Four Signs Of “Modern Anti-Semitism”

Laitman_633_1In the News (AEH):Anti-Semitism is the most ancient and stable form of human hatred. In our time a new form of anti-Semitism has spread throughout the world that is distinguished according to four basic signs:

  • Non-acceptance of the right of Israel to exist.
  • Support for terrorism against the Jews.
  • Demonization (defamation) of Israel and the Jews as the main source of trouble for humanity.
  • Political factors that make it possible for politicians to gain popularity by denying the right of Jews to self-determination. This category of anti-Semitism belongs especially to the United Nations, where in the last year they accepted 20 anti-Israel resolutions, while against all the rest of the nations of the world there were only 4.”

My Comment: The development of humanity for thousands of years has happened according to its relationship to its future state, which the population of ancient Babylon that became the Jewish people adopted for itself. So it is said that anti-Semitism is eternal.

This is not due to hatred of the Jews; rather, it is from the rejection by the natural human egoism of the future altruistic state that is intended for it. In our time we are already close to the point of transition from the natural egoism to the ascension above it, to the characteristic of bestowal and love.

The people of Israel rose above egoism under the leadership of Abraham, then fell back into it 2,000 years ago, and today must rise up and serve as an example to all the nations of the world, as the prophets wrote for us. Anti-Semitism is designed to help us in this.

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