Creating A People From A Collection Of Exiles

laitman_749_01As of now, the departure of the Jews from the Diaspora has ended. In fact they have returned to their nation. But is it possible to call them a people? This is a collection of exiles (Kibbutz Galuyot), a collection of fragments and no more than this. They don’t even stick together.

Question: But it is also a spiritual process, otherwise would we ever be able to return to the land of Israel?

Answer: Certainly, everything is managed by forces that push each one of us and all of us together towards a particular goal. This is collective global behavior.

Question: So what changed regarding our people after returning to our land?

Answer: Nothing. An opportunity was given to us to create a single united people from ourselves as it was in the time of Abraham, which is what the Kabbalists call for us to do. And all the rest depends on us; it is up to us to understand the mission and the possibility of realizing it among the people whom we must succeed in bringing to unification.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/23/15

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