometimes bitter, sweet, sour, etc., but all this is in one taste bud. If we talk about sounds, colors, shapes, then there are still many different levels and possibilities of influence.

Similarly, in the spiritual world, we have five spiritual senses, and each of them has a very wide range of perception.
From KabTV’s”Spiritual States” 12/11/18

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