World Conflicts And Their Solution, Part 3 – And In Spite Of It All There Is A Way Out!

laitman_547_06On the background of the ongoing global conflicts, a big problem is appearing with Israel because everyone instinctively, inevitably points to us with a finger of blame. So, what can be done?

We simply need to explain to humanity what it has to come to, that there is only one solution here: unity. The world will begin to organize all kinds of boycotts against Israel until we feel ourselves in a besieged fortress from which it will be impossible to escape, with no where to run. They will stop trading with us. They will stop supplying us with goods and stop accepting our products as if we don’t exist. All the nations will join in this, and the Jews who live in those nations will support the boycott and become our worst enemies.

Everything depends on how much the people of Israel will understand what its unexpected salvation depends on. Moreover, this is not just salvation from the boycott, but from all of the futility of existence. Israel will be able to show everyone that there is a purpose to the world that is attained by going out to the next level of existence. We already have passed through the still, vegetative, and animate levels of development, and, even though we are now still on the animate level, the first signs of the next level, the human level (Adam, Edom l’Elyon,-  similar to the upper) are found in us, and we must get to it.

Here, we need to explain to the world the method for attaining the next level and realizing it practically because through our applying it to ourselves with the help of the entire world and by helping each other mutually, we can make Israel an example of the proper existence for all of humanity.

And humanity will happily accept this and understand that this is the solution to the problem, because a great demand for the role of the Jews and Israel in the world already exists. Implicitly this question lurks in every person, even if he has never felt it. And we need to reveal this to everyone. Only then will the world calm down.

I see all of this as a result of the worldwide boycott. Frankly, I am very happy that it has begun because it will arouse the people that everyone that has gathered against us; it will shake up the Jews all over the world. They will want to move away from us, not associate with us in any way, and we will remain isolated here.

Only the connection between us, which attracts the upper force to us, will change us. It will make us desirable in the eyes of the world, an example for all of humanity.

Through us, the world will see and understand its next state. Then, there will be no need to incite wars and annihilate people. There will be no need to try to invent a new economy to get out of the crisis. After all, the state that is seen in the world will be universal. We will begin to exist on the level of this world in the right way, and simultaneously we will go out to the upper world until we ascend into it completely, totally leaving our perishable body in our world, which also will disappear. The wisdom of Kabbalah talks about this, and, in fact, today we are on the threshold of this stage.

To be continued.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 6/3/15

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Four Signs Of “Modern Anti-Semitism”

Laitman_633_1In the News (AEH):Anti-Semitism is the most ancient and stable form of human hatred. In our time a new form of anti-Semitism has spread throughout the world that is distinguished according to four basic signs:

  • Non-acceptance of the right of Israel to exist.
  • Support for terrorism against the Jews.
  • Demonization (defamation) of Israel and the Jews as the main source of trouble for humanity.
  • Political factors that make it possible for politicians to gain popularity by denying the right of Jews to self-determination. This category of anti-Semitism belongs especially to the United Nations, where in the last year they accepted 20 anti-Israel resolutions, while against all the rest of the nations of the world there were only 4.”

My Comment: The development of humanity for thousands of years has happened according to its relationship to its future state, which the population of ancient Babylon that became the Jewish people adopted for itself. So it is said that anti-Semitism is eternal.

This is not due to hatred of the Jews; rather, it is from the rejection by the natural human egoism of the future altruistic state that is intended for it. In our time we are already close to the point of transition from the natural egoism to the ascension above it, to the characteristic of bestowal and love.

The people of Israel rose above egoism under the leadership of Abraham, then fell back into it 2,000 years ago, and today must rise up and serve as an example to all the nations of the world, as the prophets wrote for us. Anti-Semitism is designed to help us in this.

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A Glance Beyond The Point Of The Big Bang

laitman_746_01The wisdom of Kabbalah allows us to discover what existed before the creation of our world up to the Big Bang to find out when the worlds were created. It allows us to see from the point we are now all the phases of the future development, “to the end of all the generations.”

The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us what modern physics cannot explain. Paleontologists’ excavations provide us with some information about the previous generations and about the evolutionary phases we have been through. But ordinary science cannot tell us anything about what was created before our world and what is beyond its limits, that is, what is not accessible to our corporeal senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.

Astrophysics studies the development of the universe starting from the Big Bang and the creation of space where all the galaxies, our solar system, and our planet appeared. We do have some information about this, but before the Big Bang there were not even concepts such as “place” and “time,” and therefore it cannot be perceived by our research. We cannot study what happened before the creation of place and time by ordinary methods.

Kabbalah can help us because it gives us new tools and sense organs and expands our senses and mind. Thus, we can explore a reality that is not perceived by our ordinary sensors.

Question: How can we study something that happened before the Big Bang, before the creation of our universe, if there was nothing then? Isn’t the Big Bang the starting point?

Answer: The Big Bang is the starting point of our corporeal world, which was created by a spark of upper energy that exploded. Astrophysics cannot explain how it happened. How could such great energy be concentrated in one tiny point in which the explosion occurred?

Physics now is nearing the point at which spiritual energy transformed into corporeal energy. From the spiritual world, it was microscopic energy. This spiritual energy went from the world of Ein Sof (Infinity) through five spiritual worlds: Adam Kadmon, Atzilut, Beria, Yetzira, and Assiya.

And on the boundary of the last world, when the world of Assiya weakens to a minimum, as if a tiny drop in the sea, this spiritual spark exploded and turned into corporeal energy from which the entire universe was created.

This is the point of the Big Bang that was the starting point of our world. Everything that preceded it applies only to the spiritual world, that is, the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 6/7/15

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The Reason For The Rise And Fall Of The Nations Of The World

laitman_747_01Question: Anti-Semitism always develops in a spiral. Relatively short periods of tranquil Jewish life alternate with outbreaks of anti-Semitism. For example, in 15th century Spain, Jews assimilated successfully into Spanish society. Many of them were politicians and financiers close to the royal court. But at the peak of their positive impact on the country and positive contribution to society, they were expelled from Spain. How can this be explained?

Answer: As a rule, a society is managed by natural envy, not just envy but the resentment of the people, “Who governs us? Why is it bad for us? It is because rule by the foreigners is directed against us. They have no interest in the Spanish people!” It is clear that not only the people, but also all the elite, the courtiers, and the rich are also not interested in seeing and feeling foreigners among them.

But the surge in anti-Semitism is not attributable to the rise of the Jews and their activities. The fact that after their elevation comes a completely unpredictable decline relates to our overall program  and general historical development.

Initially, wherever Jews appeared in Spain, in Germany, England, or any other nation, the country came to life with their arrival. But as soon as they were forced to leave, even without taking anything with them, everything immediately declined. This is quite clear, and, in spite of this, there is no way to convince the leaders of some nation to retain the Jews so the nation would continue to flourish. Spain knew very well that with the departure of the Jews, it would be worse for them, abut still had to expel them.

Question: Why did a great blow always come following attempts to assimilate in a foreign society and the subsequent separation within the Jewish community?

Answer: This was completely natural because, if we don’t connect together and have great opposition between us, we don’t exist as a people. This law is completely clear. To the degree that we are connected and united, we are a unique spiritual force, and then we have nothing to fear. We need to be connected internally between us, like a single “spiritual fist,” a person to person connection, each one surrendering oneself to the others. That is how we connect among us, integrate together, wanting to feel ourselves as a single whole, as one family. Everyone thinks not about oneself but about the people in general and about how to serve them.

When there is mutuality between us like that, we bring good not only to the nation in which we live, but we also can protect ourselves from all problems. Then those nations where we have come and people within them look at us differently.

But it always ends up that we could not hold onto the state of connection that formed between us in the previous place we were expelled for long, and then the decline begins.

The moment that we are expelled from some nation, the hatred of the population compels us to connect together. We leave there “naked and barefoot.” We throw everything into the hands of fate, and this united us.

When we enter into another nation as a single united people, we truly infuse a vital higher power into it, but the moment we settle there, we begin to engage in making profits, entering into national and social institutions, and then the separation between us would immediately begin.

When we are poor and naked, we are all equal, but the moment that we get along in the nations of exile, we begin to separate and split apart. Who is higher; who is lower? So, the environment into which we try to merge influences us. It divides us according to level and direction. As we distance from each other, we lose the connection between us, and then hatred toward us flares up in that society. It would no longer feel that we were influencing it positively, and then the period that leads to another expulsion begins again.

The cause for all the expulsions of the Jewish people is only one: our separation. In each country we arrived internally united, spiritually united, so that we could occupy it spiritually: entered it and gave it our spiritual potential. Then, the nation would flourish. But once this action was made, it also gave rise to a connection with the people living there, and this would separate us from each other, which is what leads to the expulsion.
From KabTV’s “About Our Life” 6/4/15

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The Charismatic Leader And The Public Good

laitman_263Question: Who can influence others?

Answer: There are people who have a great influence over others. It comes from the root of their soul. They are born leaders with a special charisma.  And it is very important for their influence to be positive.

We must educate people so that those leaders who succeed in integral education could lead the masses even with the little charisma that they have.
But charisma alone is not enough because it can be a negative sign, as with Hitler. Therefore, we first should correct the person and only then help him become charismatic.

Charisma will appear in precisely from realizing the greatness of the goal and that one can give humanity the knowledge accumulated through those special properties.

But if a person isn’t properly educated, he may become harmful to everyone. Thus, charismatic people who want to be leaders, but do not wish to be part of the integral education system and go through correction, are a big problem!

Correction means seeing oneself working more for the benefit of society more and more. When a person understands the importance of his participation in the common system, then he begins to lead.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 5/13/15

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Kabbalah – The Science Of The Future

laitman_214Whatever we do in our world, we discover that everything is motivated by our internal egoistic forces, and there is no way that we can rise above this.

All development, even though it may seem romantic, moral, and nice, always leads to collapse, to death, to our inventing all kinds of instruments and mechanisms that create situations that inevitably lead to oppression and death.

On one hand, science interests us; we love knowledge. We have a great need to expose the secrets of nature. But on the other hand, we must clearly understand that this aspiration leads us to suffering, which ultimately will bring us to the conclusion that we need ethical education. Then we will begin to discover nature in an absolutely different way as we aspire to find the characteristic of mutual connection in it.

This will be a totally different science, a science that is not like the science of our world that only comes from an egoistic understanding of nature. After all, when we have an altruistic view of the world, we begin to see its mutual relationships and reciprocal support.

We will see absolutely different laws prevail in the world at different levels and will penetrate the deep ties that connect all parts of nature together. We won’t begin by going from separation to some small connection; rather, we will discover a picture of total mutual connection. And this will be the science of our world, called the science of Kabbalah.

On every level: mechanical, physical, zoological, biological, etc., only Kabbalah reveals the single common bond of all of creation and the Creator that exists within this connection. The most real human need is to attain harmony with the entire creation. It will engulf and fulfill us so much that it will become our reward. Nothing can be better than this.

Right now, this is concealed from people, but it will be revealed gradually, and we will see that all forces blend together harmoniously. It is specifically the harmony of mutual acceptance that fulfills the soul.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 5/27/15

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