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How To Awaken Humanity


Question: We say that the wisdom of Kabbalah awakens people. Maybe we shouldn’t disturb their sleep?

Answer: This is exactly what Pharaoh said to Moses and Aaron in Egypt: “What are you awakening the people for? Let the people work peacefully and quietly. What do you want from them? See how good they feel and how comfortable they live. I created a paradise on Earth for them.”

Egypt truly was an egoistic paradise for them. Suddenly Moses came along and started bothering them, telling them they must leave and go into the wilderness!

Question: So we can’t touch people prematurely? We need to leave everything to the Creator? He is the law of nature and He will awaken everyone? Will the time come and people will be awakened?

Answer: We don’t touch anyone. We just disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah to those who need it.

The freedom of man is in the ascent above our world. There are completely different conceptual bases. By changing the system of measurement, we look at life differently and change the value system.

Therefore, the concept of freedom is specifically in an elevation above our egoistic world where only the characteristic of bestowal and love exists, which is the characteristic of the Creator. That is what we must achieve and then we will talk, investigate, and discuss things correctly.

In contrast to this, all of the materialistic philosophies no longer provide any benefit. They are limited to the framework of human nature. For some time, philosophy has already exhausted itself there. Moreover, all the sciences are rounding out and gradually ending their development because humanity has achieved the final state of its development and later the attainment of freedom will be waiting for it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/2/17

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The White Spot On The Map Of The Universe

laitman_942Our entire work is to find out where we have freedom of will and how to use it correctly. Everything comes from the Creator: the Light, the desire to bestow, and the desire to receive pleasure. But where do we find something that depends on us when the Light and the desire contact and interact with one another?

Did the Creator intentionally leave this area free, the middle third of the Sefira Tifferet, where independence was given to us? Or does He only pretend and quietly look after us like we are little children thinking that we are left home alone?

Freedom of will is realized only in the group, in the ten. This is where the Creator is revealed. The point of contact between me, the group, and the Creator is where I reveal this free area in the desire, in the thought, and in the action: the white spot, terra incognita, the unknown land.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/14/18, “The Creator Desires to be Revealed,” (Preparation for Convention 2018)

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What Determines The Path Of The Souls?

760.4Question: If everything is planned in advance by the Creator, then what is considered a mistake on the spiritual path and in the study of Kabbalah?

Answer: A person still has freedom of choice, freedom of will. In any case, we will still come to our final point because this point was initially ordered for us, but not the path to it. By determining one’s path, a person simultaneously defines the paths of the other souls that depend on him since we exist in an integral system.

Therefore, to the extent that he behaves incorrectly, he negatively influences the fate of other people. Naturally, this returns back to him with many times heavier, negative additions.

Although on one hand everything is predetermined, on the other hand, everything depends on a person—every particular moment in time. If he were aware of this, he would not know what to do. Therefore, this is hidden from him.

Remark: Some movies show how a person suddenly begins to understand that his every action affects others and he immediately “freezes.”

My Comment: But even freezing would not help because to the extent that he freezes, he does not act and naturally this also influences everyone.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/24/17

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Does Kabbalah Help Us Understand Our Actions?

laitman_549.02Question: Does Kabbalah help us understand the motivations and intentions of our actions and the actions of others?

Answer: Yes, of course. You need to analyze all your actions and desires.

And in addition, you also need to come to realize how much these actions are not yours. Everything that happens to you, you do not create, you do not make; you have no one to ask for forgiveness and no one to blame, including yourself. All of this was done by the Creator. He even said as much: “I have created the evil inclination.” And immediately added: “And gave you light, for you to correct the evil.”

Comment: Can you imagine if in court a person said: “The Creator did all this”?

Answer: No, in the court of law, there is no one to talk to. But if you are talking to yourself, you must admit to yourself that you have done nothing independently in your life: nothing good and nothing bad.

Your only real actions will be those you do when you start working above the screen—above the Machsom.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/3/17

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One Who Is Higher Than Others…

laitman_608.01Question: If a Kabbalist has the greatest egoism in the world, does it mean he is the most unfree person of all?

Answer: A person uses his egoism in order to rise above it.

Egoism is a force, and when we rise above it, we continually feel freedom to a greater degree. I cannot feel free if I don’t have the sensation of being unfree.

Therefore, Kabbalah is built upon two parameters: the Creator and creation—an enormous quality of bestowal and love, and enormous egoism.

Question: That is, I am grateful to the Creator for having my great egoism and wanting to separate from it?

Answer: This is a must. One who is higher than others has greater egoism too. Otherwise, how could he ascend?
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/2/17

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Freedom Without Limits

laitman_231.04Question: Does a person who reveals the Creator gain freedom or does he still have to go through various stages in order to attain it?

Answer: If you acquire even one percent of the Creator’s quality, you become completely free of the egoism that is revealed within you. And then another level of egoism appears; the inner “snake” rears its head again and says: “I am still here!” And you must rise above it again.

Question: But making an effort to rise above it takes time: days or even months. Does that mean that during this time I am not free and I experience freedom only after I have risen above it?

Answer: You want to measure spiritual states by approaching them with material tools.

The thing is, you obtain freedom for only a moment and only in order to become aware that there are still more levels of without freedom within you, above which you need to rise until you attain the degree of full correction.

Question: By rising above my egoism, I become free from it and not from the Creator?

Answer: The Creator is the quality of love and bestowal. How can this quality not be considered freedom? If you only want to bestow, emanate love, you have no limitations on this.

Remark: But I am still not free since I am dependent on those to whom I want to bestow, whether or not they receive, and so on.

My Comment: No, this is different kind of thinking. And that is why it is impossible to explain it from within the framework of our ordinary, everyday thought.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 7/2/17

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What Is Freedom?

laitman_744Question: A robot, artificial intelligence, does not have egoism. Can you say it is free?

Answer: Freedom signifies rising above yourself to the next level. It is experienced relative to the previous level. That is when you can be considered to be free.

But with respect to the next level, you are once again no longer free. You exist below it and must rise to it in order to once again experience freedom. And so on, until you reach the final level where you attain equivalence with the Creator.

It is the highest level of freedom where all other levels exist below you. This is what we have to reach.

Freedom is our final state, our goal. Kabbalah enables us to achieve it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 7/2/17

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Is There Freedom Of Choice Between Good And Evil?

laitman_961Question: Is a person initially good or evil? After all, depending on this, all the systems of governance and the systems of the state are built. What does Kabbalah say about it?

Answer: A person is a creature who can harm anyone, even those closest to him, for the sake of his own fulfillment. This is his nature.

Questions: So is there freedom in this? Can he use his nature or not use it? After all, we see that not all people are evil.

Answer: This is another question: “Can I rise above my nature?”

Question: To be kind is a free choice? Do I choose to be a good person?

Answer: A person chooses nothing. These questions are in a very narrow framework, as if we ask a prisoner: “Are you free or are you in prison?” If he was born in prison and has never left it, he would say that this is life. He does not even know what freedom or prison are.

Question: That is, the science of Kabbalah begins with the fact that a person suddenly has a question: “Am I not free? Am I in prison?” This moment begins his search for the meaning of life. Does it mean that before that he should not be touched?

Answer: He should not be touched at all. Only people who want this come to us. And those who are not interested do not come. We have nothing to do with them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/2/17

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Earthly Sciences And Freedom Of Choice

laitman_538Question: Is it possible to prove to a person that he is a slave to his own illusions?

Answer: If a person is in his illusions, he should not be touched. It is not that it is impossible to prove anything to him—it is not allowed! You should not go to a person and say: “You are a slave; you are a prisoner.”

He feels good. You have no right to upset him. However, if he comes to you and says: “I can’t take it anymore. I can’t breathe…,” then it is a different story.

Question: If it were possible to bring a course on the freedom of choice to schools or universities, would it be possible to prove this to students by showing them various scientific studies?

Answer: Only in a very limited way, depending on the level of development of the society, but not more: do not pull a person out of the state he is in.

The science of Kabbalah speaks about a person’s life in this world, how he is controlled by desires that are constantly evolving, etc. From this perspective you can explain everything. It is completely rational, realistic, correct, scientific, and here, there can be absolutely no contradictions or objections from the scientific or ordinary societies.

But as soon as you start talking about having to rise above egoism, problems start to arise. What does it mean: above egoism? As if it is in control of me? I do not see that it is; I do not feel that it is. And if it is in control and, at the same time, it also happens to be our nature apart from which nothing else exists, then how can I detach from it?

Remark: Several years ago, scientists conducted an experiment. They connected electrodes to a participant’s brain and asked questions that the subject had to respond to with a “yes” or “no” by pressing a corresponding button. It was shown that the response was formulated in the brain five to six seconds before it reached the person’s consciousness and he was able to press the button.

Answer: Naturally. An impulse and a command appear in the brain and only after that does the finger press the button through strictly mechanical control. The device used in the study was able to measure when the impulse appeared in the brain.

Question: That means that the desire appears within me five to six seconds prior to my even knowing about it. This proves that the individual has no freedom of choice. Is it worth investing in such research just to prove to people that decisions are made for them?

Answer: No one is making decisions! This occurs naturally in our body. You want to say that higher order signals are transmitted to an individual’s brain, which then develop within him, and then he carries them out? That is true. So what? All this is in nature!

Question: But this type of research could push humanity to the awareness that there is no freedom of choice and to the search for this freedom. Or not? You are a person of science; you don’t think that science will come to reveal the truth about the freedom of choice?

Answer: Science cannot prove this. It already hit a wall and is now in a state of crisis. Scientists themselves acknowledge this.
After all, science can only use what the egoistic individual who created this science possesses. And no more. Science exists only within the framework of human knowledge, within the framework of human nature.

Scientists simply calculate algorithms of their own egoistic tendencies, which they then apply to the world around them. Nothing more.

If we had a different nature, we would have different sciences. And physics and even mathematics would be different. We would see the world differently. In physics, chemistry, and biology there is nothing objective. It is all only relative to the individual.

Why was Einstein’s theory so revolutionary? Because he said that everything depends on the observer. And where is this observer? First, let us bring him to its original state, and then, from this state, we will see what actually exists in this world. After all, the initial state is a rise above egoism to the zero level.

This is the restriction (Tzimtzum) from which, according to Kabbalah, we begin our study of the world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/2/17

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Is It Possible To Avoid Suffering?

laitman_567.01Question: If we could experience the suffering that people experience during natural disasters or wars, would we have the possibility of choosing our path more correctly?

Answer: No, in this case, a person simply obeys and submits to blows; this is not choice. Nature is specifically interested in the conscious choice of the next level of development; otherwise, it is not human choice.

The transition from the still to the vegetative level and from the vegetative to the animate level happens under the influence of the blows of nature, and a person in our world is a result of that development.

Presently it is up to us to move consciously to the next level, the level of speaking in a completely different manner, and therefore, the method of the wisdom of Kabbalah comes to us in the form of a system of information. Because precisely after the developmental states of still, vegetative, and animate (where we are today), there is a conscious tendency in us to rise above the personal self.

We are in an intermediary state. For example, between the level of the still and the vegetative there is the intermediary stage called corals, between the level of the vegetative and the animate there is the level of the “dog of the field,” and between the level of the animate and Adam there is the level of the ape. So between the level of the Adam of our world and the level of the Adam in the upper world there is the Kabbalist.

A Kabbalist is a person who, on one hand, includes within himself the beastly properties of this world that are characteristic of a person in our world and, on the other hand, the characteristics of the next levels of the upper world.

The ascent of a Kabbalist to the upper world doesn’t happen under the influence of the instinctive forces of nature; it happens consciously. Therefore, the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us about freedom of choice, work in a group, and how to create a special state within and around us for the purpose of being changed.

Apparently by ourselves, we take ourselves out of a state in which the ego manages us and we rise to the next level in which we balance the ego through the good force that is revealed in us opposite to the ego. In this way, we exist with two forces, both a negative egoistic force and a positive altruistic force.

In the nature of our world, the altruistic force doesn’t exist, so we must attract it. And then we exist in the connection, in the balance of these two forces. This will be our next state called the middle line.

I hope that we will consciously, using freewill, come to the right decision, and that we will reach this state without world wars.

Question: If we make the right choice, will we avoid an apocalypse and natural disasters?

Answer: Yes, this is so even if at least a small part of humanity will understand that the only way to prevent natural disasters is to follow the method that is given to us in the wisdom of Kabbalah. We need to recognize that there is no other way out.

Question: What is the reason for giving blows to humanity if this is not useful for development anyway?

Answer: The accumulation of suffering brings humanity to a state in which it, nevertheless, begins to think about what to do, meaning that the sufferings balance the human ego.

For example, if a child doesn’t want to go to school, his parents begin to limit his pleasures: They take away his ball, after that his bicycle, and so on until they don’t leave him any choice but to agree to go to school.

But even in this situation, freedom of choice exists, the possibility of choice remains. We are always found under some limitation; choice is possible not only when there is unlimited freedom.

This is the manner in which the possibility to choose spirituality, between reward and punishment, exists in us. Therefore, it is our obligation to understand all the conditions and circumstances that bring us to the unique situation called “freedom.”
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/10/16

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