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The Angel Fights

laitman_628_3A Good Angel

Question: Is it possible to somehow “make” a “good angel” that will protect me?

Answer: Yes, you can do it if you start changing and establishing good relationships with others. In this case, you are activating “good angels,” which will be around you and you will be protected.

Question: How can I contact these “good angels”?

Answer:  This is your own strength. You find them inside yourself, replacing the negativity towards the others that is inherent within you.

Each of us comes from a broken vessel from the shattering of the “sin of the Tree of Knowledge.” That’s why we have 613 corrupt, selfish desires. We must re-build these desires to the best of our ability and improve them as much as possible.

So far, we are unable to identify, list, or find each base egoistic desire separately. However, with the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah, we can learn how to relate to each other in a positive friendly way.

Getting to Paradise

By acting so, you change your reality. In other words, all of a sudden we begin sensing that we live in a wonderful world, in real paradise! In order to get to paradise, we don’t have to die. A state of being in paradise doesn’t have anything to do with corporeal life or death. In order to get to the “Garden of Eden,” we have to recreate it ourselves. Each one of us is capable of doing so.

We must transform our bad, egoistic powers into bestowal. At least, we should try not to hurt our neighbors. Even though we are yet incapable of giving them our love, the state of “positive neutrality” allows us to rise to the level of paradise that in Kabbalah is called Bina, desire of mercy (Hafetz Hesed): I don’t need anything from anybody, nor do I want to hurt anybody.

Thus, I transform my “bad angels” to “good ones.” I am full of desires and thoughts that constantly come and go. I have to permanently maintain a major aspiration: converting my desires from evil to benevolent. At the same time, the scale of what’s good or bad should be based solely on my attitude to my neighbors.

In order to transform bad “angels” to good ones, meaning to re-orient our egoistic impulses and make them beneficial for others, we have to trigger the upper force. For that, we have to work in a special group of Kabbalists who interact with the Light since it is the force that changes our selfish urges from negative to positive.

Spiritual Firewall

Question: Is it possible to control a general system, “a network of angels”?

Answer: There are people who can easily influence you. They are capable of scaring you or using you in a certain way.

General systems in which we all are interconnected as one whole act this way. This phenomenon allows each person to impact others.

As an example, an elementary school teacher who has a big influence over his students can cause various sensations in them. He can either agitate or calm them down. It depends on the difference between the conditions he creates for them that in their eyes are either psychologically advantageous or disadvantageous. Generally speaking, we are talking about materialistic psychology. Kabbalah is its continuation.

Question: So, does it mean that I still have to be cautious of these things? Is there anybody out there who is capable of influencing the nodes in the general system that are directly connected with me?

Answer: Of course, there are people who by nature possess tremendous powers. We can bring totally negative examples such as Hitler or Stalin. Besides, some individuals really possess the ability to predict the future. Through them, the upper force activates a general historic process. They never act on their own. Moreover, they often feel that they are being used without having any freedom of will.

On the other hand, we can defend ourselves from evil influences by activating benevolent forces. In this case, we form a “protective shell” around us.

Our security depends on the degree of positivism we bring to others. No matter how much “poison,” hatred, or filth is around us, we remain out of their reach since we rise to the level of Hafetz Hesed and do not wish bad things to others. All we aspire to is bestowal. It is our “secure firewall.”
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/18/15

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Rising Above Angels

laitman_232_05The Evil Eye of Egoism

Question: Can using the powers that are associated with the wisdom of Kabbalah be harmful in any way? Can we hurt anyone by implementing these powers, let’s say, “jinx or curse” anyone?

Answer: No, never! These forces are always benevolent. We want to become better and use positive energy to influence the Light’s system. The latter impacts us and corrects our ego.

If our intentions are bad, we won’t be capable of influencing the system of the Light since we are completely opposite to it. All we can do is mercenarily (selfishly) use the structure that is built-in us. Accordingly, if we use wicked, egoistic powers against the still, vegetative, and animate nature or people, our actions would be called “the evil eye.” Our desire to profit at the expense of others or simply to hurt someone is the real “curse.”

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains that there are two options:

  • We act to the detriment of others
  • We act for the benefit of others.

We implement the first option “by default”; a powerful negative desire can actually damage others. Let’s say, I want someone to feel bad. This desire activates my wicked connection and amplifies negative energy.

The Kingdom of Angels

Question: Let’s say, one person wants bad to happen to me, but another one wishes me good. What will come out of this?

Answer: The result depends on many factors, but they will have two kinds of effects on you, both good and bad at the same time. Events that take place in our lives are the results of the confrontation among numerous forces that act within a general network. These forces can be named differently, but often they are called “angels.” No matter how they are named, the essence remains the same.

It’s not about our belief in “guardian angels”; rather, it’s about the scientific study of actual forces that act in nature. The wisdom of Kabbalah explores them as other scientific disciplines study atomic structure, climate, etc. One way or the other, all sciences engage in exploring numerous forces.

So, an “angel” in Kabbalah is “a force.” For example, there is an “angel” who attracts objects to Earth. It is called gravity.

The forces of the still, vegetative, and animate nature, both material and spiritual, are called “angels” (Malachim). The word derives from “Malchut,” which means a specific power (a Kingdom). According to their functions, “angels” can be quite different. They have numerous titles including “demons” and “spirits.” All of them represent our properties and basic internal qualities.

A human soul is higher than angels. Thus, a human being (Adam) is higher than “angels” because people are capable of changing if they engage in self-correction and develop above their basic, built-in limitations.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/18/15

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A Tool For Directly Influencing Fate

laitman_938_03Question: In all the sources it is written about the importance of connection. So why is there a kind of blindness that does not allow people to see those things?

Answer: Man needs to be able to feel what it is about. Otherwise, it will stay only as important words that don’t have anything realistic behind it for him.

But if he will participate in a workshop in roundtables, then suddenly he will be impressed as if he never heard until now that connection can awake such feelings.

Suddenly he will understand everything. Before he only heard, and in the best case he thought about it for a moment. But the person lives in a feeling, our matter is a desire to receive; therefore, we grasp everything through the heart. As long as our words do not touch the heart, they have no meaning and they stay as philosophy and empty slogans. Therefore, we need to bring a person to excitement and for that we need to attract him to a special workshop with questions that will excite him and he will understand that here lies a special force.

He will want to be in this special state all the time to continue it more and more according to his desire. We need to bring him to this feeling a few times so it will live in him.

And later he will not just receive a pleasant feeling; rather, he will reveal the force of unity. And we will be able to teach him to use this force to correct his life, the situation, in order to get rid of the evil. Meaning, they are certain stages in the recognition of the intensity of the connection.

Let’s do roundtables in the country and try to connect, to awaken ourselves to connection in order to attract the Reforming Light that will spread between us and correct everything. No doubt, this will improve the situation. In addition to the good feeling, it will cause meaningful changes in the area on the corporeal level.

If we will do all of it, then it will awaken a positive shock in the whole country. It will improve the relations between us, and the behavior of drivers on the road. Try it once and you will see.

This is called true prayer. When we raise a deficiency through connection, the unity between us, it directly awakens the Reforming Light and becomes the “prayer of many.”

We have in our hands, a tool, that with its help we directly bestow to the Creator and activate the upper force; therefore, we don’t need politics. We have an opportunity to make practical actions that awaken the Upper Light. He is always ready and is in complete rest. We only need to activate Him.

At the time of the workshop, people need to feel that they awaken the force of unity between them, which will help them. We only need to explain to them that inside the force of unity between us is concealed the inner force of nature.

All nature is one, a united mechanism; therefore, when we are united, we awake this special force that connects us to Him and fulfills us. In such a form we become one body, where everything is in balance because nature is global.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/18/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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