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What Is The Significance Of Developing Unconsciously?

laitman_626Question: What is the significance of the unconscious development 99% of the time of 99% of the people if the goal is quite the opposite, reaching absolute awareness and the semblance of the Creator of 100% of the people?

Answer: The point is that freewill must be kept here. Therefore, we shouldn’t rush humanity by a stick to happiness only and make them go through all the states at one time in order to attain the final uppermost level. It is impossible. A person needs to go through every state, to discover and assess what has happened, the current situation, and what will be, what is worth making efforts against his nature for and what is not.

So it is not an easy process. Every time a person reaches a decision, it has to perfectly match the spiritual level to which he wants to ascend. This is the reason that he must understand what that spiritual level is, what state he is in with regard to it, etc.

This is very complicated work of scrutinizing states, starting from the current level until the next level. A person scrutinizes how to find the forces and the attributes inside him that will change him so that he will become more similar to the higher level. It is impossible to digest all that at once. It requires great many efforts, time, and working with the environment and the group.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/2/17

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Obtaining Freedom By Becoming A Slave Of The Creator

Laitman_712.03Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation: There are two enslavements in the world, either enslavement to the Creator, or enslavement to His creatures. One of them is a must. Even a king and a president necessarily serve the people. Indeed, the taste of complete freedom is only to one who is enslaved to the Creator alone, and not to any being in the world. Enslavement is necessary, for reception is obscene; it is beastliness. And bestowal, the question is “To whom?”

It is very clearly and sharply said. By our nature we are opposite to the Creator. Egoism limits us and reduces us to one small animalistic point.

Therefore, only if we enslave and tame it, bind it within ourselves, make a restriction on it and build our existence above it, do we achieve the quality of the Creator. In this case, nothing stops us; we become limitless and absolutely not subjected to any kind of restrictions.

This is indeed the achievement of infinity because if I rise above my egoism, then nothing restricts me and I continue advancing only in the attainment of the Creator. And the Creator is the entire universe: both from the point of view of matter and from the point of view of its filling.

Question: However, a negative connotation prevails in the word “slave.” Why must a citizen of the last generation feel like a slave and not like an accomplice of the Creator?

Answer: This state cannot be expressed in any way other than as a slave of the Creator.

Today we are slaves of our egoism, and even double slaves because we are not aware of this. Egoism enslaves us so much that we do not feel our slavery.

Imagine that there is a planet where people work all the time for an evil master who sits on the top of a high mountain; they, drugged with laughing gas, are full of happiness, and work for him with pleasure and great devotion. This is us today.

We do not feel our slavery to egoism, and we are pleased that we are working for it more and more. We work hard in order to enjoy and it looks like we do enjoy, we just do not see where it all disappears. Yet, everything goes into egoism and along the way there is practically nothing left for us.

Therefore, the realization that you are a slave of egoism is a great insight that does not come to a person easily.

To exit ignorance is possible only with the help of the upper Light, the special energy that allows you to rise, exit your egoism, and feel that you are suddenly leaving it. Previously you did not imagine that it was in you or that you were in it. You worked for it constantly and all your thoughts, feelings, and senses were completely in it.

It is like leaving the atmosphere. You never lacked the feeling of it and suddenly you feel that you can exit it. This is when you begin feeling: “Yes, I was a slave.”

Even in our world it is not simple to feel slavery. People who were slaves in previous generations did not consider their lives to be bad. They thought it was right, that they were born this way and they will die this way. They fully agreed with this until egoism itself began to grow and lead them to the next state.

The development of egoism occurred under the influence of the upper force, the Creator, since the Creator wanted to take humanity through the stage of physical slavery.

Now we have come to a state when we must fully understand our internal spiritual slavery that forces us to correlate everything only to egoism in all our sensations and to understand the world in which we live. Egoism commands us in everything: how to feel the world, how to interact with it, and what to want.

A question arises: How do we remove this egoistic program from ourselves and begin to look at the world correctly? How to replace egoism with a different slavery and become slaves of the Creator and nothing else? After all, what can we do? We can only replace one thing with another because the point of choice is between these two states. And we begin to feel that by choosing slavery to the Creator, we chose freedom above egoism.

Thus, the last generation is the transformation of society and consciousness, the liberation from its previous program of functioning in thoughts and feelings, like in the computer, when you completely erase the previous program in yourself and begin loading a new one.

Question: So the ultimate skill is that I begin to feel as a slave to my egoism?

Answer: You begin to feel this way because the previous program suddenly stops working; it is obsolete and already cannot solve new problems. It impedes your existence and needs to be changed.

This is why today we feel ourselves and the world in crisis. “Crises” translated from in ancient Greek is “birth.” This really is the birth of a new program.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/19/17

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Birth Of A New Program For Life

laitman_537.jpgQuestion: You said that we are actually twice over slaves of egoism. Why twice?

Answer: Because we carry out all the demands of egoism and we are not aware of being slaves to it; that is, we are in double concealment.

Question: Why does a person gain absolute freedom when he becomes a slave to the Creator?

Answer: The thing is that we are not speaking about our animal body. Because if you are merely a creature consisting of desire and reason, of heart and mind, then there is no program of independent action that exists in you.

But when I ask: “Why do I exist?” then that is no longer a question of the body; it is a question that comes from something higher than animal existence. Asking myself that question, I think about which program am I realizing, which program am I choosing for myself, for what?

Egoism is built only for the purpose of keeping me in a lower animal existence and it says: “You exist in order to fulfill your material desires as long as these desires exist.” And I continuously fulfill them. But with time, that program begins to dim smoothly, slowly lowering in importance and a person begins to feel that his life is ending.

In reality, nothing ends. The egoistic program is simply designed in such a way that little by little it brings us to a state where we no longer want to fill ourselves and that is why everything ends. The only thing left is death, in other words, the end of the desire to continue to fill ourselves.

But there is also another program, when I initially don’t want to live by fulfilling the desires of my body because I understand that this makes me a slave to these desires. I don’t see the point of existing this way and feel that my life is meaningless.

As the egoistic program develops, it purposely leads me further, showing me its meaninglessness, and I begin to feel that it is not worth it for me to live. We see this in the new generation that searches for anything that will let them forget themselves.

That is why we need to discover the true meaning of life for ourselves. If that meaning is false, then it can be found in anything because that same egoism will help me find some amusement, like football, and I will fall into minor pleasures of our world and become their slave.

Or I continue to develop further with a desire to find the truth—something that is above my sensations. I don’t want to fill myself with material pleasures and see the meaning of life only in them. I want to know that I exist above them. And then I am left with one big question: “What am I to do, how do I achieve this?” In other words, I need to reprogram myself, rise above the preprogrammed egoistic program within me, and only focus myself on the achievement of the goal.

The new program really does allow you to achieve a new goal, a new state, and I am obligated to carry it out. It is built atop the rejection of the previous program and that is why in the counterbalance between the two programs, in the difference between them, I experience my freedom as I rise above the old program and engage in the real one.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation,” 6/19/17

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Invaluable One Thousandth Of Desire

laitman_239Question: Kabbalists write that eventually all the people must come to the revelation of the upper force. But, at the same time, the wisdom of Kabbalah awakens fear and rejection in many people. What causes this obstacle that has been accompanying the path of Kabbalah for thousands of years?

Answer: This obstacle is in a person’s nature; one’s egoism does not tolerate the wisdom of Kabbalah; in fact, it is death for it. A person should come to Kabbalah out of despair and the inability to answer the question “What is the meaning of my life?” He feels he must solve this question and without it there is no life.

Question: Does it mean that if a person would accept Kabbalah easily and joyfully, he would never require the upper force and could not exit his egoistic nature? Is this why one has a negative attitude to Kabbalah?

Answer: If the study of Kabbalah was beneficial to a person’s egoism, of course, he would not protest against it. All our pursuits in this world, such as science, education, culture, and religion are aimed at fulfilling our egoism.

We develop all these areas based on our egoism, and therefore, they do not cause any resistance. Some are engaged in one area, others in another one, but each one understands that there is a place for everything.

Whereas, the wisdom of Kabbalah is contrary to everything because it is opposite to human nature! It says that we need to cross out this person we see in the mirror, that is, ourselves, and to build the complete opposite in its place.

Question: But people do not know all this. A person gives all sorts of other reasons when he is criticizing Kabbalah. Where does this hatred come from?

Answer: The hatred arises subconsciously. It does not matter that a person does not understand, he feels rejection subconsciously, the way anti-Semitism exists subconsciously throughout all generations.

A person subconsciously feels that there is a confrontation between our egoism and Kabbalah within the general system. As soon as he hears about Kabbalah, the protective mechanism within him begins to work, forcing him to avoid it because it threatens egoism.

Question: Then why are there people who aspire to Kabbalah and want to study it?

Answer: It is because they are awakened by the general system. In every person, along with great egoism, there also is one percent or even a fraction of a percent of the desire that aspires to the upper system that controls our life. This system is called the Creator, the upper nature.

If this one thousandth of the desire begins to shine, if the spiritual spark is ignited in a person, then he is ready to give up everything in order to increase it and to look at the world through it. After all, he sees that the remaining 99% that belong to his egoism will bury him; in other words, he will end his life the way he started it.

Generation after generation, one reincarnation after another, go by without any benefit. Gradually this question arises in a person, and more and more people begin to search for the meaning of life.
From KabTV’s “The reasons for the negative attitude towards Kabbalah” 7/19/17

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The Opportunity To Choose Your Destiny, Part 3

Laitman_707Question: Is my entire life truly pre-programmed and every minute of life detailed inside this program?

Answer: How could a random event take place? In nature, there are no accidents. It is just that we only understand one percent of whatever is happening. Therefore, upon observing some occurrence in the system of nature, we, like small children, scream, “It fell by itself; it broke on its own!”

In truth, strict laws operate in nature, and everything is specified down to the most minute detail. Only naiveté could lead one to believe that something happens by chance. Where else would it come from if not from the balance of forces?

Every event was “commanded” by forces and is a consequence of their specific combination. There are no miracles. Nothing happens by itself without a cause, without having been arranged by nature in advance.

Question: Why are we even alive then? Why is a person given life if everything in it is already predetermined to the last detail?

Answer: And why do billions of fish live in the sea and millions of species of animals in nature? People are given life in order to develop and achieve a state where they themselves will tune into this program and have the ability to make correct changes in it, which the program is waiting for.

The program wants to develop people to such a degree where they can understand it and become its active, positive elements. Kabbalah helps achieve this. Then, a person begins to understand the program, to take part in it, and to act above his nature, above the program that courses through him.

Through studying the wisdom of Kabbalah and implementing its method in a group, a person receives the forces that allow him to change the program, rise above his “blind fate” programmed from beginning to end, and start controlling it. He becomes an especially important component of this program, and through that, he influences his own destiny and the fate of all inhabitants of this world.

Question: Why doesn’t a person get the ability to control his destiny from the beginning, and instead, first must go through life mechanically?

Answer: At first, a person lives like all other animals who spend their entire lives grazing on some fodder. Suddenly, at some point in his life, he awakens, looks up, and says, “No, I do not want to live with my head buried in a feeding trough!”

I want to know where the force that controls me comes from! I want to get to know it, and control my own destiny! A simple animal existence is not enough for me. After all, the fodder and my body, all of it, is animal. I desire to develop in a way where I can consciously tune into this program. A program of life exists, and I want to become its independent element.”

To be continued…
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/25/16

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The Opportunity To Choose Your Destiny, Part 2

laitman_448Question: Is my entire life and all of its events pre-programmed in advance? Where does this program come from?

Answer: Our entire reality is a program in which we exist and are developing within its flow. We ourselves are elements of this program upon whom it works and pushes forward.

The program is the forces that act on us and take us through different states. You were a child, studied, then you went into the army, then got married, had children, and so on. Did you choose what would happen to you? We did not choose anything, although we have the illusion that everything is in our hands and that we ourselves decided where to study, whom to marry, etc.

But all this is not true. Life passes through a person without asking him. Now, at 70 years of age when I look back at my life, it becomes obvious to me that I did not choose anything. I was pushed into all kinds of situations, forced to react to events and to go through different states.

Concerning the future, I might still have the illusion that I can act on my own volition, but regarding the past, it is clear that there were no choices.

Some might blame themselves for having acted a certain way instead of another, but the majority of those who were already made wise by experience understand that whatever happened had to happen, and nothing could be changed. Such is fate.

Question: And where is my destiny recorded and everything that is going to happen to me?

Answer: It is recorded in the general program that exists in the force field of nature within which we exist.

Question: When is this program written: before a person’s birth, at the time of his birth, or during the course of his life?

Answer: The entire program is already written from the beginning of creation until its end. Of course, even before a person’s birth, there is a program of his entire life’s path. This script exists inside the field of force called Shechina, a common desire, which is the material of all of creation. In this field, there is a force that advances the desire to enjoy to its final state, to the intended goal.

The formula of this force acting on a desire is called the thought of creation. The thought of creation is that program, that force, that formula, that advances the desire from its initial form to the ultimate. For 99.99% of the people, this program is written in advance, but for 0.01%, it is not written.

To be continued…
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/25/17

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The Opportunity To Choose Your Destiny, Part 1

laitman_760.2Question: At times, certain events occur in life that feel as if someone orchestrated them, and sometimes they seem like absurd accidents. In the East there is a concept of karma, and there is a proverb in Arabic saying: “What has been prescribed from above, one cannot escape.”

Is our destiny truly predetermined, like a movie that was filmed in advance, or is it possible to change it?

Answer: The entire script of life is already written in advance, but the person himself determines in what form it will come down on him. After all, man is given freewill, unlike inanimate matter, plants, and animals who are under the control of “blind fate,” namely the absolute higher governance on the part of nature.

Nature pushes everything in existence forward through the process of evolution according to Darwin’s theory or some other program. A human being, unlike everyone else, can take destiny into his own hands. If he does not do this, then he lives like animals under the full control of nature, unable to influence his fate in which everything is pre-assigned.

By instinctively reacting to all occurrences of one’s life, a person does not introduce anything new from himself. If we exhaustively studied all of our systems, psychology, physiology, and all our properties, then we could calculate our decisions and reactions to every situation in life.

It is like a machine whose behavior is known in advance. Therefore, it is not the machine that is in question here, but the external influences it receives, the forces acting on it. What happens to a person depends only on them and nothing depends on the person himself. This means that we cannot say that he defines his destiny. This is how 99.99% percent of humanity operates in this world.

Yet, there are people who are able to take fate into their own hands and react not instinctively from their ego and natural properties, but by rising above their nature and even working against it. This is a completely different behavior if compared to all other, ordinary people.

In other words, it is possible to exit this mechanical determinism. It is not simple, but it is possible, and not on account of the person himself, but with the help of a special force that exists in nature, which is called the Light that Reforms. This force starts to act on us when we want to rise above our nature, since within nature we are all robots operating inside a machine.

However, if we attract the special force to ourselves, which starts to develop us, we acquire an additional, higher nature of bestowal, unification, and love. It will be an addition to our personal qualities and the program of our lives. The program will change because the inputs have changed since I am asking for a new program and want to go along a new path in order to rise to the next level, the next degree of life.

I do not want to just drift along the instinctive current that carries me from the day of my birth until the day of death, but to go through my life in another way: to be under new governance and to react differently to it in order to reach different results. As a result, I escape my destiny and prior nature and transform myself into an active element of my new fate.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/25/17

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Freedom In The Last Generation

laitman_961.2Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation: The freedom of the individual must be kept if it is not harmful to the majority of the public.

The last generation is a concept that is extensive with respect to time, development, and the process of internalizing the spiritual laws. It is a gradual, consistent liberation of society from all egoistic connections. This concept includes family, relationships between spouses and between parents and children, the education of the next generation, and so on.

It is not so simple to implement. Taking into account that all of humanity is very heterogeneous and needs to be brought to a state of unity, equality, and being a global circle, this is a big and complex job.

Question: When a person is removed from the society of the last generation, in what way does he harm society?

Answer: These are specific individuals who are not able to accept the methodology of the correction of their nature with the ordinary methods provided by the leaders of the last generation. These individuals are removed from the general masses and are dealt with separately. But no one, under no circumstances, judges them negatively.

Everything comes from the structure of the spiritual form in which there are four egoistic levels: zero, one, two, and three. Each requires a specific method of correction. That is why different methods are implemented with each of them.

Besides those, there are also people who are outside the parameters of these levels of egoism—they are the so-called Lev HaEven (the stony heart). They cannot be affected by any method of correction and ultimately fall outside of the general population. They must be dealt with separately and be influenced in special ways.

Question: What is freedom of individuality? How is it expressed?

Answer: We have no right to force any methodology of correction on a person; we can only do whatever is possible so that the individual would want to implement it himself, come to accept it himself, and master it himself.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation,” 6/19/17

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When Does Freedom Of Choice Begin?

laitman_232.06Question: How is it possible to speak about freedom of choice with people who are not aware that their ego is managed by the Creator? Is freedom of choice acquired the first time a person opens a book about the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: When a person just begins to learn the wisdom of Kabbalah, he still does not have any freedom of choice.

Freedom of choice appears only after a number of years of study when a person gets the opportunity to perceive the upper Light, to attract it to him, to be found in the two lines—right and left—and to manage them like a rider manages a horse with two reins. A person then acquires true freedom of choice.

Freedom of choice comes to be expressed in the middle part of Tifferet, in the middle line. A person who studies the wisdom of Kabbalah must work on himself for a number of years in order to attain freedom of choice.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/12/17

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Absolute Freedom

laitman_546_02Question: What does it mean to be a free citizen of “the last generation”?

Answer: I choose one of the two, either the Pharaoh (egoism) or the Creator (altruism).

I have a choice all the time and it never leaves me. Even if I choose the Creator a 100%, I still have the freedom of choice because the state of slavery in my egoism constantly accompanies me, I do not remove or erase it. Therefore, existence between the Pharaoh and the Creator makes me absolutely free from one and from the other.

Question: Is this the middle line when a person stands above both of these natures?

Answer: Yes, of course, and he constantly chooses. However, when I stand in the middle line, I feel something that does not apply to either of them. I begin to feel a state where I defeat them both, the Pharaoh and the Creator. I consist of both of them. “My sons have defeated Me.” This is what is given to the creature by the Creator!
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/19/17

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