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The Secret Of Kabbalah Books

laitman_526Question: If there are no words in spirituality, how do Kabbalists convey their attainments to one another and write books?

Answer: Kabbalists use what we call the language of branches. The spiritual world is the root, and from it we perceive some corporeal imprint in our corporeal senses that is called a branch.

Therefore we can describe spiritual phenomena even in our language, using this world’s words, because there is an outcome, a branch in the corporeal world for everything that exists in the spiritual world.

Suppose we are two Kabbalists. How can I tell you about the spiritual world if the spiritual consciousness and attainment are personal? I feel a certain picture, a form, a great world, an infinite reality that is revealed to me in all my senses in every direction, in every axis, and you feel something, too. How can we communicate and share our impressions?

The solution is actually in being here in our world, in our corporeal bodies. This is the reason that we can use our bodies to communicate with one another to write texts and to convey information even by clues or by a glance. This is the reason that we use our corporeal language.

In the spiritual world, for example, there are forces called a chair, a table, a cup, air, a wall, a window, and so forth.

We use these names in our world, but by using them, we refer to the internal essence of the concept in the spiritual world. I say “a window,” but I refer to a window that exists in the spiritual world, while you understand which window I refer to. I say “the window is open,” and you understand what the meaning of an open window is in the spiritual world, although I convey the idea to you by using corporeal words.

This is how Kabbalists speak, and this is how they write their books. This is called the language of the branches that is accepted by all Kabbalists. This is the language in which the Torah is written, but ordinary people don’t know that because Kabbalists wrote it in order to speak to one another about the spiritual world, while people think that it is about our world. This is the secret of the Torah.

Question: It turns out that when your read Kabbalah books, the words don’t mean anything to you unless you understand their double meaning.

Answer: That’s right. I read only these words because I know the language, but I don’t understand more than someone who doesn’t know Hebrew. What is more, if a person doesn’t know Hebrew, it is even better since then he is not confused and does not imagine different things about our world.
From KabTV’s “Encounters with Kabbalah” 7/7/15

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Creating One Common Desire

laitman_571_02The Torah, “Numbers” 10:1 – 10:3: The Lord spoke to Moses saying: Make yourself two silver trumpets; you shall make them [from a] beaten [form]; they shall be used by you to summon the congregation and to announce the departure of the camps. When they blow on them, the entire congregation shall assemble to you, at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting.

Gold is a desire to receive, and silver is a desire to bestow. Therefore, the sound of the silver trumpets that calls for connection is right for the people.

Blowing the trumpet means assembling all of a person’s attributes and uniting them. The problem is not in correcting one attribute or another, but in connecting them. The main thing is connecting them into one schema, into one unified desire.

Can you imagine trying to assemble and put together a human body according to the cells, the atoms, and even according to the DNA and RNA and so forth, an endless amount of mutual connections and their mutual work? It is impossible to create such a system!

We, on the other hand, must do it. We must create living matter out of our dead desires, out of the inanimate matter, in the same way that it happened billions of years ago before the evolutionary process began when the vegetative level emerged from the level of the still nature and then the animate level and then man. We must gather all that and tie it together so that a living desire will emerge, one that can be in the Temple, which means in some contact with the Creator in resembling and being equal to Him.

Question: Why is it written, “Make yourself two silver trumpets; you shall make them [from a] beaten [form]…”

Answer: There must be one desire that is unique and united, especially if it is given from above. We have no right to break it apart. The Creator is one, and therefore, everything that stems and descends from Him is given as one to everyone.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/4/15

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Spiritual Education For The People Of Israel

laitman_938_03Today, we are shouting to the world, “Give us freedom. Leave us alone. Why are you coming to us with boycotts? Why are we hated by all the international organizations? We want to be like everyone else.”

Apparently, the world answers, “No, you are not like everyone else. We cannot relate to you like everyone else.”

We are proud that we warned the Palestinian population in advance about the Israeli Air Force attacks, while they, on the other hand, shoot at us whenever they feel like it, without warning. Why doesn’t the entire world condemn them the way it condemns us? Because, subconsciously they understand our uniqueness!

It could be that humanity is passing through hatred, without full awareness, but in principle, such an approach is real and legitimate.

Question: What do we need to do now when the clouds are gathering around us again?

Answer: What is imperative is a very large wave of education that will cover all of the people of Israel. We need to explain to people what we are, who we are, where we were created, why everyone hates us, and so on.

They must understand the core, the nucleus, of their creation and the purpose of their existence. No one in Israel knows why he exists as a Jew, and why the people of Israel and the State of Israel exist.

Look at what is happening in the government and on all levels! We need to introduce the integral method in society. Otherwise, this is not a people and not a government; it is no one and nothing.

In other nations there is an instinctive aim: we need to live, to work, and to exist together. Nothing is required of them besides survival in the circumstances they are found in.

There are no complaints regarding them from higher nature, whereas for us, on the contrary, nature surrounds us strongly. We are at the center of all of the rest of the nations, and they are all like wolves snarling and baring their teeth at us. In the meantime, the unique force of nature holds and reins them in so that we ultimately will reorganize, and if we don’t do this, the wolves will be released from their chains.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/14/15

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Concealment Is Good

Laitman_011The Torah, “Numbers” 9:22 – 9:23: Whether it was for two days, a month or a year, that the cloud lingered to hover over the Mishkan, the children of Israel would encamp and not travel, and when it departed, they traveled.

At the Lord’s bidding they would encamp, and at the Lord’s bidding they would travel; they kept the charge of the Lord by the word of the Lord through Moses.

The cloud is good. It is a blessing that made it possible to work in concealment. The Creator concealed Himself, making it possible for us to work under His wing.

So, we didn’t need the Creator Himself, but only His concealment so that under it, it would be possible to develop ourselves to resemble Him, and if we can resemble Him through that concealment that He created for us, then this is true and correct growth.

To reach the revelation of the Creator, it is necessary to absorb all of the characteristics of the cloud into us. It must enter into me, be within me, because the concealment must exist within every desire of mine. It is necessary to work on this!
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/4/15

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Films About Spiritual Reality

Question: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, does each person perceive reality in his own way?

Answer: All of us were created with five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. With their help we absorb some information and within us it is shaped into the form of some kind of reality. If we had other characteristics, then we would perceive reality differently. When the wisdom of Kabbalah develops us, it begins to show us that reality is relative.

And here we are really approaching Einstein’s theory that speaks about reality being relative, that time, motion, and space are relative terms. Then we begin to understand what was happening at the creation of the universe: in the beginning there was no space, then it was formed; it began to be filled, movement appeared in it, and thus time was created.

We evolved as a result of these conditions: time, motion, and space.

In contrast to physicists who study these concepts from their observations and research of the surrounding reality, in Kabbalah we attain them through internal research.

We begin to feel how the perceptions of time, motion, and space are changed in us and how much they can be changed. It turns out that our reality is relative and depends on the person perceiving it. He perceives reality according to his characteristics.

That is, we aren’t watching the same film. Each is impressed in his own way; and each one sees a different film. This is where the domain begins in which only those who enter into the spiritual world understand what this is talking about.

Question: When you enter into the spiritual world, do you see the same film that someone else also sees?

Answer: No. Each one has another world; each one has another higher power that we call the Creator, and likewise, each one differs in his perception of the world and the Creator, the forces that move this entire picture.

Question: What is the difference between an ordinary person and those who study the science of Kabbalah in terms of the perception of reality?

Answer: The average person perceives reality with only his five corporeal senses. Therefore, it is very dependent upon the body and he understands that if the body dies, everything disappears.

But this is not so for Kabbalists. They perceive reality within an additional parallel system, which is what they develop within themselves. This system is called the “soul,” which also has five senses: Keter, Hochma, Bina, Zeir Anpin, and Malchut.

With this system we perceive the reality that we can change, unlike the inanimate reality of our world, which eludes changes as both a little child and an adult see the same thing. While the reality that is perceived with the five additional senses, moves, and is changeable, like a wind in relation to inanimate objects, and therefore it is called the spiritual reality (“spiritual” – Ruchnit, from the word, “wind” – Ruach).

Question: Do those who are found within this spiritual system see the same thing?

Answer: No. Each one sees according to his state, according to his level. But for everyone it is understood that one reality is revealed, only each one perceives, sees, and feels it in his own way. But when he develops within this reality according to 125 levels, every person on every level discovers the same reality that those who also go through this level discover.
From KabTV’s “Encounters with Kabbalah” 7/7/15

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