Cremation Or Burial?

Laitman_049_01Question: What is preferable for accelerating the movement of the soul after the death of the physical body: cremation or burial?

Answer: It does not matter! Our physical body, in principle, is the same as an animal. There is no significance to its cremation, burial, or embalming.

From the point of view of the wisdom of Kabbalah, based on the situations through which we pass on all the levels, there is no reason to relate to our beastly body as something special; it is simply a mass of protein.

In the time of Abraham they would put the bodies of respected deceased people into a cave, and after a year had passed they would take the rotted bones and put them into a jug, seal it, and leave it in the cave.

Perhaps this expressed a special relationship in regard to the deceased, but they wouldn’t leave any signs of respect on the jug. Others were buried in the ground, but they didn’t leave monuments. Much later they began to put monuments on graves but without writing.

Nowadays burial has turned into a ritual, as if we were idol worshippers. It is possible that we will soon begin to build mausoleums for everyone. That is, the more that we advance and seemingly become wiser, we respect bodies in a more barbaric form. What is there about our body that is worth relating to with reverence?

The great Kabbalist-teacher Baal HaSulam said that it was not at all important to him where they would bury “his sack of bones”; that is how he referred to his body. And this is really the most correct and precise attitude of a Kabbalist to his physical body.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/1/15

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  1. But what about revival of the dead from the?

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