How Can You Find The Goal And The Way To Attain It?

Laitman_049_02Question: During the years 2007 to 2008, residents of Libya and northern Iraq stopped investing in children’s education, in projects that dealt with their policies, and began living as if with no future, as if subconsciously acknowledging that they felt a crisis was near.

Answer: People are drawn to the ideological connection between them. They have understood that humanity needs some kind of special mission, goal.

Thus, ISIS and other organizations were created that, as a result, developed a terrorist system that attracts youth from all nations in the world since it gives them hope and primarily because they gather under the slogan, “Together we will achieve something, change something.” This appeal attracts people.

We need to show the world a parallel system with a call to attract them to good deeds, good ways, and not negative ones. Otherwise we will lose everyone. After all, with each day that passes, more and more people turn to drugs or are attracted to all kinds of terrorist organizations not connected to ISIS that are being organized in different places

Question: Over the past decade of radical Islam, the so-called Jihad gained huge popularity. But in parallel, we’re also seeing the growth or formation of these extreme ideological currents in other religions. Could this indicate that the old civilization is ending?

Answer: All religions are structured on the same egoism, and although they have proclaimed “You shall love your neighbor as yourself,” not one of them is involved in this and are not able to be involved because if they should become involved, no one would join them. Thus, there is no future for religions: not Judaism, not Christianity, and not Islam.

The future lies only in the development of mutual connection between human beings. We need to hope that this connection is not built on the basis of mutual hatred like ISIS, but on the foundation of mutual love and attraction to good mutual cooperation of all peoples of the world.

We all are connected to each other and are within one single system, and the question is for what purpose we use this system. We can use it like ISIS and all kinds of Jihad organizations do, or it’s possible to develop the correct perspective on human existence as a whole, where everyone is equal and no ideology or system tries to control or subjugate others.

Question: Can we control the process of self-development?

Answer: No, for this to happen, we need to abandon the previous paradigm completely, to renounce our ego and our nature, and want to change. This hasn’t arrived yet.  First we need to want to find the meaning of life.

The main mission standing before us now is to confront humanity with the question of what is the meaning of our existence. And then we gradually find the correct goal and the way to attain it.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/29/15

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