How Can We Feel The Upper World?

Laitman_109Question: How will I know that I have transcended to an upper level of existence?

Answer: You will see and understand it by what you experience because you will transcend to a state that is not limited by your corporeal body, mind, or corporeal feelings. You will begin to perceive everything not inside you but in the general mass to which you are fully interconnected and in which all the people on the planet acquire a single attribute of one single human being.

We have to experience the upper state by studying the wisdom of Kabbalah in order to truly feel and understand it; the wisdom of Kabbalah is a practical scientific method. Just as you have been taught in your childhood to perceive this world, to be in it, feel it, clarify it, and respond to different situations, so you will also be taught in a much more profound manner how to perceive the upper world.

You were born with corporeal senses, but you have to create the spiritual senses by yourself through your connection to others. This method is not created and automatically fulfilled in a person.

All have to discover it inside themselves. Even if one of the students refuses to do so now, he will still have to come back to finish “his game” later. It cannot be any other way because we are in development. The levels of the still, vegetative, and animate nature are the phases of evolution we have undergone, and now we are facing the next phase, the human level, on which we will exist in a general, collective, inclusive, integral form of man.
From “The Echo of Moscow” Radio Program 11/25/15

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