The Secret Of The Islamic State

Laitman_002Comment: A secret document of the “Islamic State” was published in the British newspaper The Guardian. It was a detailed program for building a caliphate in Iraq and Syria, which involves world control not only through the use of the sword, but also through the careful alignment of administrative, bureaucratic, social, and international components.

This 24-page document details the future state agencies: a propaganda machine, a diplomatic department responsible for international relations, centralized control over oil, etc. It devotes a lot of attention to educating the young generation to master new technologies.

Answer: The people of ISIS have common sense and know exactly what they want. From the outset, they adhere to a very clear ideological goal, and all their actions are detailed in line with this. They take into account that their plan is to control the world, so their tactics are structured correctly.

Indeed, they create their own venues and ideologies, and apart from them, also terrorism, bringing their new weapons of mass destruction: chemical, gas, radioactive, and others. They know how to disperse and hide them. In addition, they recruit foreign scientists to develop those kinds of weapons for use in guerilla warfare.

Their only weak spot is that they do not have their own state, on behalf of which they could expand.

Therefore, all the efforts of Western countries should be directed to destroy the country in its “embryonic” state, and to prevent the education of the young generation in this spirit.

As soon as Western Europe and the US allow the appearance of such a nation, just like a cancerous growth, it will immediately spread to the entire world. This is the first thing.

Second, they attract people by saying, “We want to unite and thereby save the world from ideological conflicts and a new world war. If one state is formed, one opinion, one single ideology, then there will be no war.”

The background is this: if the world surrenders, then everything will be fine. So the world, which by and large is opposed to this ideology, has only one option: to give in to them.

Only the ideology of Kabbalah, which is against this backdrop that will awaken and emerge more and more, confronts the ideology of the Islamic State.

As a result, the world will confront this resistance and will understand that the Kabbalistic ideology allows people not only to unite, but to do so without losing the freedom to follow the plan of nature. After all, this system wasn’t artificially set up but was taken from the depth of nature, from its laws. Thus, it is specifically this system that has the right of existence.

The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about how humanity needs to rise to the next level of its development and enter the next dimension in which we will exist together as one whole. And then with our unity, we will feel the manifestation of a single force of nature, which is called the Creator.

Comment: This Islamic State also wants to be a single entity, a unified whole.

Answer: Yes, but this is a whole that is egoistic and doesn’t correct man’s nature; it unites everyone through fear and pressure, and is therefore not viable. The period where people try to unite under the pressure of a dictator will quickly end and will bring much bloodshed.

From the perspective of Kabbalah, unity reveals the upper force, which connects us. This means that we don’t unite under pressure of fear or some human factors, but under the influence of the upper force of nature. We feel how it brings us together!

We feel it brings us together. Therein lies difference between the two ideologies. Thus the world, in any case, will come to unity, but it’s advisable to avoid the terrible and bloody dictatorship, and do so in a good way. I think that it will be this way.

As for today, the main thing for all of humanity is to not to allow the formation of the Islamic State in either Iraq or Syria.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 12/8/15

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