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Attainment That Brings Happiness

laitman_572_02Question: Using your personal life as an example, can you tell about some practical results that come from studying Kabbalah?

Answer: I can tell you one thing: a person who studies Kabbalah lives! Every day is new for him! He constantly attains and gives something new to the world.

After all, this wisdom reveals all kinds of so-called secret sources, laws, and interconnections within the world. Furthermore, we are created in such a way that only this knowledge can fulfill us.

Nothing else will ever satisfy us completely, calm us down, balance us, or make us happy! We can suppress ourselves with drugs, work, family, etc. But we will not come to the state that fulfills our soul, i.e., the desire aspiring to the eternal existence. This is only possible if you study Kabbalah, to comprehend the world.

See for yourself. It is worth spending some time on it. After that you will see that everything else will appear to be very small and insignificant.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/25/15

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The Level of Aaron Has Completed Its Mission

laitman_627_2Question: What does it mean that a person has completed his mission and reached the level of Aaron?

Answer: We all depend on one another in the spiritual world and are connected into one system, but each of us also carries his own unique element that no one else has. It is called after him, and it is his personal investment in the general system.

He must manage the whole system from the root of his soul, invest in it, and assist it. His investment in the system, which is what he needs to put into it together with all the other souls, is called his soul. This is the reason that everyone is very important. On the one hand, everyone has one single soul, and on the other hand, everyone has his own personal soul.

There is, for example, a Reshimo (Reminiscence) in me called the point in the heart that I must fulfill in order to participate properly in the system of man with all of the other souls. It is actually my participation in it that is called my self. Each of us must fulfill that.

All of the billions of parts of the general soul are inside of me, but the main ones are Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Joseph, and David. They are the ten main Sefirot of the soul, and all of its other parts are dressed on them, like clusters.

By completing his system, Aaron detaches himself, retreats and joins his forefathers. Now his children continue his spiritual work.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/1/15

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The Sufferings Are Different

laitman_276_02Question: Why did the Creator create suffering and death? Couldn’t He have created man with an eternal built-in attribute of altruism?

Answer: Then a person would be an eternal beast, which we call an angel. In order to attain the upper level by himself, a person has to suffer.

Question: Does that mean that a person cannot ask himself the question about the meaning of life without suffering?

Answer: No, he cannot. But the suffering can be different. There may be pangs of love. As the saying goes,”I have loved and suffered,” for example, I have loved money and suffered from the lack of it.

Here, on the other hand, you love comprehension, attaining eternity, perfection, and you want it to be absolute and objective. It isn’t as if you swallow some drug and feel good, but you have developed these feelings internally, these vessels by which you find out that you are really in a state of eternity and perfection.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/25/15

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“Ex-Cambridge Professor Boycotts 13-Year-Old Israeli Girl…”


In the News (The Jerusalem Post): “A 13-year-old Israeli student was turned down by a retired Jewish Cambridge University researcher after reaching out for help on a school assignment.

“Shachar Rabinovitz, a horse enthusiast from a kibbutz in northern Israel, sent an email to Dr. Marsha Levine, a Cambridge-educated academic and an expert on horse domestication.

“Rabinovitz asked for help on an assignment relevant to Levine’s field.

“’I’m from Israel,’ her e-mail began. ‘I’m doing an assessment for school about horses, and it will be great if you can answer a few questions that I will ask.’

“Instead of receiving answers to her questions, Rabinovitz was met with criticism over the plight of Palestinians in Israel.

“’I’ll answer your questions when there is peace and justice for Palestinians in Palestine,’ Levine wrote.

“She explained that she is a member of the organization Jews for Justice for Palestinians, and a supporter of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

“’You might be a child, but if you are old enough to write to me, you are old enough to learn about Israeli history and how it has impacted the lives of Palestinian people,’ Levine wrote.

“She included a link to the pro-Palestinian organization’s website, urging Rabinovitz to educate herself about Palestinian history.

“Levine later told The Telegraph that if a student from a country other than Israel had reached out to her, she would have responded differently.

“’Kids have questions, I usually answer their questions,’ she said. ‘But I have agreed to BDS, and I do want to see justice for Palestine,’ she told the UK daily. …”

My Comment: When Jews disparage unity (being as one man with one heart, and loving your friend as yourself, and so on), on the basis of which they became a nation, they fall apart again and become the biggest anti-Semites. This won’t help them; the non-Jewish anti-Semites will find them and relate only to their Jewishness as they do with all of us. The rejection they feel for their people arouses great hatred in them.

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The Letters Of The Torah

Laitman_151Question: My question is about the letters of the Torah. If the Torah was written as one word starting from the letter “״ב (Bet) to the letter “ל” (Lamed), why is it possible to divide it into words?

Is it possible to read the Torah backward from”ל” to”״ב? Would it still be possible to divide it into words then? Will it still be Hebrew?

Answer: We can divide the Torah many times and in different manners. We cannot even imagine the infinite options there are to do so.

Because the Upper Light is infinite in all its forms and revelations, we cannot describe it with our tools. Only the direct feeling of the upper world enables a person to attain it internally.

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Living Above Time

Laitman_715Question: How should we behave correctly along the path of correction and how is the correction expressed in the corporeal world?

Answer: The search comes down to the fact that a person looks for a way to discover eternal life: either by changing the world or by changing himself.

According to Kabbalah, the two options, which seem different at first glance, merge into one as by changing the world you change yourself, and by changing yourself you change the world. It is the same thing.

When you change yourself, you enter a level where you begin to perceive the world as eternal and whole. Eventually you attain a perfect eternal life. It is destined for us while still on the level of this world, and then you can quietly and peacefully detach yourself from your corporeal body that is on the animal level.

Question: Does this means that a man can live forever?

Answer: I don’t know what you mean by “man.”

A person’s inner self exists forever, beyond time. There isn’t really the concept of “forever” in the spiritual world because this is also a way of determining time, and when you write “t=,” it is simply infinity. This is the reason that we speak about life above time.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/25/15

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Cremation Or Burial?

Laitman_049_01Question: What is preferable for accelerating the movement of the soul after the death of the physical body: cremation or burial?

Answer: It does not matter! Our physical body, in principle, is the same as an animal. There is no significance to its cremation, burial, or embalming.

From the point of view of the wisdom of Kabbalah, based on the situations through which we pass on all the levels, there is no reason to relate to our beastly body as something special; it is simply a mass of protein.

In the time of Abraham they would put the bodies of respected deceased people into a cave, and after a year had passed they would take the rotted bones and put them into a jug, seal it, and leave it in the cave.

Perhaps this expressed a special relationship in regard to the deceased, but they wouldn’t leave any signs of respect on the jug. Others were buried in the ground, but they didn’t leave monuments. Much later they began to put monuments on graves but without writing.

Nowadays burial has turned into a ritual, as if we were idol worshippers. It is possible that we will soon begin to build mausoleums for everyone. That is, the more that we advance and seemingly become wiser, we respect bodies in a more barbaric form. What is there about our body that is worth relating to with reverence?

The great Kabbalist-teacher Baal HaSulam said that it was not at all important to him where they would bury “his sack of bones”; that is how he referred to his body. And this is really the most correct and precise attitude of a Kabbalist to his physical body.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/1/15

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