What Is Spiritual Attainment?

Laitman_001_01Question: What is spiritual attainment?

Answer: And what is corporeal attainment? A small child, for example, sees only a tiny fraction of the world that he can perceive and process in his brain, which is an emotional, visual, and mental instrument.

We are the same, and we may see much more than we perceive. There are whole worlds that surround us, but we don’t feel them because we don’t have their models within. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us that we have a great and wonderful opportunity to begin to feel the real world that surrounds us.

Many interesting scientific articles have been published recently about this saying we live in a matrix, that our universe is one of the components in a system of universes, etc.

Here the wisdom of Kabbalah comes in, telling a person that he can attain, discover, see, and feel all that and live in it. And so, a person can enter this space and remain in it forever. What does a person have in this world? It will slowly fades away from our feelings, like fog dissipates, and through it we begin to see fields, trees, and houses more clearly, and this world disappears like a haze.

This is what a person who begins to attain the upper world feels because the feelings of the new world become increasingly more powerful than the feelings of our world, and our world gradually becomes less important and its impact gradually becomes minor, and then even less important for me, until it disappears completely.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/20/16

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