The High Priest’s Qualities, Part 2

     laitman_740_023. Physical Strength (Vigor)

Conducting consecrations in the Temple required lots of exertions. For example, during the hardest day of Yom Kippur “The Day of Atonement,” (Judgment Day) Cohens had to fast.

Aaron was incredibly strong. During the initiation of Levites, Aaron lifted each one of them and shook them back and forth, up and down.

One day, he lifted twenty thousand men. Aaron’s vigor was exceptional; all the Cohanim were known for their strength.” (“Let There Be Light,” “Leviticus,” “Emor”)

“Lifting Levites” means to elevate a desire to its next level, to give the desire both the right and left lines and then put them down so that they have to figure out how to climb the steps on their own.

The Upper Bina that is symbolized by the Cohens (priests) possesses a very interesting quality that sits so deep inside the property of bestowal that nobody knows how to rise to it, how to approach it. It is as if a hand stretches from above and elevates one to its level.

This is exactly what the Cohens had to do during Yom Kippur because at this time all five egoistic desires are already “rejected” and people become “empty,” i.e., ready to surrender to everything that is essential for them.

As people are ready to “die,” i.e., complete self-correction at a certain stage that is symbolized by white clothes that the Cohens had to wear on the “Day of Atonement.” In this case, the upper can do anything with the lower that had annulled itself.

For Levites, the Cohen is the upper step. He brings them up. They merge with the Cohens by nullifying themselves. After they’ve been through this state, they return back so that they independently request the power of bestowal and love to raise them back to the level they descended from, regardless of the egoism that came back to them after Yom Kippur is over.

Question: Who is a Levite?

Answer: A Levite personifies a link of connection with the people, the lower part of Bina. Through them, the Cohens contact Israel.

A Cohen is the upper governing step that is connected to the Creator; whereas, Levites are “tangled” both with Cohens and the people of Israel.
From KabTV’s “The Mysteries of the Eternal Book” 5/14/14

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