Clarification Of The Unexplainable

Dr. Michael LaitmanKabbalah talks only about what’s going on inside us. The terms “Israel” and the “nations of the world” stand for our internal properties. However, we use these definitions as if we talk about corporeality. Yet, these notions never imply this realm. Rather, they refer to the internal qualities of a human being.

Kabbalists use common, plain, earthly words to describe spirituality because there are no other words in our vocabulary. Even if we saw the other realm, we would not be able to find accurate words to express our impressions. We would fail to give names to the phenomena that take place there.

If we were to write the titles of all objects in the room on post-it notes, there would be lamps, doors, windows, and bookcases since each thing has a name. If we correct our properties, we would move the wall that separates us from spirituality. We would remove the wall that hides the upper world from us, but, we still wouldn’t find the right words to describe what we actually see there.

It is impossible to find the correct words to name the forces and actions associated with the other realm. How would you explain to others what you saw in spirituality? Let’s say somebody asks you: “Please, tell me a little about what’s there! I am eager to know!” You wouldn’t be able to describe a thing!

Kabbalistic books explain the unexplainable. Kabbalists were the ones who found a solution. We all live in this world, both Kabbalists and common people. We all know this reality.

So, Kabbalists have said: “We will tell you about spirituality.” They wrote books about the spiritual dimension: The Torah, the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmud, Mishnah, The Zohar, The Study of the Ten Sefirot. All these books are called sacred; they are not ordinary books because they describe the upper world.

However, we cannot describe spirituality using spiritual words since there are no words there. That’s why these books tell us stories as if they are happening in this world, when in fact, all of them are about the upper reality.

Spirituality is parallel to this world. It is a dimension of forces, desires, impressions, and sensations. It is a domain of feelings! However, the feelings there are not egoistic as they are here on this planet. Rather, they derive from the property of bestowal that doesn’t exist in this world. These are the sensations of love, bestowal, unity, reciprocity, only positive feelings.
From KabTV’s “The Torah Chapters with Shmuel Vilozni” 2/2/15

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