Rising Above Angels

laitman_232_05The Evil Eye of Egoism

Question: Can using the powers that are associated with the wisdom of Kabbalah be harmful in any way? Can we hurt anyone by implementing these powers, let’s say, “jinx or curse” anyone?

Answer: No, never! These forces are always benevolent. We want to become better and use positive energy to influence the Light’s system. The latter impacts us and corrects our ego.

If our intentions are bad, we won’t be capable of influencing the system of the Light since we are completely opposite to it. All we can do is mercenarily (selfishly) use the structure that is built-in us. Accordingly, if we use wicked, egoistic powers against the still, vegetative, and animate nature or people, our actions would be called “the evil eye.” Our desire to profit at the expense of others or simply to hurt someone is the real “curse.”

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains that there are two options:

  • We act to the detriment of others
  • We act for the benefit of others.

We implement the first option “by default”; a powerful negative desire can actually damage others. Let’s say, I want someone to feel bad. This desire activates my wicked connection and amplifies negative energy.

The Kingdom of Angels

Question: Let’s say, one person wants bad to happen to me, but another one wishes me good. What will come out of this?

Answer: The result depends on many factors, but they will have two kinds of effects on you, both good and bad at the same time. Events that take place in our lives are the results of the confrontation among numerous forces that act within a general network. These forces can be named differently, but often they are called “angels.” No matter how they are named, the essence remains the same.

It’s not about our belief in “guardian angels”; rather, it’s about the scientific study of actual forces that act in nature. The wisdom of Kabbalah explores them as other scientific disciplines study atomic structure, climate, etc. One way or the other, all sciences engage in exploring numerous forces.

So, an “angel” in Kabbalah is “a force.” For example, there is an “angel” who attracts objects to Earth. It is called gravity.

The forces of the still, vegetative, and animate nature, both material and spiritual, are called “angels” (Malachim). The word derives from “Malchut,” which means a specific power (a Kingdom). According to their functions, “angels” can be quite different. They have numerous titles including “demons” and “spirits.” All of them represent our properties and basic internal qualities.

A human soul is higher than angels. Thus, a human being (Adam) is higher than “angels” because people are capable of changing if they engage in self-correction and develop above their basic, built-in limitations.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/18/15

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