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The Miracle Of Hanukkah, Part 1 – Do You Believe In Miracles?

laitman_572_03Question: We are celebrating Hanukkah to commemorate the miracle that occurred during the war of the Maccabees, when the jug of oil provided enough oil to light the Menorah for eight days instead of just one. Do you believe in miracles?

Answer: No, I don’t believe in miracles. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, a miracle is a serious, scientific matter not as we perceive this concept in our world. The upper force doesn’t perform miracles and doesn’t do anything that is supernatural and that exceeds the limits of “He has given a law that cannot be broken.”

All the miracles are only in relation to us. The system functions according to rigid laws that operate everything from the beginning of creation to its end. We have to learn these laws and then the phenomena we encounter in the system will not seem like miracles to us.

The first miracle, for example, is the miracle of the exodus from Egypt. People wanted to connect but could not do so because a force separated them. This force is called Pharaoh, their egoism.

They wanted to be as one man in one heart, as Abraham had taught them in ancient Babylon, so that love would cover all sins, but their efforts were in vain. Following seven years of satiety, seven years of hunger came along, until there was a miracle that allowed them to escape from Egypt and the domination of Pharaoh.

The same thing is happening today in era of technological advancement, when the accelerated development of technology, culture, and education begins. First it seems that it provides us with unprecedented opportunities and everyone aspires for the American dream: a wonderful career, science, and that promise to reveal all horizons.

But suddenly we discover that we have reached a totally different state than what was dreamed of. The American dream burst like a bubble, and the whole world finds itself in a whirlpool that drags us more and more deeply to the bottom. This is the end of the seven years of satiety and the beginning of the seven years of hunger.

I also felt as if I was living in the seven years of satiety in the 60’s and the 70’s when I believed that the horizons were open before me. But then I discovered that the science I engaged in did not provide any answers to my questions about the meaning of life and the purpose of life.

Thus, the seven years of hunger began and I began to search for a way to revive myself, for the meaning of my life, for the purpose of life, and for what I could give my children. This is how I found the wisdom of Kabbalah, and this is a miracle, just like the miracle of the exodus from Egypt.

A miracle is when a person who has no way of discovering the meaning of his life in an ordinary way suddenly receives a special Light, an extraordinary force, that shines on him, opens his heart and mind, and reveals that this life has a  goal and that he is part of a special process.

This miracle that opens a new life to him is called the exodus from Egypt, and it has to take place in everyone’s life to a certain extent.

A person escapes from Egypt, from his egoism, by acquiring the attribute of bestowal, the force of connection and unity, and begins to implement it. But then his egoism erupts again and he needs a miracle once again in order to overcome the egoism, and this time it is the miracle of Hanukkah.

Question: How are events that occurred in ancient times, like the exile in Egypt and the time of the war of the Maccabees, related to our time?

Answer: It is said: “the actions of fathers are a sign for the sons.” This means that what happened to our forefathers will also happen to each of us.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 12/6/15

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“Allah Gave This Land To The Jews…”

laitman_933From the News ( “Jordanian religious scholar Sheikh Ahmad Adwan says that ‘Palestine’ does not exist. Adwan says that God gave the Holy Land to the Jewish people ‘until the Day of Judgement.’ Sheikh writes: ‘I want to say to those who distort the Koran: where did you get the name of Palestine? You liars, you cursed, when Allah has called it the “Holy Land” and gave it the children of Israel until the Day of Judgement. There is no such thing as Palestine in the Koran.’ Sheikh writes further: ‘Your claim to the Land of Israel – are fake and are an attack against the Koran. And because you will not succeed, and Allah you will not support you, and Allah humiliate you, because Allah has taken the protection of the Jews.’ Adwan said: ‘I support the Jewish people because my belief in their sovereignty over this land comes from the knowledge of the Koran. It is emphasized in many passages in the Koran, such as Sura 5, where Allah says: “O Children of Israel enter the Holy Land which Allah has given you.” Adwan indicates that ‘the Jews are peaceful people and when they have to defend themselves, they try to cause minimum damage to the attacker. ‘ Adwan said: ‘It is great honor for them, that God chose them out of all the other nations, the worlds of people and the world of demons until the Day of Judgement. And when Allah chose them, it was not without reason, and it was not for any other people, but it was just for the Jews.'”

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The Wide Open Space Where The Soul Exists

laitman_275Question: What does it mean to transfer clothes from father to son?

Answer: Clothing (Levush) refer to the correction of the body and the body is egoism.

Animals don’t need correction and are called angels, which means they were created simply in order to fulfill their mission. Man is different from animals and cannot live without clothes.

The clothes of the great priest included a belt, shirt, trousers, hat, robe, vest, breastplate, and headdress. The rest wore similar clothes but less decorated.

A person lived in a tent made of animal skins. A tent is the best environment for a person. Adjoined to the tent was a section of the yard, which was measured out a certain band, fenced off courtyard.

The yards were connected into a city and the city was surrounded by a wall. Seventy cubits were measured from the wall, which was the area that surrounded the city, and then another 2,000 cubits were measured. All this symbolizes the wide open spaces where the soul exits.

We also see the same thing with regard to the clothes of the body. We see how many garments there can be over our soul, which is parallel to the way we dress and manage our life in this world. Even if we don’t have anything, we instinctively exist in this complex space.

We need this space because a person’s internal space requires everything to be arranged specifically this way: a house, a garden or a yard that surrounds the house, a street, a neighborhood, a city, etc. A person needs everything, and even if he builds something that is totally different from these frameworks, he will make changes in it later.

This reflects the inner need of the soul to arrange the material world according to the same system.

Question: What does all that mean on my way to the attribute of bestowal?

Answer: Thanks to the fact that I arrange my desires properly—internal, external, and more external—and correct them in accordance with these measurements (requirements), I advance.

Question: What is easier to correct, the clothes that are closer to the body (the internal desires) or those that are further away from it (the external desires)?

Answer: Both of these desires and the others are corrected simultaneously, because the more you exit yourself, the deeper you have to penetrate yourself. It is the same in our world too, the more internal a person is, the further he has to see and to exit himself, which means that he has to think more about the world.

It is impossible to delve only into yourself and completely forget about the environment. Conversely, if you want to exit into the world, you have to raise yourself at the same time.

Question: What does it mean transfer your clothes?

Answer: Clothes symbolize the correction of the soul, and so the father passes his corrections to his son as the son is his continuation, the next level. Therefore in the corporeal world it is a custom to pass on clothes from father to son.

The only limitation are shoes, because shoes are the last level, the partition between heaven and earth.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/29/15

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