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How Can We Feel The Upper World?

Laitman_109Question: How will I know that I have transcended to an upper level of existence?

Answer: You will see and understand it by what you experience because you will transcend to a state that is not limited by your corporeal body, mind, or corporeal feelings. You will begin to perceive everything not inside you but in the general mass to which you are fully interconnected and in which all the people on the planet acquire a single attribute of one single human being.

We have to experience the upper state by studying the wisdom of Kabbalah in order to truly feel and understand it; the wisdom of Kabbalah is a practical scientific method. Just as you have been taught in your childhood to perceive this world, to be in it, feel it, clarify it, and respond to different situations, so you will also be taught in a much more profound manner how to perceive the upper world.

You were born with corporeal senses, but you have to create the spiritual senses by yourself through your connection to others. This method is not created and automatically fulfilled in a person.

All have to discover it inside themselves. Even if one of the students refuses to do so now, he will still have to come back to finish “his game” later. It cannot be any other way because we are in development. The levels of the still, vegetative, and animate nature are the phases of evolution we have undergone, and now we are facing the next phase, the human level, on which we will exist in a general, collective, inclusive, integral form of man.
From “The Echo of Moscow” Radio Program 11/25/15

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War On The Roads

laitman_278_03Comment: In 2015, the number of traffic accidents increased significantly in Israel; 357 people were killed, which was a 12% increase in the number of fatalities compared to last year.

In 2012 there was a slight decrease in the number of traffic accidents, and then a sharp rise that continues to today despite all the measures that were taken to reduce accidents.

Answer: We are in a process of growth of egoism. People are becoming more rude, impatient, and intolerant. They cannot behave otherwise.

In other words, if there is something that goes against our ego, we are ready to kill, eliminate, or remove the other so that he will disappear. The pressure of egoism within us is the strongest influence. Moreover, when it grabs us, we no longer remember or understand anything, but simply act.

We have reached a situation in which there is no balance between the ego and the intellect, the intellect is subordinated under the growing egoism, and the ego drives the person in all his activities.

You can see how people overtake and cut off each other on the highways, and indeed many of them are not rushing get anywhere. That is how the ego operates in a person and that’s it, it just moves him. Therefore, it makes no difference whether they are going out with a knife or running people over on the highways; the ego is oriented in only one direction, remove someone who is in the way.

Question: So what is there to do?

Answer: If we don’t correct egoism, there is nothing to do. People will be killed on the roads. I think that if we count all the deaths in the wars in Israel, we will see that on the highways many more people have been killed.

There is nothing to be done in connection to this other than transcending the ego. Otherwise it will kill us, not only on the roads but everywhere. If we were to see what the ego does every day, we would be astounded.

It is necessary to recognize the evil in it, and then it becomes possible to begin working with it. Otherwise nothing will help. Everything will go on the same way until everyone receives the right education and rids themselves of egoism.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/12/16

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How Can You Find The Goal And The Way To Attain It?

Laitman_049_02Question: During the years 2007 to 2008, residents of Libya and northern Iraq stopped investing in children’s education, in projects that dealt with their policies, and began living as if with no future, as if subconsciously acknowledging that they felt a crisis was near.

Answer: People are drawn to the ideological connection between them. They have understood that humanity needs some kind of special mission, goal.

Thus, ISIS and other organizations were created that, as a result, developed a terrorist system that attracts youth from all nations in the world since it gives them hope and primarily because they gather under the slogan, “Together we will achieve something, change something.” This appeal attracts people.

We need to show the world a parallel system with a call to attract them to good deeds, good ways, and not negative ones. Otherwise we will lose everyone. After all, with each day that passes, more and more people turn to drugs or are attracted to all kinds of terrorist organizations not connected to ISIS that are being organized in different places

Question: Over the past decade of radical Islam, the so-called Jihad gained huge popularity. But in parallel, we’re also seeing the growth or formation of these extreme ideological currents in other religions. Could this indicate that the old civilization is ending?

Answer: All religions are structured on the same egoism, and although they have proclaimed “You shall love your neighbor as yourself,” not one of them is involved in this and are not able to be involved because if they should become involved, no one would join them. Thus, there is no future for religions: not Judaism, not Christianity, and not Islam.

The future lies only in the development of mutual connection between human beings. We need to hope that this connection is not built on the basis of mutual hatred like ISIS, but on the foundation of mutual love and attraction to good mutual cooperation of all peoples of the world.

We all are connected to each other and are within one single system, and the question is for what purpose we use this system. We can use it like ISIS and all kinds of Jihad organizations do, or it’s possible to develop the correct perspective on human existence as a whole, where everyone is equal and no ideology or system tries to control or subjugate others.

Question: Can we control the process of self-development?

Answer: No, for this to happen, we need to abandon the previous paradigm completely, to renounce our ego and our nature, and want to change. This hasn’t arrived yet.  First we need to want to find the meaning of life.

The main mission standing before us now is to confront humanity with the question of what is the meaning of our existence. And then we gradually find the correct goal and the way to attain it.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/29/15

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Selfless Bestowal

laitman_238_02Question: How can we be sure that we are putting the Creator first since our group has grown in number? Where is the guarantee that we won’t become idol worshippers and will advance exactly towards the Creator? How is it possible to check this?

Answer: Putting the Creator first means that there is nobody and nothing other than the power of bestowal and love in the world. It is a power! It is property! It is the only thing that determines and manages everything. And now you raise it above everyone and put it first.

This indicates that you now understand that the entire world is subject to this power alone and exists within it. It is only He who manages it and and leads it wherever He wants. If you want to be harmoniously linked to Him, you must try to attain this characteristic.

Question: What is this “selfless bestowal”? After all, aren’t we aware of love only through our desire to receive?

Answer: “Selfless bestowal” is when I give something without knowing what and to whom, in relation to my ego. Can you imagine how much this is detached from that?

Suppose that I am a millionaire and I donated a million dollars to help in Africa. But nobody in the world knows about this. But I know it and am pleased. This is not selfless bestowal because I know that I gave, and somewhere subconsciously the thought is going around: “And the Creator knows that I did it for the sake of the world.”

This is not selfless bestowal. It means that I know to whom, how much and what I gave. So here there is a connection with me. But if you cut off all three connections so that you don’t know what, to whom, and how much you gave, and in addition, the Creator doesn’t know anything about it, then this will be selfless bestowal.

As you gradually approach it, the spiritual world is revealed to you. Your state is called Hafetz Hesed (absolute mercy, or not desiring anything for oneself).
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/10/14

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The Impenetrable Heart Of Stone

Laitman_155Question: Why is the Light of Hochma at the head of Arich Anpin called blocked?

Answer: The world of Atzilut is called the world of correction because it appears right after the shattering.

Therefore it is built so that no more mistakes can be made. It already has the experience of the shattering. It has witnessed that and is the remnant of the shattered parts. This is the reason that it builds itself so that the shattering will not be repeated and so the Light of GAR of Hochma is blocked. The world of Atzilut doesn’t allow the Light of GAR of Hochma to shine unto the lower because it was the reason they were shattered. They cannot receive such a great Light in order to bestow until the end of correction.

It is impossible to annul the desire to receive on the fourth level and to overcome the heart of stone.  We have no power to overcome our ego now. But even if we take all the power we can from the Light, we still would not be able to receive the power that can overcome the stony heart. There is no such power in the world. Because it was created something from nothing.

And so in the light of no force that could fix it “nothing.” But precisely because we have something very own, cut off from the world, we are able to exist and be independent. This is a very important point.

The heart of stone was purposely created this way so that we would be separate from the Creator. Our “Luz bone,” our foundation, was created from absolute nothing, and this is the reason that there is no power in the Light to correct the nothing. But precisely because we have something of our own that is independent of the Light, we can exist and be independent. This is a very important discernment.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/13/14, The Book of Zohar

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