The Secret Of Kabbalah Books

laitman_526Question: If there are no words in spirituality, how do Kabbalists convey their attainments to one another and write books?

Answer: Kabbalists use what we call the language of branches. The spiritual world is the root, and from it we perceive some corporeal imprint in our corporeal senses that is called a branch.

Therefore we can describe spiritual phenomena even in our language, using this world’s words, because there is an outcome, a branch in the corporeal world for everything that exists in the spiritual world.

Suppose we are two Kabbalists. How can I tell you about the spiritual world if the spiritual consciousness and attainment are personal? I feel a certain picture, a form, a great world, an infinite reality that is revealed to me in all my senses in every direction, in every axis, and you feel something, too. How can we communicate and share our impressions?

The solution is actually in being here in our world, in our corporeal bodies. This is the reason that we can use our bodies to communicate with one another to write texts and to convey information even by clues or by a glance. This is the reason that we use our corporeal language.

In the spiritual world, for example, there are forces called a chair, a table, a cup, air, a wall, a window, and so forth.

We use these names in our world, but by using them, we refer to the internal essence of the concept in the spiritual world. I say “a window,” but I refer to a window that exists in the spiritual world, while you understand which window I refer to. I say “the window is open,” and you understand what the meaning of an open window is in the spiritual world, although I convey the idea to you by using corporeal words.

This is how Kabbalists speak, and this is how they write their books. This is called the language of the branches that is accepted by all Kabbalists. This is the language in which the Torah is written, but ordinary people don’t know that because Kabbalists wrote it in order to speak to one another about the spiritual world, while people think that it is about our world. This is the secret of the Torah.

Question: It turns out that when your read Kabbalah books, the words don’t mean anything to you unless you understand their double meaning.

Answer: That’s right. I read only these words because I know the language, but I don’t understand more than someone who doesn’t know Hebrew. What is more, if a person doesn’t know Hebrew, it is even better since then he is not confused and does not imagine different things about our world.
From KabTV’s “Encounters with Kabbalah” 7/7/15

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  1. The same way if Kabbalists gathered silently in a circle?

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